Top 10 Most Overhated Movies of the 2010s

These are the movies of 2010 that get way too much hate for what they are, and are usually not bad. The movies on the list don't necessarily have to be great movies, they just have to be what you or others feel get too much hate.

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1 Frozen

Looks like the hatedom for this movie is still dying down even though "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" came out with Coco which got a ton of backlash. At the time I thought Frozen was somewhat overrated but good, and so did so many people. It's funny because it was so over saturated that so many people suddenly hated its guts! And people still do to this day. If I were to rate it, I would give it a 7/10 to be honest it is way overhated for what it is! - Phillip873

It feels like the creators actually hated Elsa's canon character so they gave her so little screen-time as a middle-finger to any of these and those who actually wanted to know and learn more about Elsa better. It feels like that they purposefully gave her so little screen-time just to spite all of her biggest all time fandoms.

Frozen wasn't enough Elsa at all, was it? In fact, Elsa's canon character wasn't really given enough to do at all like it should've back then before, was it?

Frozen hate is getting annoying.

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2 Ghostbusters

I thought this movie was just mediocre. Everyone else thought it was the worst movie of the entire decade, which I think is a huge over statement. It is a stupid movie nonetheless, but not the worst. - Phillip873

Too bad it was so horrible because it had an amazing cast.

3 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I talked quite a bit about how I liked this movie. It isn't the best Star Wars movie, but it isn't the worst thing ever made which a lot of people make it out to be! - Phillip873

4 Pixels

This movie was pretty stupid and the acting sucked, but I didn't think it was that bad. The visuals looked pretty cool if I'm being honest! - Phillip873

And at least it wasn't "Jack and Jill" -shudders- - Phillip873

It was nice for comedy - EliHbk

Yeah I don’t really understand the hate for this one

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5 Chappie

I watched this with my father a couple years back and I liked it. I then found out a ton of people hated it and thought it was one of 2015s worst. Sure it wasn't one of the best of that year but I for one didn't think it deserved that much hate! - Phillip873

6 The Emoji Movie

This movie is bad, but the premise is what is god-forbid. The movie is just dull. - 445956

I wanted a Popeye movie...

SHould be Higher - codydoestuff

Though this movie is terrible,(And I made a lot of jokes and added to lists irronicaly)People make it out as a lot worse than it actually is And Where The Dead Go To Die is and will always be worse than The Emoji Movie and will always be the worst animated movie ever made

7 Suicide Squad

Talked much about it already. It's a bad movie, but I could enjoy it. I personally think BvS deserved way more hate than this movie. - Phillip873

Yes! I agree. It gets too much hate. I rember seeing a review somewhere about "turn off your brain" entertainment, and this is one of the best movies at that. Not every movie has to be thought-provoking, leave you in tears, or cause you to do some big life changes. It is one of the best DC movies in a long time.i

8 Fifty Shades of Grey
9 Justice League

Definitely not as bad as last year's DC movies as a lot of people say it is! I enjoyed some parts of this otherwise OK movie. - Phillip873

10 La la Land

As much as I loved this movie and how much people hate this movie on this site, I don't think it's overhated because it won a lot of awards. - Phillip873

The Contenders

11 Man of Steel

Lots of people hate this movie. I think it was decent, could have been more. But I do also think it's overhated. - Phillip873

12 Brave

I thought it was really good, but, it IS cliche and sometimes is boring. - RaccoonCartoon

It isn't that bad, and like Monsters U, it is one of Pixar's most hated. - Phillip873

13 Monsters University

I liked this more than Finding Dory, yes I said that. It was a funny movie and it had really good character design, and I liked how the stories connected. And I was surprised to find out this was one of Pixar's most hated. The only Pixar movie I disliked though was Cars 2, all the rest range from decent to fantastic. - Phillip873

It wasn't THAT bad. Cliche? Very. Bad? Maybe, but it wasn't AWFUL. - RaccoonCartoon

14 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
15 The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

I don't think it's overhated; from what I'm reading of IMDB reviews, it was REALLY BAD.

Lion Guard itself was completely unnecessary in my opinion.

16 Cars 2

This was submitted twice. This wasn't bad, just disappointing. Planes was bad. - 445956

I asked them to take the duplicate off. Hopefully they will. Also, I don't really like either, but I don't COMPLETELY hate it either. It's true it's more disappointing than terrible. But it's kinda bad. But yes, Planes is worse. - Disney1994

17 Minions

It deserves it’s hate! It’s nothing more, than a lazy cash grab, that tries to be good, but falls so hard, the ground shakes!

18 Rough Night
19 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4

It hasn't came out yet!

20 Captain America: Civil War

What? Everyone liked this movie! It got high ratings and on this site too it's number 1 on "Best Movies of 2016" - Phillip873

Whats terrible about this movie?

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