Most Overhated Metallica Songs


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1 Mama Said

This Song Gets Blind Hate Just Because It's A Country Song - christangrant

I like the first 5 albums, and I think this song is okay.

This song is gorgeous - Derrick_Fox

If this is the worst Metallica song just because it's a country song then by that logic Suicide Note Pt.1 by Pantera is their worst song - christangrant

2 St. Anger
3 All Within My Hands
4 The View

Ok look its not as bad as everyone says the same can be said for the rest of Lulu it IS a bad album but its not the worst rock or metal album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet by Avenged Sevenfold is Way worse than Lulu is but anyway this song is the most Overhated on lulu while by no means is it a good song its not the worst song on Lulu either - christangrant

5 Frantic
6 Enter Sandman

You what I'm going to be honest this song is Overhated because apparently it's bad just because "It's their most well known song" which is debateable since I would think Master of Puppets is more well known than this song plus that song gets tons of praise this one does too but it also gets hate for dumb reasons plus this technically isn't their most popular song if you go by Billboard hot 100 charts because believe it or not one song actually charted higher than this one it was "Until It Sleeps" from Load. - christangrant

I think Nothing Else Matters is their most popular song, not Master of Puppets. - Alkadikce

7 The Unforgiven II

I’m sorry, but this song plain sucks. - awesomedp900

8 Some Kind of Monster
9 Escape

This is not a bad song at all In fact it's a masterpiece just like every song on Ride the Lightning - christangrant

10 The Struggle Within

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11 The Unforgiven III

This and the Unforgiven II are hated only because they are sequals to the Unforgiven and nothing else - christangrant

12 Iced Honey

A Song On Lulu That's Actually Ok - christangrant

13 Purify

So overhated. I'm listening it at this moment, AND THIS SONG IS AWESOME!

14 I Disappear
15 Junior Dad
16 Dragon
17 Shoot Me Again
18 Sweet Amber
19 The Unnamed Feeling
20 The Thing that Should Not Be
21 Pumping Blood
22 Nothing Else Matters
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