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21 Sing
22 Cinderella
23 Home
24 Secret Life of Pets

I Feel Like I'm The Only One Who Enjoys This Movie

I Am Quite Sick Of Its Bad Rep With The General Public (Even Though I Respect All Their Opinions) - JPK

25 Pokemon 4Ever
26 Space Jam

I have to agree with the Baby Boomers and Gen X. This movie was stupid. Sorry guys. I hated it when I was a kid.

27 Gordy
28 Brave
29 The Good Dinosaur


30 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
31 Hey Arnold! the Movie
32 All Dogs Go to Heaven
33 Cars 2

Its bad, but people hate this way too much.

34 Bolt
35 Brother Bear

Just a lion king ripoff.

36 Descendants
37 Oliver & Company
38 Ratchet & Clank

Yeah, I don't get the hate that this poor film gets when it is good and based on an awesome video game. At least it's loved by the Ratchet & Clank fanbase.

39 The Angry Birds Movie

I was hoping that the Angry Birds Movie would be the first video game-based movie to be a huge success, but I still like it. I still think it's much better than the horrible, raunchy mess known as Sausage Party that's for sure.

Yeah, I rather much see this than Zootopia and Sausage Party (which I don't like) any day.

40 An American Tail
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