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1 Religious People

Darkboi some are, as are some atheists

I fart in muslims face boi

Why do we need to hate them

I’ve been to one of those “Religion vs Atheism” videos, and the comment section is downright EVIL. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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2 Trolls Trolls

To be honest my biggest problem with trolls is that too often it's used as a dodge. Someone can say something heinous and offensive, but then when they get called out on it they can just say "Nah man, I was just trolling", with no solid way to tell apart the liars. - SuperSonic17

It really depends on which one. - Userguy44

It depends how they troll. - MrCoolC

Trolls can be funny. - 3DG20

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3 Edgy People

What do you mean by edgy people are you talking about extreme people, people that like to do dangerous things for the adrenaline rush because with the comment under this it makes it sound like another word for goth maybe emo. Unless your talking about those that like to say their edgy because they think the word edgy sounds cool - germshep24

I looked it up and it means a teenage that thinks their cool or hardcore or just my last sentence - germshep24

I'm far from edgy but I respect their opinion - darthvadern

I agree with what DarkBoi-X has said repeatedly in the past. Fake edgy people who are trying way too hard and/or doing it for attention are annoying, but actual edgy people are fine. - Atham

I am an edgy person and I love it.Anyways edgy people get way too much hate.We just like really edgy memes(Hitler memes,suicide memes,etc) but we don't encourage it.We also like edgy music and not all of it is cheesy/cringey.Rage Against The Machine,Linkin Park,XXXTentacion,$uicideBoy$,etc are edgy and they are the best. - DarkBoi-X

That is because it is a made up term that serves no purpose, it is a arbitrary term you decided to give yourself for no reason. Nothing you mentioned makes you "edgy" - germshep24

4 Goths Goths

I half want to be Goth except for the whole Satan-worship thing. - Camaro6

A lot just like to say they do, it goes well with the persona of the dark theme they enjoy, it is cool to say your a satanist but most that say they are most likely aren't really, but to be fair the Bible makes Satan look they the coolest person in the world - germshep24

Not all of them are horror obsessed or self harm. - DarkBoi-X

What's wrong with being a goth? - CharismaticKat

I don't like Goths. - 23windomt

5 Metalheads Metalheads

I listen to professional music. And yes, metal is one of them :/ - LightningStrike

I prefer Rap, there, I said it - darthvadern

I like both rap and metal, you don't have to favor one over the other, they both have their merits - germshep24

6 Atheists Atheists

I respect them but saying that they know gods don't exist is a bit of a stretch, I'd say agnosticism is the correct word for most atheists - darthvadern

Atheist don't say that God doesn't exist just simply believe that God doesn't exist, since God is a concept that is defined in different ways depending on the God, it is hard to know that one of those definition doesn't exist - germshep24

Yes *looks down* - BreakFastBeast2005

Many are seen as neckbeards and hypocrites when this isn't true - DarkBoi-X

I’m an atheist (I was raised as a Catholic but I don’t believe in god; I’m the first one of those people in my family) and I respect other religious people as long as they aren’t intolerant, disrespectful, and/or extremists. - PhoenixAura81

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7 Hippies

Haha! far out, man. What's wrong with hippies?! Stop whining. Here, have a flower. - Britgirl

Well. They do take a lot of psychedelic drugs and are often trippy. - PhoenixAura81

8 Conservatives

I'm a slight conservative, and I heard they are hated for some reason - darthvadern

You can thank Trump for that hatred people have towards conservatives - germshep24

Trump is a Republican, so every republicans going to be hated until we have a new President - germshep24

Thanks a lot Trump. - Not_A_Weeaboo

I tend to lean on the liberal side, but conservatives who aren’t bad people are completely fine to me. - PhoenixAura81

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9 Emos Emos

To be honest they deserve most of the hate but they are generalized which is he only reason why I put them here. - DarkBoi-X

As much as I hate saying this yes they are overhated to an extent.While I don't like a lot of emos due to how many of them fake depression and are ungrateful there are many emos who aren't like this. - DarkBoi-X

To be honest, a lot of them deserve the hate. - 3DG20

10 Fat People

I despise people who judge peoples weight and looks - EvilEyedWarHawk

Body shaming is allowed here.

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11 Liberals Liberals

Liberalism as an ideology itself is alright apart from the abortion rules which is crap, I think abortion should just be illegal, the only time abortion is necessary if if the child or parent will die during the birth process, otherwise it's a big sin - darthvadern

Well it's still not the baby's fault, the person can just adopt away then because it's not like the baby will be awful just because the dad was a rapist - darthvadern

This picture is enough proof.Some people see Liberals as sensitive SJW hypocrites when they are not.Liberals are kinda centrist but kinda left leaning at the same time while SJW's are far left - DarkBoi-X

I lean more on the liberal side and I’m not extreme about it. - PhoenixAura81

Understand? - MrCoolC

12 Anime Fans Anime Fans

Yes! We deserve more respect!

Please stop calling me a weeb. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Not all anime fans are weaboos.Also nothing wrong if you like anime.I like Tokyo Ghoul and Attack On Titan. - DarkBoi-X

13 Wrong Generation Kids

My main problem with them is that they are the ones who present classic rock as music designed for just the old and a few younger people. And mostly they are not very open-minded, they hear Shape of You and Shake It Off on the radio all the time and judge the whole 2010s music industry based on it. And the distance in time between classic rock and today is ridiculously small, classical music fans never say they were born in the wrong generation. The most complex term in music they know is mostly 'autotune'.

They also act like it is very special to listen to Nirvana/Queen, and everyone else is listening to 'generic pop'. I think there are far more teenagers listening to old music than they believe. - Alkadikce

They deserve the hate, they are miserable people that bring those around them down, unless their the cool ones that just really enjoy a certain generation, but still love the generation their in - germshep24

At least you weren't born during the time of the year without summer - darthvadern

They deserve the hate. They should be sent back in time to the 1930s.

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14 Homosexuals

Seriously there is nothing wrong with being gay - DarkBoi-X

Yeah. It’s horrible. That same chat room I mentioned in the autistic people section say a bunch of things are gay (including power metal when I said I like it). I’m not gay (I’m actually asexual), but I would never discriminate homosexuals or anyone else except if they are actually bad people. - PhoenixAura81

15 Feminists Feminists

Deserve the hate - DarkBoi-X

It depends on the feminist, if it is a hardcore feminist that just hates men then yes otherwise their alright - germshep24

They deserve the hate. All they do to fight sexism is be sexist themselves. - 3DG20

Usually deserve it. Depends on the feminist. - Camaro6

The feminists back then pushed for equality and the same rights as men. For example, the right to vote. Feminists NOW (at least most of them) are misandrists and whine all the time. If a man hits a woman or sexually assaults her, they go CRAZY! But if the opposite happens, then they won’t even care. - PhoenixAura81

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16 Goody Two Shoes

They deserve the hate... - Camaro6

They just always have to do goood so that adults will love them. Of course not ALL of them are that bad but there are a lot who totally irk me.


They deserve the hate. They’re annoying. - 3DG20

17 Memers

Overhated? I thought I was the only one that hated them.

I am a memer and I am proud.Well to be honest we don't get too much hate but most of the haters hate us for dumb reasons. - DarkBoi-X

I don’t make memes but I’m a meme enthusiast. - PhoenixAura81

18 Autistic People

Why would you hate someone because they have gene mutation that makes their lives harder - germshep24

They are mostly innocent - darthvadern

I have autism. - Userguy44

I’m in a chat room on Amino Apps with people who hate people with autism and they say different things are autistic and that even I’m autistic (the reason I don’t leave is because the members I talk to are very fun to talk to). I would never say horrible things about autistic people. - PhoenixAura81

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19 Trump Supporters

They don't deserve the hate, they have just been sucked into Trump's charisma, they are just victims, but hardcore Trump Supporters absolutely deserve the hate since they are openly embraces their ignorance - germshep24

In my opinion they are kinda like emos in a way in which most of them deserve the hate and very few are good. - DarkBoi-X

They’re better than Hillary Clinton supporters to be honest. - 3DG20

20 Jews
21 Alt-Right Alt-Right

Deserve the hate. - DarkBoi-X

Troll item - MrCoolC

22 Black People
23 Furries Furries

They deserve the hate to be honest. - 3DG20

They deserve it.They are the enemies of the gamers but us gamers will prevail and destroy the furries. - DarkBoi-X

I’m not a furry myself (despite my profile picture and interest in the fandom), but I think furries are overhated. Many people (including many of my school friends) hate them and think they’re all about sex when it’s not the case. Most furries are in the fandom to share interest and have fun. Some are even very altruistic people. There are a few furries that make porn and “yiff”, but those are the furries I hate. - PhoenixAura81

24 Pop Fans

On this site they are overhated. Sometimes if someone says the slightest positive thing about pop music he is immediately attacked. - Alkadikce

Only the Pop fans who don't respect opinions. - Userguy44

25 Americans

This was a good add, some of the hate comes from Muslims upset that we are a predominantly Christian Country instead of believing the Qu'ran, others from the misconception that Americans are gun toting fanatics, even though that is just a very vocal minority, some for our government representatives, and others for their thoughts that Americans are ignorant and doesn't care for other countries history and a few drunk American tourists doing dumb things abroad - germshep24

26 Eccentrics
27 Transgender People
28 Metal Haters
29 Serial Killers Serial Killers

But without serial killers we wouldn't have the Halloween movies, Friday the 13th Movies, and other slasher films - germshep24

Serial killers are the most hated and deserve it

Another troll item I guess. What's even good about serial killers? - Userguy44

They deserve the hate.

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30 Ku Klux Klan Members

But these are very bad people? - Userguy44

Completely deserve the hate, really anyone that is apart of anything that involves hating onother group of people deserve to be hated - germshep24

Oh heck no. These people are terrible. - Camaro6

These people are actually bad. - PhoenixAura81

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31 Fans

People these days have problems...

Hatebases. - Userguy44

32 My Little Pony Fans
33 Teenagers
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