Most Overhated Disney Channel Original Movies

The Top Ten

1 High School Musical

I'm past the age for the movie, and I'd watch it. One thing that happened to this film is that the actors didn't seem to have any problems in real life looking at Glee which was a more grown up version. Britannia High was the UK High School Musical but a television series but only had nine episodes. In my opinion it should've been on television in the day not evening, that would've made it a full series.

Silence haters Zac Efron is really fit.

I don't know why people don't like this movie. I think it's pretty good.

I love this movie so much! - listotaku17

2 Adventures in Babysitting

I love this! Sabrina carpenter is in it and Sofia Carson could this movie get any better?!

THis movie is amazing! Sofia and Sabrina and all the others did amazing! One question, is that picture of Scooby doo? - Glitterellie

3 High School Musical 2
4 Return to Halloweentown

Very decent movie. 5/10 - DynastiNoble

I like this movie...

5 Halloweentown High

This movie never took place in Halloweentown. What happened to the witches, warlocks, pumpkin heads, and other monsters? - DynastiNoble

They should've just called it "Teen Monsters in the Mortal World High School for Monsters: Halloweentown III". - PerfectImpulseX

6 Descendants

This is such a good movie! How could someone hate it? - Glitterellie

This is the best movie I every seen! the villain and the descendants all so cool and their song "chilling live a villain " is wonderful.

7 The Scream Team
8 High School Musical 3: Senior Year


Hate to break it, but this is a disqualified entry. Not a DCOM.

9 Descendants 2

You can’t hate the descendants movies! They have such great stories and songs. - Glitterellie

10 Camp Rock

The Contenders

11 Descendants 3
12 Cloud 9
13 Lemonade Mouth

Possibly a ripoff to The Breakfast Club, which has 3 girls and 2 boys instead of 3 boys and 2 girls. - DynastiNoble

14 Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!
15 Teen Beach Movie

This movie is so good! I recommend t and don’t know why it got hate. - Glitterellie

16 16 Wishes

THIs movie has such a good story behind it! The plot was perfect! - Glitterellie

17 Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
18 Invisible Sister

I love this movie and don’t understand why it would get hate. It has lovely acting too! - Glitterellie

19 Girl vs. Monster

My favourite thing about this movie are the songs but I loved the movie in general. - Glitterellie

20 Jump In!
21 Hannah Montana: The Movie
22 Tinker Bell (2008)
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