Top 10 Most Overhated Mario Games

There are some bad Mario games, but some "bad" games are actually good or even masterpieces, here are the most overhated mario games.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Party 9

My favorite Mario Party game since 2013 or 14. - starryrcad

Me and darthvadern both agree. This game is amazing!

I think this game rightfully deserves number #1 spot. This game was the sole reason I bought a Nintendo Wii back in 2012. This game had amazing gameplay that was fresh and new and not repetitive. The hate for this game is mostly from Mario party 2 fanboys that hate everything that's not like that game, like what? This game was the sole reason I have all these other Mario games now like Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, etc. You might think I'm biased, but if I were, I would hate Star Rush since it's really different (but I love Star Rush) - darthvadern

But I wanted to play Mario Party like Mario Party, not Mario In A Car Party. - mattstat716

2 Paper Mario: Color Splash

The modern Paper Mario hatebase, is similar to the modern Mario Party hatebase. They are both annoying and ungrateful about the newer installments and are fanboys of the second game in the series. The only difference is that the modern Paper Mario hatebase at least have decent and valid reasons some times (unlike the MMP Hatebase). But this game is so overhated! It's similar to Sticker Star (which wasn't even that bad to begin with), yes, but it's an IMPROVED vesrion of it! I can tell that the haters are annoying! It's colorful and has some awesomne levels! - darthvadern

3 Super Mario Bros. 2

Now luckily this game is getting less hate more recent. But still, the hate for the game is ridicoulus, it's yet agian fanoys who are nostalgia blinded by other etries in the series, *sigh*. - darthvadern

Game's forgotten, nobody liked it.
well except videogamedunkey.

4 Mario Kart 7

Couldn't agree more. It really sucks that some people hate on this game only because of the character roster, which does not change the gameplay whatsoever. It's great fun and comfortable to play. - Entranced98

It's pretty underrated, it has amazing soudntracks and is overall my faovurite Mario Kart. It gets hate for the roster, like seriously! Roster dose not affect gameplay! And while Waluigi should have been in the game, Honey Queen and Wiggler were cool choices, Metal Mario is the real clone here. - darthvadern

5 Mario Party Island Tour

More modern mario parties, yeah, shouldn't even be suprising, this game is huge nostalgia for me, I remember when I was in Lithuania 2014 and was really sick, this game made me happy. The soundtracks are awesomne. And the boards all have a unique aspect, tell me why this is hated agian. - darthvadern

6 Mario Party Star Rush

Ok, so the people who hate THIS game are obviously Old Mario party fanboys who can't respect a slight difference. This game is a bit more similar to old mario party but it's so unique and awesomne! And it still gets hate for being a modern mario party? - darthvadern

7 Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Much better than most of the Mario Karts after it, yet it gets hate because people are bad at videogames.

So Mario Kart: Super Circuit gets hate for having mediocre controls and bad graphics, but Super Mario Kart gets a pass? Really? This game is way more unique than SMK! - darthvadern

8 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Ok, so I understand, battles are pointless, story is horrible, Bowser is final boss, levels are generic, basically the NSMB game of the Paper Mario seires! But it's still enjoyable as a mario game! People are always judging this game from a biased point! - darthvadern

9 Mario Kart 8

To be fair the battle mode sucked and the roster was a big disappointment however outside of that the game is good

Although it is really lked, it has a small hatebase that hate the game just because of roster! Yes, JUST because OF THE ROSTER! WHY! - darthvadern

The roster was REALLY bad this time around. 90% of the roster was clone characters like Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, and... dare shall I say, Pink Gold Peach.
We see no King Boo, no Wiggler, no Honey Queen. This roster is actually WORSE than MK7's. It also didn't help that the gravity gimmick really hurts your head sometimes when you're looking at the Wii U's Gamepad. But even then, it wasn't DIFFICULT to keep 1st place. You just kinda had to hold an item behind you. - mattstat716

10 Mario Party 10

It was on the Wii U. It was doomed. - mattstat716

It's similar to MP9, so what? There were eight games even more similar to the first entry in the series! How are they automatically better then (oh, but they're old Mario parties, so it's totally different you dumbass - people who will hate me for having an opinion)?

The only reason this is lower is because at least this has some more valid reasons to be hated (unlike 9, IT and SR) - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Mario Kart 64

Super Mario Kart is the worst Mario Kart.

It was decent, both fans and haters can be annoying, but it's the second worst in the series not counting the atrocity known as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - darthvadern

12 Super Mario Sunshine

No, more like the opposite - darthvadern

13 Super Paper Mario

Although it's getting more love recently thanks to Sticker Star people hate this one because the character designs remind them of polygons, like please! That doesn't change the quality of the game - darthvadern

14 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
15 New Super Luigi U
16 Super Mario 3D World

People hate it for not being an open world game, it's a sequel 3D Land! Of course it's going to be linear! - darthvadern

17 Super Mario Kart
18 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

It gets hate, because of tutorials and graphics! Seriously! I have played this game and it's about as good as Superstar Saga, and you know that game was one of the best games ever made! - darthvadern

19 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Sure it's very lackluster but at least it's not the Sticker Star of the Mario & Luigi series! We should be lucky that this is one of the few mario series with no bad games at all - darthvadern

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