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21 Issues - Julia Michaels

Not too bad - Lunala

Not too bad - Lunala

22 Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
23 Play that Song - Train

Train needs to stop making music, this song is so generic and you would hear it at least every hour... - Lucretia

Another lazy-ass and uninspired song that gets overplayed - LoveMusicLoveLife

The band name is Train. How creative. - MinecraftHater

Can the train crash yet? - lovefrombadlands

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24 Stay - Zedd

Look to your left, then look to your right, your "friends" love all of this crap, and are the reason the rest of us are constantly tortured by crap.

I used to like this song, but now I hate it, because it is so overplayed.

My ultimate favorite song next to shape of you by ed sheeran

25 Chained to the Rhythm - Katy Perry

Turn it up, it's your LEAST favourite song! Jump out of a window and die yeah because no one likes this song! - Lunala

I think this song is better than ROAR

I HATE THIS SO MUCH - growlbunny

26 Believer - Imagine Dragons

This should be number one. This song is played everywhere I used to like it now it's like nails on the chalkboard. I would like it but the "fans" (I don't wanna even call them fans cause they only enjoy this song lol) had to ruin it. - tacoperson

It is still being played now and its almost October and this song was released in earlier 2017, and I want to scream every time I hear it. - Lucretia

I used to like this song when it first came out, but it's gotten a bit boring nowadays.

This song doesn't enter Prambors (Indonesia n pop radio )chart and never played regularly - InsaneRockfan

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27 Bad Things - Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello

I actually really liked that song when it first came out because I'm a Fifth Harmony fan (Camila is not my favorite, but I still like her) so I would listen to that song a lot. But then, it was EVERYWHERE, 24/7 on the radio and on YouTube. I'm sick of it now, I think I will probably be able to listen to it again without being annoyed in like 3 years or something.

Even though it das released on december 2016, it counts, Even though It's a ok song, Its Still overplayed - VideoGamefan5


28 Watch Me - Silento

Finally, this song's popularity is dying down! - FloydtheCat

Its STILL being played two years after its realese thankfully not as much but still... - christangrant

What kind of stations are you guys listening to? I only heard this song once when it was at its peak. - allamassal

29 What About Us - P!NK

I literally cannot go on a single car ride without hearing this song. Yesterday it was on 95.5 AND 97.3 at the SAME TIME, and before 97.3 was done playing the song, it came on 97.9. That's 3 times within 5 minutes! Also it was on 101.5 abut ten minutes earlier during the same car ride! I bet everything I have that this song is playing somewhere as I write this. When I ride shotgun I usually change the station the instant I hear this song playing but my dad loves it for some reason. The message is good and all but this is just another one of those songs that have been constantly played for WEEKS but I can't understand why. Please vote this up!
P.S. It looks like this song will continue to be overplayed well into 2018. Maybe it will be #1 on that list when it is created. - allamassal

I just went on another car ride. Heard this song 3 times in 30 minutes. It's driving me ' INSANE. I almost got punished for complaining about constantly hearing this song. - allamassal

This song has been so overkilled by the radio that even just reading the title bothers me - allamassal

I have heard this song about 5 times in one day. Whenever I hear this song I want to shove a carrot up my ass. - ItsPisces

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30 Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots

Well, I wish good quality music like this was still played. - lovefrombadlands

It's still overplayed IN 2017, though. - FloydtheCat

Not from 2017. - The01Bro

Can’t believe it’s STILL Overplayed - Randomator

31 Bodak Yellow - Cardi B

This song is annoying, they got me singing the damn lyrics, shyyt. - KianaLexi

32 Side to Side - Ariana Grande

One of Ari's popular songs that is overplayed - ParkerFang

Annoyingly catchy and too Sexual. The music video is also a bit slutty - Lunala

33 Mo Bounce - Iggy Azalea

I don't hear it and I'm glad - MediocrePopTrash

In a good way! I love hearing it over again!

34 Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake

Ah yes this song that was used for trolls and boosted its popularity. Every 6 year old started singing it. Let's not let this become the next let it go if you know what I mean - Randomator

Good song but overplayed - Lunala

I hate hearing this being sang by my bro.

I hate this song and the Trolls movie looks babyish and stupid - FloydtheCat

35 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

I know... this song was released in 2014, but it is still horrifically overplayed. I'm OVER it. - railfan99

Geez, a song from 2014 overplayed in 2017? What're we gonna add next, Another One Bites the Dust? - naFrovivuS

How is this song STILL overplayed? On top of that it’s a Taylor Swift song and everyone hates her now - Randomator

36 Cold - Maroon 5

Remember there is swearing! And being overplayed makes me hate it so much. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Overplayed To Death

The death of Maroon 5. What happened... - growlbunny

Tired of this song, just stopped hearing it again. If I never heard it again, it would still be irritiatting - Lucretia

37 Ride - Twenty One Pilots

A song from 2015 overplayed in 2017? Really? - naFrovivuS

Just like stressed out! I wish this was still overplayed. - lovefrombadlands

Needs to die just like Stressed Out - Randomator

As of 2017, still plays on z92.5, 103.3 alt

38 Work - Rihanna
39 Malibu - Miley Cyrus
40 Gangam Style - Psy

5 years later, it is still overplayed. This should be #1

Please, stop doing the horsey dance



The next door neighbors played this "song" at a party 4 months ago, and we heard it in the mall. Seriously. - allamassal

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