Top 10 Most Overplayed Green Day Songs

I have nothing against these songs, but they're really overplayed. I still like Green Day but these songs are too overplayed.

The Top Ten

1 Jesus of Suburbia

great list - catwalk

I'm surprised this gets any airplay as it's so long. Favourite Green Day song though

2 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


3 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Should be number 1 followed by Good Riddance and Basket Case

4 Wake Me Up When September Ends

I can never get bored of this song though

5 American Idiot (Song)

Honestly it's the fifth overrated Green Day song behind Basket Case, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, When I Come Around and Good Riddance

This song off their American Idiot album is quite overplayed.

It's overplayed by me because I love it so much :D - Britgirl

6 21 Guns

A great song though

7 Warning (Song)

This is a very underrated album

8 Minority
9 Basket Case
10 When I Come Around

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