Top Ten Most Overhated Pixar Movies

Pixar is in my opinion the best animation studio of all time, they haven't made a single bad movie (I haven't seen the last two Pixar movies, Coco and Incredibles 2). However some movies get a lot of hate for no reason, here's the most overhated of the bunch.

The Top Ten

1 Cars 2

It was honestly a stupid sequel, and having comedic relief characters as main characters... never works... EVER.

It's mediocre, but it's still overhated. Mater has a few laughs, like when he mistakes wasabi for ice cream. - Maddox121

Of course this is overhated, this is the worst movie Pixar done. - TheSilverEncarnation


2 Monsters University

There are Monster's Inc, fans who always complain about wanting a sequel, thew thing is, the movie didn't need a sequel! It ended in a way that a sequel would be impossible, Sulley got reunited with Boo, and that's it, how can you make a sequel out if that? So insteasd Pixar made this lovely prequel about Mike his friends in collage. It's really good in my opinion. I love the names they made for the monster teams in the scare games. It's just really cool! - darthvadern

This film is hilarious lol - B1ueNew

Good movie. - PeeledBanana

3 The Good Dinosaur

I have no idea why no one talks about this masterpeice, it is hands down the most stunning looking Pixar movie. There's no denying in that. Everything in this movie looks so similar to Norway. And Norway's mountains are among the most beautiful I have ever seen! The story, while not the best, is quite unique. There's not that much dialouge in the movie but that's ok since the animation is stunning! - darthvadern

I don’t get why people hate this movie so much. It’s not great, but it’s cute. - MegaSoulhero

4 Brave

The trailer made it seem like it was an epic bear-slaying movie when it turned out to be a mother-daughter story. Merida is a tomboyish princess who loves adventure and she gives lots of action scenes and challenges her mom's gender roles but people complain about it being feminist propaganda even though they wanted it to be a more boyish movie. what?!

Brave is another one of those hated Pixar movies, although not nearly as hated as Cars 2, it still has quite a big hatebase. I will admit, the character designs look a bit weird in my opinion. And it is really forgettable. I don't actually remember much from it, but I remember liking the movie. - darthvadern

I don't get how it is not deemed a good movie. I think it was great... and it wasn't forgettable to someone like me. I was much better than any of Disney's old 'Princess' movies and was a good step forward.

And I liked the characters. Which I can't actually say for that many Pixar movies, sadly. - PrettyLittleNightmare

Awe right the plot is pretty much Brother Bear in 3D form it is weak in comparison to something like Wreck-It Ralph which was far superior. - htoutlaws2012

5 A Bug's Life

It's not really hated, most people call it an average movie for Pixar standards and I agree with them, but I think that of the weakest Pixar movies this is the best. Better than the Cars franchise, Brave, Monsters University and The good dinosaur - Sonysfan1999

This isn't really a hated movie, however I rarely hear people talk about it, and it's actually my third favourite Pixar movie behind Wall-E and Toy Story 2. - darthvadern

I love this film, but some people are not feeling the same way as I do, and rank it in their lower tier of Pixar films. - htoutlaws2012

6 Finding Dory

Although it's a pretty loved movie, it's always left out, in my opinion it's one of the best Pixar movies and better than Finding Nemo - darthvadern

More overrated than overhated - B1ueNew

7 Toy Story 2

Err, why is this on this list? This is known for be one of the best Pixar movies, if not even the best - Sonysfan1999

People always seem to prefer the first and third one while I think this one's far superior to both of them. - darthvadern

Probably my favourite of the 3. I hate the third one though

This isn't hated at all.

I know, most of these movies were filler because I ran out of items, so I put the more underrated movies at the bottom (like this one) - darthvadern

8 Inside Out

I adore Inside Out. - TheSilverEncarnation

This movie is overrated, I didn't find it all that great - B1ueNew

It's a good movie - 23windomt

It does have a very small hatebase - darthvadern

9 Cars 3

Not really overhated but you know Cars, the underrated trilogy - darthvadern

The best Cars movie. - Cyri

10 Incredibles 2

Very underrated movie. Better than the Incredibles in my opinion. - Yankees2003

It's really liked, But It's called a disappointment by many, I don't know why, Sure the Underminer was a disappointing, the twist cliche with Evelyn was bad, But everything aside this is great - B1ueNew

Why did my comment on this get deleted? - B1ueNew

At least it's better than Cars 2...

The Contenders

11 Cars

Overrated to be honest.

I disagree, This is always called one of Pixar's weakest by a lot of Pixar fans, But I respect your opinion - B1ueNew

Underrated - darthvadern

12 Ratatouille

What? This deson't get any hate at all, neither any overshadowing - darthvadern

13 Up
14 Toy Story

Toy Story 2 is less loved than this movie - darthvadern

Ok now, WHO REALLY HATES THIS MOVIE? - Sonysfan1999

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