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1 Happy - Pharrell Williams

Reminds me of a hit from the past, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin, which was played over and over and over again, trying to make people Happy. You know, the song with the whistling, and repeating "Don't Worry, Be Happy". It eventually got very annoying to hear it, and even today many years later, nobody ever wants to hear it again.

I can't even go through a single day without hearing this far-too-common song. Just listen, LISTEN to how repetitive this is. I get it, you're happy! Now excuse me I have to go stick my head in front of a jet turbine to get this song out of my head.

By the time you are finished listening to the song you are sick of the ONE phrase that repeats on a four-minute loop. They don't have to play it on the radio so much. I have a twenty minute drive to school yet in this time I sometimes hear the song played on five different radio stations as I flip through.

Can't not stand this horrendous sound

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2 Let It Go - Idina Menzel

This should be #1 because a bunch of little girls keep on singing it and my school sings it also so ANNOYING!

Dude I totally agree! I have the exact same problem! This must be number 1

I font know why every one likes it. It sounds like a rip off of " firework"

This got overplayed at my primary school. I'd never seen a Frozen until 2016. I think the film is alright, but a lot of the reception kids sung it a lot!,

Horrible song just horrid also I heard Dark Horse on the radio maybe twice Roar was overplayed far more than that

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3 Shake it Off - Taylor Swift

Most overplayed song. It's on every bloody advert. Couldn't they find another song? Shake it off is not even that good

32? This should be way higher! I'm just stick of Taylor Swift in general.

Even today, its still over played.

Overplayed and overrated

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4 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

Why did this piece of garbage and Black Widow get as much overplay as they did back that summer? Thank goodness all her other songs flopped.

I hear it every time I turned on the radio. Ugh, I'm sick of hearing it.

This has been number 1 on billboard for 18 weeks it's so annoying

Stupid song made of trash whenever I hear this song I range the canel

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5 Timber - Pitbull

It hurts me that they call this a RAP song. It's just Kesha singing the same things for 4 minutes.

This song is terrible, and it doesn't help that it's played 10,000,000,000 times a day. Thanks radio.

This was my least favourite song back in 2014. Why? It was overplayed too much - astroshark

Ish too many bad words

6 Dark Horse - Katy Perry

Even my school plays this every day in gym class. It was okay at first, and Katy is a decent artist with talent, but the song just edged into everyone's heads and never leaves. Pop music always gets overplayed. - ephemera

Overplayed, but better than Anaconda.

I'm sorry America, but this song sucks.

Don't like her but can't ignoe it

7 Rude - Magic!

I swear, this is all I hear. It also sucks.

I can't figure out how the girl's father is being "rude" in this song. Not only does it not make sense but it sounds terrible, and is grossly overplayed.

How is Counting Stars no. 2 on the list? This was once on like 4 radio stations at once last year. - courier28

Hate to break it to you, so called "magic", but you haven't done any magic to this world, so go and take your unicorn and fairy dust back to your magic palace. This song sucks!

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8 Counting Stars - OneRepublic

It's great song.. but played to much

Really overrated and overplayed. It's good, but Love Runs Out is way better.

I don't really get why people say this song is overplayed. I never really heard it that much. Also, it's a good song, I don't really see HOW it can be overplayed either.

Never is overplayed. You people are crazy!

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9 All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

Seriously? Counting Stars wasn't even on that much. This was what the radio stations FORCED down our throats during the last few months of 2014.

It's so annoying. I liked it at first but the stations went crazy.

Best song in the world amazing

10 Let Her Go - Passenger

Grating, forced "indie" vocals and a cliche theme. Definitely the most overplayed and overrated song of 2014

I HATE this song and it is played all the frigging time.

I'm glad he's a 1 hit wonder. - ArpstaAmy333

Play this too much. Too slow! So tired of it

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11 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

I am sick of this song. Earlier it was on 4 stations at once

This song is torturous to listen to. Another Taylor Swift song they over killed

This song is new, but it's pure torture.

Best song on a bad album, hands down. GET HER OFF THE RADIO STATIONS OF THE United States OF AMERICA, NOW!

12 Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon
13 Black Widow - Iggy Azalea

, this is by far #1. - WonkeyDude98

14 Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo

I've never liked this song

Talk dirty to me

I like this song


Come on. That's still catchy. - higgsboson2142

15 Roar - Katy Perry

One of the worst and most annoying songs ever Just the pitch in how she sings "roar" alone is like drinking cheap ber that leaves an awful after taste!

You should add Roar. URGH!

16 Pompeii - Bastille

At least Happy's overplaying is starting to die down. This song on the other hand... - ReakMayhem

I love this band and I love this song but it just got played way too much.

So catchy yet funny

17 Negarane Mani - Morteza Pashaei

His voice id incredible

There is some one for ever

This song is my favourite

Who's this guy? Some Indian singer? - RiverClanRocks

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18 The Monster - Eminem

So annoying but cool got old after a week

What? I NEVER heard it on the radio - AlphaQ

Liked this song about the first 0 times I heard it.

19 Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Um... this song was a hit in 2013 - andrewshieh0712

This was from 2013 and still overplayed in 2014. I'm glad I can enjoy it (not like Problem by Ariana Grande)

One of my friends can rap this whole song

Love it! Number 1!

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20 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
21 Am I Wrong - Nico and Vinz

This song literately wants to make me pull me hair out I've heard it so many times, am I wrong?

This song should not have been made. Takes me about.3 seconds to change the station every time I hear it. So annoying.

This is played the most


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22 I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift

This song was created in 2012. Two years later, it's still overplayed

23 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Ughh. I hate this song and its constantly played on radio stations...

24 Problem - Ariana Grande

This song is the most annoying, overrated, irritating, overplayed and the worst song of the year (not the worst song ever because I've listened worse than this. Just the worst song of 2014)

This song is just torture. The other day, this song was playing on 6 radio stations at the same time #KillMeNow

I hatee this song

25 Wake Me Up - Avicii

I dislike this song - DattKiddGeorge

I like. This song - Beckc

26 Royals - Lorde

One hit wonder alert. Lorde, I love your music but if you want to be one of the greats, your songs can't be played more than a national anthem and you really need to work on that attitude.

Oh look, another over-processed Brit. I can't stand this teenybopper crap.

It's in every damn station, I'm sick of it.

27 Stay with Me - Sam Smith

Fine song, but overplayed.

He whines WAY to much.
why don't you... (chord) STAY with me
the stay is way too long

28 Take Me to Church - Hozier

I once heard this song in two different radio stations at the same time. And I cannot stand this song.

One time I heard this song three times in an hour on the local radio station. It's not even good!

A stupid song about religons - BigBrotherSucks

29 All of Me - John Legend

Let's just say after hearing it for the 10,000th time, all of me got sick of hearing it.

This song is awesome I don't know how people disliked it... - DattKiddGeorge

Yes, too slow and too boring and he whines too much

30 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

This song started charting around the end of 2012. And it was STILL a big hit in 2014. Just stop playing it, please. Rolling in the Deep didn't even stick around this long.

I actually thought it was released in the middle of 2013. I guess I was wrong then. - allamassal

Superb tune with superb beat

Kids my age are obsessed with this song
Why I know: my whole elementary school - Ihaskitty1234

31 Let It Go - Demi Lovato
32 Break Free - Ariana Grande

Ugh... I hate it! It's just a space version of Can't be tamed by Miley Cyrus and Tell me something I don't know by Selena Gomez. However, Problem is WORSE

33 Jealous - Nick Jonas

First off the Jonas brothers were awful. Second the song is terrible and he isn't that great either.

I thought the Jonas brother had vanished out of the music industry for good.

34 Summer - Calvin Harris

I think he's stealing from Asia... or Hall and Oates... Does anyone know exactly what song he's stealing from?!

35 Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato


36 Partition - Beyonce

This song is so annoying and irriting. Beyonce has made a major change over the years, especially her ego.

37 Show Me - Kid Ink
38 Tennis Court - Lorde

The song is ok! But the video gives me nightmares when and all the song is played! Horrifying! - glambert

I've never heard this song on the radio. How could it be overplayed. But I love this song

Unlike Royals, I never saw this be played on the radio.
But it's a decent song. - Swellow

39 Birthday - Katy Perry

This song is so annoying. I respect Katy Perry and all, but after hearing it for the 10,000th time, I'm sick of it.

40 Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo

You gone and I gotta stay high all the time

Good song, can't get enough.

41 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

I like this song. Too overplayed. - LapisBob

This stupid song played 10 TIMES EACH DAY on the radio.

It was so overplayed and frikin annoying.

I'm glad it's dead!

42 Boghz - Morteza Pashaei

We love our emperor forever ❤

Is the best

43 Everything is Awesome - Tegan and Sara
44 Burn - Ellie Goulding

Ellie is played much more often than Despacito. Shes not underrated in houston, you can't go a hour without hearing ellie. Despactio? Not in the last 24 hours.

45 Human - Christina Perri
46 Come Alive - Paris Hilton
47 Hot N**** - Bobby Shmurda

Screw it. Get me Blondie's "Detroit 442" video, stat! (Go look it up. )

The song is catchy but way overplayed

48 Don't - Ed Sheeran

WHAT?!?! This song I hear like 5 times a day but I never hear counting stars! Someone please explain how a song they play like 2 times a week is at 2nd when this is at 41. - SammySpore

49 Yeki Hast - Morteza Pashaei

One of the best!

50 G.U.Y. - Lady Gaga
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