Most Overplayed Songs in 2018

The most overplayed songs of 2018. The order of the songs at the start is based on overall airplay of 2018. It doesn't matter when each song here was released, they just have to receive enormous airplay in 2018.

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1 Girls Like You - Maroon 5

Get off the Billboard's please stop playing this song 102392 times an hour

This song is even more overplayed than The Middle. I heard this song 6 times in a few hours a couple weeks ago, and it still plays constantly. Get this to #1 please. - allamassal

I agree it moved from what about us then this dumb song which is a typical pop song about girl's (obviously) - XxMontrealxXRBLX

I agree; this song deserves a top 10 spot on this list. Every time I hear it at school, I get extremely annoyed and decide to listen to something else like the Beatles or Antonio Vivaldi.

I still hear this 374938479274927492738 times and it’s 2019! Honestly, just play Juice by Lizzo or even one of the two Sean Paul songs, Shot & Wine and Boasty! They’re 374938479274927492738 times better than Garbage Like You!
- TheDuttyGyal

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2 The Middle - Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

I really hate this song in my opinion and your right it is played on the radio like a lot and sometimes I can't get it out of my head so sorry if some of you guys like this song but I don't like and to be honest I like stay the night and clarity better - Lpsgirl

Yesterday I think I heard this 4 times. This is like the Closer of 2018, a song with a generic theme that got played constantly on the radio, which was only redeemed by a cool instrumental in my opinion. - allamassal

I don't support Billboard's upcoming streaming rules in July, but I will support them just to kick this out

For god's sake, 13 weeks in the Top Ten? Can't it just die yet? - StarlightSpanks

This song plays way to much. It makes want to destroy my radio.

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3 Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Its good song but does it really need to be played 10 times a day at least on like every station?

My mom nearly grounds me for changing the radio station on this song

Aw man that's horrible and also what kind of mom grounds their child just because they want to listen to something else like what - Lpsgirl

I hate this overplayed song too much I wish that there could be different songs on my radio at my car when I go to places like Jason Derulo music and old rihanna music as well. screw the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

It's overplayed, and to be honest, cliche.

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4 I Like It - Cardi B

Why overplay a song that will never be good regardless of how many times you play it on the radio, no matter how many time they play this song it will always sound like Trash. Waste of time, play good music for once

I hear this constantly on the radio, and this is somehow #1 on the charts! What has music come to?! - allamassal

This song is filled to the brim with swear words, and definitely not radio friendly, how can it be overplayed? - TheInsomniac

I hear this on the radio an awful lot though. I think they censor the swear words - allamassal

Ugh, don’t even get me started. Cardi B has to be the worst artist of this year. Her “rapping” is awful. This song in general isn’t horrible. She’s just an overhyped rapper when she’s not even that good to begin with. 😒

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5 Havana - Camila Cabello

Finally, I am so glad I can talk about this horrible song. I don't like Perfect and I will say it is very overplayed, but I've heard this crap way more on the radio than Perfect. It is just as overplayed as Slowly (Despacito). This girl's voice is the worst thing ever. Worse than Chad Kroeger. She tries to imitate Rihanna and she is miserable at it and the lyrics make no sense at all. So glad it is off the Billboard charts. I never want to hear this song again for the rest of my life.

This and Never be the Same are easily the worst songs of 2018 both overplayed and everywhere no matter how sick you are of hearing it. The girl's auto tune is so obvious it's embarrassing and her voice is either in low moan mode or screechy mode but this? This is just the worst.

I love this song and think it was one of 2017's best pop songs but I have to admit the radio stations went a little overboard with the overplay on this one. - Atham

It's one of those songs that you like at first but you keep hearing it and you start yo hate it

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6 In My Feelings - Drake

I HATE this pile of crap made by Drake. Hell, even JUSTIN BIEBER's song BABY is better than this, and that's really saying something! - IceFoxPlayz

I heard this noise 3 times on the radio today, plus this is #1 on the Hot 100. I hear I Like It more than this though. - allamassal

Good news! I actually went in the car for about an hour in total today and didn't hear this song at all. (plays We Are The Champions) - allamassal

I love this song so much

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7 New Rules - Dua Lipa

This song is getting old.

I would have probably enjoyed this song if it wasn't played as much as it was on the radio. One time, I heard this song playing on 3 stations at once. - allamassal

This song is so annoying.

Dua Lipa was good in the beginning, but every new song of her is worse. - Userguy44

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8 Psycho - Post Malone

Yesterday when we were listening to the radio, this song was on 2 stations at once. - allamassal

I liked this song before it got overplayed but now I hate it - venomouskillingmachine

I hate Post Malone but this is one of his worst songs EVER!

This is the worst Post Malone song I've ever heard.2/5😑

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9 God's Plan - Drake

Drake's robotic vocals combined with the song being boring overall are why I don't like this song. I also hear this a lot on the radio, and it was even on 2 stations at once one time. - allamassal

This song is so annoying - Lpsgirl

I hate this song it's so annoying

They played it EVERY SINGLE time I came into Subway.

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10 Meant to Be - Bebe Rexha

Absolutely awful, just like every other thing Florida Georgia Line has done.

I barely hear this song on the radio anymore. Thank God! Oh wait, other garbage songs took its place. - allamassal

At least this song's starting to die on the radio. - mattpineapple616

I have heard this FIFTY TIMES in my lifetime. GAAAHHH!

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11 Let You Down - NF

NF deserves more credit but this wasn't his best work - Emofag

This and Lie are so overplayed that I hear this and Lie in my head. - B1ueNew

This song was overplay and it was the worst song that play on the radio lately.

I don’t think so, I don’t even know this song.

12 Thunder - Imagine Dragons

Believer was good. This, on the other hand... - Cyri

My opinion is a bit biased because I am a diehard fan of Imagine Dragons, but I actually like the meaning of this song. I think the chorus could've been a bit more creative than just, Thunder, feel the thunder, lightning then the thunder over and over. But in my opinion, this song is pretty inspirational - TheInsomniac

Hate them so much. I don't know why people even like this trash song.

Jesus Christ I hear this song at least twice a day. And the worst part is, it always gets stuck in your head!

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13 What About Us - P!NK

I heard this on the radio today going to the mall, and then not too long later it came on again in one of the stores. Has to be on here. - allamassal

I heard this song twice in one car ride when we went out to dinner tonight (I wrote this on June 30, 2018). It's been more than 10 months since this song came out. Top 10 material - allamassal

I love this song but its played literally everywhere haha

Yeah seriously what about us? You guys keep playing this crap song and it's so annoying it's like WHAAT ABBOOUUTT US every 15 minutes when it plays -_-

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14 Finesse - Bruno Mars

Seriously?! I hardly hear this song on the radio ever! The Middle came out not too long ago, and that song is already way more overplayed than this.

I love it but it is kinda overplayed - StarlightSpanks

This song is so irritating

The only good song in 2018.

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15 Lights Down Low - Max

Lights Down Low is pretty decent. But the radio plays it OVER and OVER and OVER, but the rate is becoming slower to where I live. - MissRWBY202

This is a worse version of something Shawn Mendes would do. Hate it.

Damn I hate this song so much!

good song

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16 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

This song always plays SO MUCH and it annoys me to no end. I will turn off the radio if I hear this song start playing! Although I think Good Old Days by Macklemore is WAY MORE overplayed... That should SO be on this list. I used to sort of like it, but now it drives me insane

I actually barely hear either of those songs anymore, and I rarely hear this song on a non-variety station. - allamassal

Seriously, hear it for so long, drives me nuts

Oh my god overdone to the moon

This was in 2018?

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17 Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello

This, along with Psycho and I Like It, are the 3 most overplayed songs on the radio right now. I hear this song on 2 stations at once a lot (that happened just today) and one day in April it was even on 3 stations at once. - allamassal

I love Camila Cabello but I don't know why she uses so much auto-tune, when she can sing - BreakFastBeast2005

The invasion was actually unbearable when it was big. It's now faded, and it sounds like a seal trying to mate.

I really can't stand her voice, no offense. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

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18 No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande

Getting sick of the tune

I barely hear this, honestly... I hear more Delicate than this. - MissRWBY202

This is played way too much :/ it comes after every other song!

Stupid overrated song. Everyone says it's the best pop song of 2018. My butt. This song... hmmn, it's not that good. Quite frankly, it's one of the worst songs of all time. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

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19 Rockstar - Post Malone

Great song! I don't know what’s wrong with you people - Amaimon

It’s horrible, overly auto tuned, and annoying, but I don’t hear it that much.

So this is how popular this guy is:

I was at our schools talent show and a teacher said she was going to a Post Malone concert.

Everyone cheered even though no one knew what was going on

20 Delicate - Taylor Swift

Hey at least it was better than look what you made me do - LifeIsAPolaroid

I find her whole album trash - NightJinx

Taylor Swift is just ANNOYING! - Amaimon

Before we thought this would be a flop like End Game, Ready For It, and LWYMMD
Now it looks like it’s gonna be one of the biggest sleeper hits of the year. - StarlightSpanks

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21 No Brainer - DJ Khaled

This song is stupid and annoying just another dull pop/rap song no thank you - BreakFastBeast2005


22 Todokete - Lil Meerkat

Look at that album cover... - YeezySeasonApproaching

23 Pray For Me - The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar

Good song though - judo8alex

Only popular because of 2 overrated rappers/artists and it's from an overrated movie - B1ueNew

My gosh I heard this so much back in February - B1ueNew

I only started to hear it a lot around March/April, although I did hear it once in February. - allamassal

My version
Someone cut me
Someone shoot me
Someone kill me
Someone poison me

24 Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato

By now all 2017 fall hits have all but died out, except this one (and What About Us, but that's a different story). I still hear this twice in a car ride often. - allamassal

I'm not sorry because this song was created - Hummingbirdf

I think Tell Me You Love Me is played more than this, and it’s better, so that’s good.

I hate this song so much. Its mean I hate sassy come at me bitch songs.

25 I Love the Smelly Feet - Submarine Man
26 Ain't Easy - Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine

Probably one of the most overplayed songs, not to mention its pure garbage - LiterallyMusic3482

This song is why pop music is dead - ShrekTheGoat

There is nothing good about this song - LilliamPumpernickel


27 Attention - Charlie Puth

Starting to hear this more than Shape Of You at this point now lol - StarlightSpanks

Yesterday, at one point, when we were going to the beach, this was on 2 stations at once. - 6/17/2018 - allamassal

This was made in 2018? - NightJinx

It was overplayed, but it's still a passable song. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

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28 Lucid Dreams - Juice WRLD

I like this song. - IceFoxPlayz

I also like this song.One of my friends is a huge fan of Juice WRLD by the way(But I don't think you cared about the last part) - DarkBoi-X

29 Him & I - G-Eazy & Halsey

I heard it all the time in January-May then I didn't hear it again until September 24, on the way to the first day of my piano class. I heard it again on the 1st my second time at piano class... - AntBlaze

I actually remember hearing this a lot in March/April when it was my favorite song, but now I sadly hear garbage songs like Psycho and I Like It much more than this. - allamassal

I'm actually starting to hear Bad At Love more than this now - allamassal

I like this song only because of Halsey...

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30 Ice on My Wrist - Lil Flexer

What radio station would play this garbage - YeezySeasonApproaching

31 Original - Unkle Adams
32 Mine - Bazzi

I hate this lazy garbage!

Oh great this love song is now getting everywhere - StarlightSpanks

I love this song!

Meme song. I like it. - IceFoxPlayz

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33 Love Lies - Khalid & Normani

I heard this song twice on the same station today, but it's growing on me so I don't care that much. - allamassal

They play this 4x in one day.. Please mix up the playlist!

Getting radio airplay all thanks to Normani’s Twitter stans smh - StarlightSpanks

34 Jackie Chan - Tiësto & Dzeko

I hate the song/rap. Probably because the the rhyme may be made from a 7 year old. - MrCoolC

35 Lie - NF

Standart playlist for normal radio in November 2018:
A Ariana Grande song
Girls like You
Lie or Let You Down
And repeat it all over again. - B1ueNew

How is this crap not here? - B1ueNew

+B1ueNew Don’t call it crap. NF is good and can spit a bar without cussing or saying anything innapropriate. I do agree this is getting a little overboard with airplay

36 Friends - Marshmello & Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie sounds really immature here, why is this getting more and more overplay? - StarlightSpanks

Marshmello is creepy. I don't want to hear this song anywhere. - Target

Whenever I hear this dumb song play, I feel like taking a hammer and smashing the radio. - CharismaticKat

THis song is also annoying and the lyrics are god awful - BreakFastBeast2005

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37 God is a Woman - Ariana Grande

It's not just overplayed but when a Christian hears this for the first time, he or she would be offended by it, but when he or she understands it, he or she might believe it's wrong to take biblical references into a sex song. It's catchy alright, but here's a lesson. Never put inappropriate messages in such catchy songs.

38 High Hopes - Panic! at the Disco

Really great song that I will probably never dislike, but I'd appreciate it if the radio stations didn't play this four times every hour. - Atham

Well, it looks like my wish came true. I heard this song 3 times yesterday and twice today. I still don't see it getting old for me, though. - allamassal

No, this deserves to get played more. - allamassal

Very Great Song - vettel7

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39 What Lovers Do - Maroon 5

It was kind of overplayed back in December 2017 and January 2018, but I barely hear it anymore. I'd give anything to at least have this playing constantly instead of I Like It and In My Feelings. - allamassal

I like this. I only heard it on the radio twice in my life.

This song is actually really catchy, the only problem is that the lyrics are kinda sexual but the sexualness is very subtle, so I will give this song a thumbs up. - Patronus

I’d like if this was played more than it currently is.

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40 Bodak Yellow - Cardi B

Ugh. I can't stand this song anymore!

Maybe last year but only heard once this year

41 Good Old Days - Macklemore

This song was really overplayed in early 2018 - LiterallyMusic3482

Overplayed until about like march - LilliamPumpernickel

Oh my god this song is beautiful - IceFoxPlayz

42 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

Heh, this played in a moderate rate where I live and in a month it was gone. - MissRWBY202

I haven't even heard this on the radio since about October or November 2017, so not overplayed in 2018. - allamassal

Never heard it in 2018. - MrCoolC

This was probably one of the most hated songs of 2018. - IceFoxPlayz

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43 All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar & SZA

I never hear Kendrick Lamar on my radio... - KingSlayer93316

This is never played to be honest..

Another song I barely even hear anymore. - allamassal

I liked this song at first but it is seriously getting old because of how overplayed it is. If Kendrick had one more verse maybe I’d like it better. Every time I hear SZA’s screeching I want to jump off a cliff

44 Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons

I don't like this song at all I like their old songs better - Lpsgirl

Overplayed, but I ain't letting overplay spoil this masterpiece for me. - StarlightSpanks

Especially in Cleveland. I stayed in Cleveland for 4 nights, and this song kept playing. Like, come on! - KingSlayer93316

Hmm I don't think I've ever heard this actually played on the radio☹️

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45 F**K All Does Lamas - Submarine Man
46 In My Blood - Shawn Mendes

This song doesn't really play that much anymore, but I wish I heard it as much as I hear I Like It now. - allamassal

I like this song but it is on the radio SO MUCH

Way too overplayed - LilliamPumpernickel

Yup here it all the time... but stiil love the song and swan mendes

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47 I Love It - Kanye West & Lil Pump

Oh my god, I actually hate it. I don't even know how they made a clean version of this, it seems impossible but I heard they did. Just don't play this song in front of your kids please

I only heard this once, and it was blaring out of someone else's car. - allamassal

They literally had to redo the song with different lyrics. That’s how bad the explicit version is.

48 Bad at Love - Halsey

I hear this song so much on the radio its annoying really. She sounds like an idiot singing this and halsey IS NOT an idiot. Not even close.

I respect your opinion on this song, but at least you agree with me that Halsey is not an idiot. - allamassal

I actually heard this song twice today on the same station (written August 14, 2018). Still, in my opinion this is probably the best song on the radio now besides In My Blood. - allamassal

I don't think this song was really played that much, at least where I live. - allamassal

I actually hear this good song more than Him & I now (but only on one station). - allamassal

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49 Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer

This song is starting to get played a lot on the radio now (I heard it twice yesterday), but I think it's okay, especially compared to the other garbage that plays constantly on the radio. - allamassal

This is actually a really good song, way better than all of the other overplayed trash songs.

While this song is played a lot on the radio, it's an amazing song so I really don't care if they keep on playing it.

At least better than Girls like you. - Userguy44

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50 How Long - Charlie Puth

How long has this been going' on?
3 minutes, 18 seconds

This song is awesome, not overplayed. Attention was awesome too.

This song is insanely catchy though

I sadly don't really hear this anymore. - allamassal

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