Despacito - Luis Fonsi


I swear to god this song is only liked because JUSTIN UTTERLY GARBAGE BEIBER (tries to) sings in spanish. I'm sick of this crap and him. - BITBBHandBluesCluesFanatic101

People always complain like "See you Again is overrated lets get Despacito" REALLY! See you Again is underrated! Despacito is all about sex too.

It is now the most viewed video on YouTube despite the fact that if you translate the lyrics they actually come out to something sexual. - coolguy101

Don't like the lyrics and not suitable for kids. Gets played every hour

Why this trash is not on the top of the chart? - TheSuperBanana

People sing along to it really loud in public spaces on purpose just so you know that they're listening to a Spanish song... like please shut up

It's not that I don't like but I don't love it either, I'm becoming sick of hearing it everywhere I go, just saying.

Good news, everyone. After all these weeks, it was finally beaten out of the number 1 spot... by Taylor Swift.

It's a generic love song, why is it so popular? - naFrovivuS

I wonder why people like this song, they won't if they read the lyrics in English, or will they? - Lucretia

Sadly I understand the lyrics and live in germany, where it is played always everywhere - waldo

How did it even get 4 billion views in less than a year? This is some kind of glitch

I loved the original. Then Bieber hopped on it and it got overplayed

I never listened to this song, and I want to keep it that way.

This is some terrible noise trying to pass for a song

The lyric is bad... Though it is a decent catchy song - Chatsa2

It's a good song, but is way too overplayed. - galaco

Good job Malaysia for banning this song - BOOGIE69

This song is everywhere. Enough said. - Aquaturtle

I love this song so much! It's really overplayed and catchy. - LapisBob

Annoyingly catchy but I have heard the lyrics are innapropriate. Haven't looked them up but might some time. (My stupid curious self). This song is annoying and overplayed. - Lunala

THIS IS A REALLY GOOD SONG with really good melody and beat

This is like the Closer of 2017! SO STUPID AND ANNOYING! But unlike Closer, Despacito had its time when I liked it! Now I am TIRED of it.
Just get good songs like Stay and Crying In The Club to the #1 spot

This replaced Shape of You as the most overplayed trash of the year. Yaaay - DCfnaf

The original was OKAY (3/5).
The Bieber remix was a 3/5 at first and now is a 0/5.
I HATE THIS SONG NOW! Who wants to hear Justin Bieber's nasally bastardization of the Spanish language? Also the retarded Billboard chart kept this at #1 like a piece of gum that gets stuck and can never get removed!