Top Ten Most Overly Sexual Songs


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1 What What (in the Butt) - Samwell V 1 Comment
2 Milkshake - Kelis

It's super catchy but still not very appropriate. - happyhappyjoyjoy

3 Timber - Pitbull

I don't know what it means and I don't want to. - happyhappyjoyjoy

4 This Love - Maroon 5

May not seem like it but some parts are steamy especially the actual music video. - happyhappyjoyjoy

5 Take It Off - Ke$ha

Well it's song about strip clubs after all. - happyhappyjoyjoy

6 Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha

This whole list could've been Ke$ha. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Okay...i always thought it was just about love

7 S&M - Rihanna V 2 Comments
8 Mermaid Motel - Lana del Rey

It's a song about prostitutes. - happyhappyjoyjoy

9 Love Somebody - Maroon 5

Yeah not that much but for Maroon 5 yeah. - happyhappyjoyjoy

10 Play - David Banner

The Contenders

11 Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - Bloodhound Gang

The whole thing is clearly about sexual innuendos, no reason for it to not be here.

12 Big Balls - AC/DC
13 Red Neck Hoe - Insane Clown Posse
14 Lose Yourself - Eminem

The "chance to blow" is a reference to a b-job. I don't know why everybody likes this angry arsehole and his "music".

15 Let Yourself Go - Green Day
16 It Wasn't Me - Shaggy
17 Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' - Journey
18 Colt 45 - Afroman
19 Boing Boing - Insane Clown Posse
20 The Neden Game - Insane Clown Posse
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1. What What (in the Butt) - Samwell
2. Milkshake - Kelis
3. Timber - Pitbull



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