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1 Call of Duty

What? The Legend Of Zelda is really amazing! Call of Duty is great, but it's way too overrated! - NintendoROCK3T

Or you are secretly implying it is bad, and that legend of Zelda is better. - Nayan2003

I do play this game it's the best out of the Call of Duty fanchise in my opinion. I love the different exo mechanics. However saying it's my favorite doesn't make it under hyped. Everyone talked about this game at it's time of release Simply for the publicity it was getting. Again really fun game for me and I know not everyone loved it but it was still too over hyped

Why would clash of clans be overhyped that game is addicting this is the overhyped game, it's the same game every year

Call of duty started getting stale around the end of the modern warfare games I haven't rlly played advanced warfare or black ops 3 not even world war 2 which I have heard is better than most of the newer types of games - TheGamingLad

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2 Minecraft

I think that people should stop talking about the franchise as if it was something new. Instead just treat it like a normal game, not one which the media posts articles about 24/7. Come on, it's been 6 years already! - Nayan2003

This isn't even a franchise, why is this here even if it is overhyped?

It was fun when nobody knew about it and it was simple

I'm almost 12 and I already out grew it.There are actually a lot of kids who are my age but outgrew this game and there are a lot of them in my school.There are still so many kids between the ages of 7-13 that still think that this game is better than everything else.-TheCoolGuy1

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3 Flappy Bird

All you do is tap a screen -

One word - PEWDIEPIE - Nayan2003

Flappy Bird, Flappy Bird Family... - noo7na7


My friend bought this game 2 years in a row, I'm sensing that he'll buy it next year. It's starting to annoy me. - Nayan2003

I believe that if you would like to play soccer, go play it outdoors.

5 The Legend of Zelda

I actually agree, why is this on the list. - Nayan2003

Majora's mask was great, Ocarina of time, and the original were. Zelda 2, was is the worst, and every other one was mediocre to bad.

I like a few games in the Zelda series a lot, but some games in the series are straight up trash.

The whole series is very overrated with a horrible fanbase defending it. Ugghhh. OOT IS NOT THE BEST GAME EVER.

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6 Clash of Clans

Worse than ice age villiage go play a real game like smash bros -

Now there are about 20 million games exactly like this on the app store, and people actually enjoy them?

This is actually a good game, the social aspects are integrated very well. - Nayan2003


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7 Assassin's Creed

This franchise is not overhyped. Everyone finally realized that the game was using the same gameplay mechanics. - Nayan2003

At least it has storyline

8 EarthBound

What the hell is EarthBound doing on this list? I am sure 90% of the users didn't even played it. - LaoShan

This is not over hyped it hasn't had a game in forever

I'm pissed we didn't get mother 3 still. Release it outside of Japan

I played Earthbound on the snes recently and I believe it is a little over praised. - Alapisboy

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9 Fortnite: Battle Royale

I seriously don't get how people like this game to be honest. - MasterCreepy

Just sad how everyone is addicted to this game

Should be higher up! It is a very overrated game in my opinion - Spongehouse

This list is about franchises, not a single game. But, I still agree. - MrCoolC

Ali-A intro.

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10 Grand Theft Auto

Come on guys, the fastest selling game ever in Grand Theft Auto V, now that game is overrated and overhyped.

Boooring! useless waste of time - Knoxx

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11 Destiny

This was the game to me that may have ruined console games forever. It was the first game I personally bought in which it felt like I was intentionally only sold an intro to the game with the goal of the developer being for me to buy expensive add on content to just get a full game experience. Previous games like Borderlands had additional content for sale for it truly felt like "add-on" content, new scenarios only tangentially related to the story and fairly affordable. With Destiny, much like many mobile games, I feel like I got the demo version (for $60) and was expected to pay even more for the full version.

Oh, and it was really boring.

12 Mario Party

Gosh, This Series Is Overpraised, It's THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! - VideoGamefan5

13 Halo

Halo 5 very much deserves to be on this list. The lack of splitscreen coop was simply too egregious an oversight to be forgiven and I won't forgive. You had one good game halo. Then three mediocre sequels and then you made me angry.

Actually the picture is correct I know people don't like 5, but 4 is really what started it for me you don't believe that look at where this is among disappointing games ever list. - htoutlaws2012

Halo was cool in its early days but now the new games suck. - Sage_Naruto

It sucks nobody liked this exepht hardcore shooter fans -

When Bungie left to go make Destiny, Halo was doomed :(

14 Madden
15 Lego

Um no comments? - Aey


16 Temple Run

So Ovehyped, Just A Repetitive Pile Of Junk - VideoGamefan5

17 Mario

All Mario RPGs that are older than Paper Mario: Sticker Star are phenomenal, especially Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors, Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars and Paper Mario. How many times have I said that? Proof that Classic Nintendo is much better than Modern Nintendo, which is much less innovative.

Hopefully super Mario maker is Nintendo's last game. It's great, but they need to stop making Mario games. - Nayan2003

You know what if it weren't for mario there werent be call of duty

He is the worst video game ever. Every game it's the same old thing. Bounce on things, save a princess, different game. Reference to sonic adventure ;-) - Shadowxr

18 Battlefield
19 Pokemon

Just stop it Pokemon! Please just stop it! There is one point of time where a franchise is supposed to stop. And that probably should be now - Nayan2003

This problem has been fixed in later games, but in earlier games, get a pshycic type or dragon type, and your unbeatable. But now their are so many Pokemon that's no problem. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I am just talking about the first games red blue and yellow where phychic types were overpowered -


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20 Super Smash Bros.

It's a great series, but It's incredibly overhyped.
If a new game comes out, there's probably going to be at least one video of a grown man crying while reacting to the reveal trailer. - Marxcute19

Because it's awesome! A lot of us are already deciding which characters we think should be in the next game!

This Needs To Be Number One - VideoGamefan5

This should be at the top. - DaisyandRosalina

21 Cave Story

What is this game? - Nayan2003

THIS GAME IS UNDERHYPED! What is this list? Cave Story is general is underrated.

22 Undertale

Crappy overrated pile of garbage.

Most. Overrated. Game. Ever! And it's not even that good.

How is this game lower than Pokemon?
gamers these days...

23 Need for Speed

The series is epic but... how many pepole play this?

24 Rare Replay
25 Star Fox

I'm a furry, and the only reason that I like this game is because of the furry characters, besides that well, at least star fox 64, I'm not suer of the other titles he's in, but star fox 64 WAS HORRID. I mean... flying a plane around? You don't even get to really use the BA characters, maybe if there is a game where you can play as the characters I might like it but from what I've played isn't too good.

He's a BA smash Bros character though. - MoldySock

Not the best in the series -

26 PaRappa the Rapper

We need less of him and more of Lammy, honestly - xandermartin98

27 Five Nights at Freddy's

Should be way higher than this. It's got so much hype and so much aggravating stuff. - DCfnaf

Way to many people like this its took over the world

28 Sonic

The franchise is decreasing slowly, so this shouldn't even be on the list. - MasterCreepy

Which game though

He's a blue spiky thing.

29 Game of War
30 Metroid
31 Conker

Its actualy underrated - vela-nova

32 Fallout
33 Xenoblade
34 League of Legends
35 Terraria

Terraria is very hidden! Really great game. - MasterCreepy

36 Titanfall
37 DC Universe Online
38 Uncharted

This game shouldn't be on here, this isn't too hyped because of being exclusive to one console - Nayan2003

39 Street Fighter
40 Mass Effect
41 Angry Birds
42 Super Meat Boy
43 Donkey Kong Country
44 Psychonauts
45 Shovel Knight
46 Lemmings
47 World of Warcraft
48 Watch Dogs

Watch_Dogs is a game, not a game franchise.

So hyped but overall mediocre

49 Xeno
50 The Last Of Us
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