Most Overpowered Arms Characters

In arms we all know there are some characters that are just too good

The Top Ten

1 Twintelle Twintelle

The parasols can block any hit no matter what so they've got an extremely op defense. And then the other arm is the only arm they attack with so it's just spam spam spam spam spam spam. - PlatinumKane

2 Lola Pop

Face it everyone knows lola pop is op - PlatinumKane

3 Kid Cobra

Because kid cobra - PlatinumKane

4 Byte & Barq

He can literally beat you by surviving because his DOG CAN'T DIE! - PlatinumKane

5 Mechanica

She's super strong. At least with master mummy he has a speed boost - PlatinumKane

6 Max Brass

Face it he is the final boss. - PlatinumKane

7 Helix Helix

The blorb goo is impossible to see through. And his dodge lasts forever - PlatinumKane

8 Ninjara Ninjara

The dude can teleport you have to be quicksilver times 1,000,000 to grapple him. And it's especially unfair to master mummy. - PlatinumKane

9 Master Mummy

Do you know how strong he is. - PlatinumKane

10 Min Min Min Min

Just purely because she has dragons - PlatinumKane

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