Top 10 Most Overplayed Roblox Games

Some Games On Roblox Are Just Overplayed. So We Are Counting Down 10 Most Overplayed Games On Roblox.

The Top Ten

1 Work at a Pizza Place


It's so stupid

Also most of the managers are just bossy and put you back to work for no reason.

I was once manager and one weirdo hacked and got manager right off the bat. - Tacocheese

2 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon

What Do You Expect From This? It's An Another Tycoon, Which Is Quite Well Made. But A Lot Of People Still Play It, Even If They Beat It. Come On, Go And Complete Another One! Sometimes Really Overplayed. - DavidNejc

Real overplaying in its pure state

3 Meep City

Why is this only 10th place? It has WAY TOO MANY visits. I mean 2 billion plus? This should be at least top three and you should know that. I have no clue how old this is, but since this was added, this should be the most voted.
I hope it will get to number one soon.

ODers love this game. YUCK...

Yep, this game should be number #1

Not an Opinion should be the #1

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4 Twisted Murderer

When Taymaster Created This, It Suddenly Became A Huge Hit. But Now It Even Beat The Mad Murderer. It Is On The Top Page Mostly All The Time. But Roblox Really Needs To Stop With The Murderer Genre Games. Way Way Way Too Overplayed. - DavidNejc

On the 3/02/2016 this game had 40,000,000+Plays

5 R2D

People Are Completely Addicted To This Game. We Get It, It's Fun, And It Has Great Gameplay. But You Can at least Play Something Else Sometimes. Sometimes Way Too Overplayed. - DavidNejc

6 Mad Paintball

A Game Made By Our "Most" Loved Dev; Loleris. Even When He Fired The Scripter, People Still Play It. It Isn't Even Fun Anymore. And He Probably Ruined It Forever By Adding Other Gamemodes. I Personally Liked Elimination. Overplayed, But Not That Much Anymore. - DavidNejc

Loleris will one day make a game called Mad Fatasses

7 Boys and Girls Hangout

Eh I don't think it's good that someone actually cares for you when it's a guy that you doesn't know in real life.It could be anyone

Just Why! It's An ODing Game! It's So Bad, And Probably Full Of Free Models, But People Still Play It! Remember, Roblox Isn't A Dating Site. A lot Of People Play This Sometimes. - DavidNejc

Hate it but it involves sex too much

I'm sorry to say... but I have an ODing problem. It's... weird, I know. You don't know who you type words like "I love you bby" to or any of that stuff. But it's nice to think that someone cares for you, even if they're just another player, who'll move to another player, with the same "will u be my boyfriend".

8 Roblox High School

Roblox Highschool is just plain BORING. The creator of the game didn't even bother creating a school. He just took a free model, put a few posters on it and then hit "finish". Then he desparately tried to save the game's chance of fail by adding a "build houses" function, a few restaurants and a gear shop. You might as well play "Robloxian Life" or "Have a Family", because it's practically the same thing. If you wanna build houses, pay a small fee and go to Bloxburg. If you want to eat, go to Sizzle Burger or Subway. And for the last time: if you want to do a high school roleplay go to "ROBLOXIAN HIGHSCHOOL"! It's a WAY better game with WAY better graphics. The classes are more interactive with things like cooking and science where you can bake cakes and mix chemicals. You can hanglide and do archery. For GOD'S sake even LUNCH is more exciting in Robloxian Highschool than it is in Roblox Highschool.

I see lots posts on the group wall saying how much they enjoy the game (which is a lot) - NamiKazePants08

Much overplayed, with that ODing and bad players, is strange how is in front page...

9 Call of Robloxia 5

This Game Was Once One Of The Most Popular Ones. It Isn't Bad In Any Way... Well Maybe It Has Some Glitched But It's Great Overall. But It Is Still Overplayed. - DavidNejc

Yup this is the truth

10 Ripull Minigames

This One Is Quite New, But It Went Quite Viral. It Is A Little Overplayed, But It's Not Fun Anymore. The Real Problem Is, That People Pick The Most Easy Or Stupid Minigames every time. People Will Play This A Lot Since It Got Picked For Egg Hunt 2015. - DavidNejc

I hate this one - letdot52

The Contenders

11 Jailbreak

It is really fun but really easy to get out of jail but once there was over 75,000 players playing at the same time say too over played!

They brag they're the most liked and favorited game. This game is overplayed and never gets off of #1 on the Popular page. - TeamRocket747

After Booga Booga took Jailbreak’s place, I was like, FINALLY! This game has been the most popular game since it came out or only a little while after

12 Redwood Prison

Is it me or did I just see a add featuring this game

13 Bee Swarm Simulator

I really think this game is overplayed

14 Pet Simulator

Flipping HORRIBLE! All you do is pick up coins. That makes no sense.

15 Neverland Lagoon
16 Phantom Forces

While this game is great, I find this one of the most overrated Roblox game ever. It won game of the year 2 times in a row! - NamiKazePants08

It should be number 1 but it is a great game I play it all the time. I would love if they would add a phantom forces 2.

17 Royale High
18 Speed Run Games

These Are Always There. When The First One Was Made It Was Quite Good. But Then So Much Copies Came! And People Still Play It. For Me, It Isn't Fun So Much, Since All You Do Is Run, Jump, And Fail. Maybe If He Added Some Mechanics It Would Be Good. It Isn't That Overplayed But It Still Quite Is. - DavidNejc

19 Catalog Heaven

This Is A Game Where You... Get Stuff From The Catalog. It Isn't Even That Fun, Since Players Pick The Most Easy To Kill Gears. I Mean, You Can Try Clothes, Hats N' Stuff. But It's Still Not That Much Overplayed. - DavidNejc

20 Roblox Top Model

This is so overplayed. it's full of hackers and vip-spammers and od'ers.

21 Pizza Place Mobile
22 Survive the Disasters


23 Tsunami Sushi

A dumb game

24 Sprinting Simulator 2
25 Flee the Facility

Its trash but people think its good

26 Welcome to Bloxburg

I'm too lazy to put the exclamation point

27 Tix Remember

Not as a bad thing... But there was a lot of visitors

28 Murder Mystery
29 Natural Disaster Survival
30 Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands

Much popualr.

31 Epic Minigames
32 EGTV Minigames

Oh god, this brings me to a flashback of when this game was popular... I DESPISED IT! I don't know why lol

33 Booga Booga

Yep, overplayed

34 Pokemon Brick Bronze

It is not a prope pokemon game.If you want pokemon go play Project Pokemon instead of this copyrighted crap.

35 Prison Life
36 Fashion Famous

One of the most overplayed on mobile. I mean, it got past 20,000 yesterday. Computee version? Not horribly overplayed, but still pretty high. Like, this game gets around 30,000 combined sometimes, while the game which is the reason it even EXISTS, top roblox runway model (lol yes) can only get around 300-700. So overplayed, end of story.

37 Survivor

This is honestly overplayed if you think about it. Though it doesn't suck, it has many bad things:

2. It takes so long
4. Challenges repeat
5. The jury sometimes votes the worst finalist
Yes. Look at reason 3. Copyrighted. Copyrighted.
Yes. Copyrighted from the Survivor show.
You know what that means? IT SHOULD BE BANNED!
Listen to this.
Why were Pokémon games taken down?
Why was music taken down?
So why do I feel like Survivor deserves to be banned?
The end.

38 Mad City

Jailbreak But with superpowers.

39 Vehicle Simulator
40 Zombie Rush
41 Adopt and Raise a Baby
42 Royal High

The best game ever

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