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1 Frozen

But if Elsa is that more interesting of a character, then how come they focused so much on that obnoxious, insufferable pain in the butt, Anna and so little on poor Elsa? It really feels like the creators actually hated Elsa's canon character in favoritism of Anna's canon character so they gave poor Elsa so little screen-time as a middle-finger to any of these and those who actually wanted to know and learn more about Elsa better. It also feels like that they purposefully gave poor Elsa so little screen-time just to relentlessly spite all of Elsa's biggest all time fandoms.

This movie came out in 2013, and was overhyped as hell...but the fandom has calmed down. The hatedom, however, STILL complains about the movie. They can't ever talk about Disney without CONSTANTLY bringing up Frozen and bashing it, instead of talking about the films on their own merits. I still hear people complaining about "Let it Go" being overused when nobody in 2017 uses it. Frozen's hype is dead, but people only constantly bring it up to complain about it and I don't get why. Also, Olaf isn't that obnoxious of a character, and I feel like a lot of people hate him solely for looking weird and silly.

Frozen was too much Anna anyway! Worse, Frozen was not enough Elsa at all, was it? In fact, Elsa's canon characterization wasn't given enough to do at all like it should've back then before, was it?

But why is it bad to like Elsa for her powers or for saying "You can't marry a man you just met"?

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2 Pocahontas
3 Cars

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4 Brother Bear
5 The Black Cauldron
6 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
7 Oliver & Company
8 Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man's Chest
9 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
10 Chicken Little

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11 A Goofy Movie
12 Cars 2
13 Finding Dory
14 High School Musical
15 Gordy
16 Angels in the Outfield
17 The Rescuers
18 The Little Mermaid
19 The Rescuers Down Under
20 Zootopia

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21 The Lion King
22 Hercules
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