Top 10 Most Overhated Mario Characters

Characters from the Mario franchise that get the most annoying hate after a while. Certainly not great but not atrocious by any means. If I missed one feel free to add it.

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1 Peach Peach Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Run, and even starred in more.

No Mario character deserves hate. They are all good. Please only hate on Sony or Microsoft characters. - ShigeruMiyamoto

Man, tell me about it... So many haters on this website.

Nearly number one or somewhere in the top five of every worse Mario Characters list and it's gotten old. - SomePersonYouHate

She deserves it

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2 Daisy Daisy Princess Daisy is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, in which she is the princess of the fictional region of Sarasaland. more.

Okay you guys I hate Daisy because of fans. They are making artwork of Rosalina saying drink your tears. They are going crazy because daisy is in smash. They are mad because daisy is an echo fighter for peach.

I think this one best explains itself. - SomePersonYouHate

Daisy needs more love! like, does anyone know why she exists as a baby version
assuming because we needed more clone characters for MK8DX - mattstat716

3 Toad Toad Toad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. He assists Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom and will do whatever it takes to help her. He first appeared in the classic game, USA exclusive Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. Since then he has been a reoccurring more.

How are there fare worse characters than Toad? It's his fault Peach gets captured all the time because he is a coward. Wouldn't you hate him too if you always have to go on these Princess Rescue missions too all because of his cowardliness?

His voice is a bit annoying but there's far worse Mario characters. - SomePersonYouHate

He is really just an exposition machine. - DapperPickle

Toad's a meme, watchoo talking' bout? - mattstat716

4 Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina, known as Rosetta in Japan, is a major character in the Mario Bros . Franchise . She first appeared in the popular Mario Game, Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii and later returned for the game's sequel in 2010 . Since then, she has been featured in many main-series Mario Games more.

For some of the most stupid reasons she has gotten hate. - SomePersonYouHate

Deserves every single bit of it, nobody likes her

5 Mario Mario Mario is the main character in the Mario Bros. Franchise, who was created by the creative director and video game designer at Nintendo of Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has appeared in almost every Mario Game, including spinoff series, as a playable character, with few exceptions including New Super more.

All because of a flawed MatPat video that some people take as fact when it isn't. - SomePersonYouHate

6 Toadette Toadette Toadette is a character in the Mario series. She is a female Toad who first appeared in the Nintendo GameCube video game Mario Kart: Double Dash.

At least she's tolerable and again there is far worse characters in the franchise. - SomePersonYouHate

7 Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. As his name implies, he is the son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

I'm mixed on Bowser Jr. he's a flawed character but nowhere near the worst. - SomePersonYouHate

8 Wario Wario Wario is a character in Nintendo's Mario series who was originally designed as an antagonist to Mario. His motives are driven by greed and he will take the side of whoever will give him the most pay. Although he may seem like just a mean man with no heart, he does have a very tragic past.

He can be pretentious at times but he's at least more interesting than Waluigi. - SomePersonYouHate

9 Birdo Birdo Birdo is a dinosaur that is well known for her (or his) confused Gender. It was originally stated that Birdo was a male who believed he was a female, but this was changed in later games. Birdo is commonly referred to as a girl, however, they are in a relationship with Yoshi. Birdo first appeared in more.

Mediocre but there's worse characters in the franchise. - SomePersonYouHate

10 Waluigi Waluigi Waluigi is a selfish, greedy man who works closely with the infamous Wario. He is Luigi's rival and is known as the opposite of him. Waluigi first appeared in the Gameboy Color game, Mario Tennis as Wario's partner. He has appeared in every Mario Tennis game since, still remaining as Wario's partner. more.

Slightly overhated. - SomePersonYouHate

The Contenders

11 Pink Gold Peach Pink Gold Peach

I think she is WAY TOO OVERHATED.

12 Metal Mario Metal Mario
13 Baby Rosalina Baby Rosalina Baby Rosalina is an infant version of the major character from the Mario Bros . Franchise, Rosalina . She first appeared in Mario Kart 8 as a playable character and is now one of 5 baby characters in the roster, alongside infant versions of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy .
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