Overlooked Lana Del Rey Songs

This is the "Cinematic Lana".
She has this artistry side of a cinematic vulnerability and songwriting value. This character she creates defines her music and showcases her talent at its best. The overlooked tracks overshadowed by the well known "hit singles", are her most honest and purest pieces of art on her discography.

She might not be the greatest live singer, she might even seem too much in love with the spotlight and the fame she's gathered since "Video Games". It's easier to judge her as a simple entertainer, pop magazine face selling creature, but her biggest virtue, I fear, might lie hidden from the common radio listener...That is this underestimated power of originality she inhales .
A power of seducing an audience and taking it back to the old lost days in time of music. Her voice slides in incantation, making serenades of saddening beauty, worthy of many scenes in timeless movies. She's indeed apart from anything else in pop music spectacle, which I'm not a fan, at all. Yet I'm drawn to her because she's better than that!

The Top Ten

1 Terrence Loves You
2 God Knows I Tried
3 Sad Girl
4 The Blackest Day
5 Old Money
6 Black Beauty
7 Pretty When You Cry
8 Salvatore
9 Yayo
10 Honeymoon
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