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1 A Serbian Film

What lies beneath it's cold, steely exterior lies a beautiful, poetic masterpiece. A true work of art. This movie, it is a beacon of hope in a dark world! - DylanRob

2 The Village

If you look beyond the plot twist which doesn't quite mesh well it's a beautiful film with a beautiful message. - DylanRob

3 Cabin Fever

Alright, this movie is by no means perfect. But it sure is entertaining! I've seen it five times now and it never disappoints. - DylanRob

4 Cannibal Holocaust

If you look beyond the animal cruelty, this is a beautiful film you'll probably only want to see once. - DylanRob

5 Silent Night, Deadly Night
6 The Human Centipede

So what if it's not 100% medically accurate? Still a fun watch when you're bored. - DylanRob

7 Dreamcatcher

Has a few glaring flaws but still manages to be pretty creepy. - DylanRob

8 The Exorcist III: Legion

People tend to pass this one up because of it's association with 'The Exorcist' as a series, and everyone seems to think that every film which came after the first was a complete dud. I can reassure you that if you are a fan of demonic horror and don't set your expectations as high as the first film, you won't be disappointed. - DylanRob

The first Exorcist was the only good one - jack2244

9 The Exorcist 2: The Heretic

Again, not a perfect movie. But it's still a wicked exercise in atmosphere! - DylanRob

10 Species

The first film is pretty suspenseful. Not a bad scifi horror film if you ask me. - DylanRob

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11 Leprechaun
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1. A Serbian Film
2. The Village
3. Cabin Fever



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