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1 Frozen

This movie came out in 2013, and was overhyped as hell...but the fandom has calmed down. The hatedom, however, STILL complains about the movie. They can't ever talk about Disney without CONSTANTLY bringing up Frozen and bashing it, instead of talking about the films on their own merits. I still hear people complaining about "Let it Go" being overused when nobody in 2017 uses it. Frozen's hype is dead, but people only constantly bring it up to complain about it and I don't get why. Also, Olaf isn't that obnoxious of a character, and I feel like a lot of people hate him solely for looking weird and silly.

Over-hyped, over-played, overly-loved, but not deserving of THIS much backlash. - BKAllmighty

That Anna's the biggest all time main reason why Frozen was not enough Elsa at all. In fact, she's the biggest all time main reason why Frozen isn't really about Elsa at all.

Are you really sure the Prince Hans plot twist was cool, Elijah_Cook?

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2 Spider-Man 3

It's far from the best, yet far from the worst. All the hate it got was a little out of hand. - Entranced98

This movie is good so stop complaining.

This is pretty good. - Elijah_Cook

Good movie - VideoGamefan5

3 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It's Fine If You Don't Like It, But The Hate Has Gotten A Little Too Extreme - JPK

This is hated for plenty of invalid reasons. - Elijah_Cook

Fans don't want this as canon... - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

4 Minions

I am rather impressed that Illumination made a compelling story with characters we cannot understand.

Stupid and forgettable, so just forget it. - naFrovivuS

I mildly enjoyed it. - Elijah_Cook

It Was Okay (Don't Spam Me With Hate Comments) - JPK

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5 Ghostbusters (2016)

This movie has the worst hate-dom.

OK, so let’s list off the overblown and totally unjustified ways this movie has been hated:
1. All the boycotting and sight-unseen hatred purely based off the bad trailers.
2. Downvoting respectable and level headed reviewers such as John Campea and Alicia Malone for saying anything positive about the movie, but supporting idiots like MrBranToast for bashing on the movie before even seeing it.
3. Death-threatening Harold Ramis’s daughter after she took issue with all the people who used her dead Father as an excuse to hate the movie.
4. Harassment of the staff at Tufts Medical Center in Boston for letting the movie’s stars visit sick children.
5. People pretending to be making a stand against Hollywood pumping out remakes and sequels instead of original movies, when they go and see the many other reboots and sequels that came out (Batman V Superman, Legend of Tarzan, Finding Dory, Captain America: Civil War etc) over anything original.

Look guys, at the end ...more

6 Cars 2

Should be #1 I love this movie! Also add Bedtime Stories. - Elijah_Cook

This movie is overall pretty good...

7 Transformers: Age of Extinction

I thought it was better than 2 and 3. Still do, 2 years later. - BKAllmighty

It wasn't that bad. - DapperPickle


8 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I was surprised at first to hear about the amount of people who didn't like this movie! I absolutely loved this movie. Sure, it was a little similar to A New Hope. WHO CARES! It was still an amazing movie on it's own merits, not as a sequel. Sure, Rey was a little too good at everything, but she was still a character that I overall liked, and she still had flaws (i. e. longing to stay on the planet I forgot the name of for her parents). If you don't like this movie that's fine, this is just what I think. I went into the movie judging it on it's own merits, not expecting it to be the perfect sequel, and I thought as a movie, it was incredibly amazing.

Sure it's 60% the same of A New Hope, but at least it's not like the prequels, *chills down spine* - GreninjaGuy

This Film Failed in the writing, the Characters, the Story. I would call it the most expensive fanfic ever made, but that is an Insult to all the fanfic writers out their. At least they can come up with new Ideas.

I think the problem is that the developers were so busy trying to make it similar to a New Hope (With Cooler Special Effects), That they forgot how to make a good film. They forgot to give Rey character flaws to make her feel human, Finn was nothing more than Token Comic relief (He was the only somewhat believable character, and they wasted him). Kylo Ren's arc is jarring to watch (One minute, he orders the slaughter of a village, the next day, "I'm Being Torn Apart. I want to be free of this pain." Are we supposed to care about this character? I cared more about Jar Jar.)

Even the prequels had better writing and more believable characters. Even if the dialogue was a bit awkward. At Least Anakin Skywalker had Character Flaws.

9 The Emoji Movie

Bad Movie, But Saying Stuff Like "It's Worse Than Hitler" Is Too Far - JPK

Deserves plenty of hate I'm sure. - Elijah_Cook

10 Monster House

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11 Man of Steel

This is my favorite superman movie - PeeledBanana

12 Pixels

A great movie, why'd everybody hate it? - growlbunny

I really liked it - PeeledBanana

13 The Last Airbender

Deserves the hate it has. - Not_A_Weeaboo

14 Grown Ups 2

Is that Adam Sandler as a kid? - Elijah_Cook

Says it is so yes. - Elijah_Cook

15 Sing
16 The Cat in the Hat


17 Shark Tale
18 Shrek Forever After
19 Elysium
20 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

I actually really enjoyed it, however, my full opinion is a layered one that requires more than a sentence or two to get across, so please don't think that I loved everything about the movie, because I don't. - BKAllmighty

It was a good movie - growlbunny

21 Suicide Squad

I honestly thought people hated it because it had Lil Wayne and a bunch of other overrated artists on the soundtrack.

Dumb at parts,but tolerable at others.

The IHE review summed it up. - DapperPickle


22 Terminator: Genisys

Cross between bad and meh - jack2244

23 Paul Blart: Mall Cop

So bad it's good. - Elijah_Cook

This is the Wizard of Oz of "so bad it's good" movies. - Elijah_Cook

24 My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)

Anti-Bronies Spammed Its IMDB Score Down From 7.1/10 To 6.5/10 In ONE Week
It's Rotten Tomatoes Score Keeps PLUMMETING (Critic Opinions Are Still Respected)
I Think I've Said Enough - JPK

25 Fred: The Movie
26 Cars

This is not hated by anyone I've met... - Elijah_Cook

27 Chicken Little

It's pretty funny at times... - Elijah_Cook

This movie stinks pretty hard, if you ask me. Maybe I need to watch it again. - BKAllmighty

Chicken Little may have the lowest RT for a WDAC but there are plenty of other movies out there that make this, and Cars 2, look like a masterpiece.

28 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

If the Phantom Menace came out in 1977 everyone would love it and a New Hope Came out in 1999 it would be overhated (Oh deny all you want, but we can't change time or anything else)

Even this one is okay at worst, showing how there really aren't any bad Star Wars movies. - Elijah_Cook

Wasn't the best Star Wars and wouldn't even crack the top 6 but it's not an awful movie. Liam Nieson did a good job a qui gon, and besides Jar Jar, the whole premise was fairly buyable with the exception of midichlorians

29 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Pretty funny, especially when the gym coach chases them behind the gas station. - Elijah_Cook

30 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Decent - jack2244

31 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
32 Signs

Crap - jack2244

33 The Village

Crap - jack2244

34 The Punisher (2004)
35 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Well. It wasn't great, but it's not the dire abomination that many people make it out to be.

It's a fun mecha movie whose story has a strong shonen anime resemblence. - Martin_Canine

36 Super Mario Bros.
37 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

In my opinion this should replace #3 on here.

This movie was okay - jack2244

38 X-Men: Apocalypse

It's okay. - Elijah_Cook

39 The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl

A silly kids movie.

40 Where the Dead Go to Die

I've seen worse things than it. - PerfectImpulseX

How is THIS overhated? , no offense, but this is PORNOGRAPHY, how can you find this overhated? - VideoGamefan5

41 Stay
42 The Greatest Showman
43 The Lion King 1½
44 The Lion King

Deserves to be hated. Not wonderful at all.

45 Alien 3

Decent - jack2244

46 Batman & Robin
47 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
48 Alien: Covenant
49 Daredevil
50 Yogi Bear

For some reason I loved it! - Elijah_Cook

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