Top Ten Most Overhated Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog Video Games


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21 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Nah, people LOVE this gem! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I think Super Mario games released in the late 20th Century such as Super Mario World 2 always deserved much better.

Overhated? No It's Not! I Think It's Overrated.

22 Sonic R

Tails Doll isn't really scary (minus that dumb Creepypasta reputation), but his eyes make him disappointingly ugly.

I can't argue with this because of (Shutters) Tails Doll.

Tails doll is too harddd...

Tails doll is so spoooky and he's not real but I still wet my knickers thinking about hiM YIKES *_**.
THat creepppy spaghetti is 2spooke and even though I'm quite touph 4 my whoppin 13 yeers ov age when I jerk my 1 incher to ANIMALS WHATS WRONG WITH YOU ALL but yes, it is quite soopky and I hate tge intire geam because of it.

Tat wqz my little kawaii weeaboo rant for losers.
if u like please thumbsz up I mean u don't have 2 but it wuold be nice if u did I would love you till u dei please I'm beggin u! thanks 4 reeding!

23 Super Mario Galaxy 2

I seen a few people that actually don't like this game :(

Can't believe it gets hate because it's "just a copy of the original with Yoshi" - DCfnaf

Why is this game up on the list in the first place?

Best Mario game everr...

24 Mario Party 8

This was one of my favorite wii games! THis shouldn't be here!

25 Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut

This is my favorite Sonic game... - BlueSheepYT

The opening cutscene was great, and Gamma was the best part of the game.

SADX was great. Pure GREAT!

I don't know how this game aged worse than SA2 for most people! This game is way better than the sequel in terms of gameplay! And what's with the complaints about glitches? I did not run into a single glitch in the game! You haters in the Sonic Fanbase are making it sound like it is just as bad as Heroes, 06, and Rise of Lyric in the glitch department! But I'm gonna tell you something: it's not!

Besides, the only thing SA2 did improve on that I could tell was the presentation on animations! The voice acting was better, but not by much! Sonic's gameplay was slightly nerfed due to levels too linear; shooting stages were paced EONS slower than any werehog stage and control like A** when turning, making for much less fun than SA1 gamma stages (especially if you try A-ranking SA2 mech stages); and god they seriously Fd up the hunting stages!

26 New Super Mario Bros 2 (3ds)

I never really understood WHY people hate this game! Yeah it's easy and is similar to New Super Mario Bros but that game is overrated. This game was really fun, and used the tanooki suit minus the suit but it works! And the bosses are fun and creative. And the final boss WASN'T easy as the one from the first new super Mario! Yeah Bowsers movements are slow but it feels SO cool!

This is on twice on this list LOL.


27 New Super Mario Bros. 2

Deal with the fact that coins are everywhere, this game is fun! - BlueSheepYT

28 Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numbers
29 Super Paper Mario
30 Mario Clash
31 Sonic Free Riders
32 Mario Party 9

Look at the Comment Section of a Mario Party video, I dare you.

33 Mario Party 10
34 Mario Sports Mix
35 Sonic Runners
36 Sonic Sega All Stars Racing
37 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
38 Sonic 3D Blast
39 Sonic Adventure
40 Mario vs. Donkey Kong
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