Top Ten Most Overpowered Clash Royale Cards

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1 Sparky

Sparky is bad and here are 5 reasons for that:

1. It charges 5 SECONDS and then it unloads it's 1300 damage on a single skeleton.
2. It has low health.
3. Zap is in the game.
4. Gets distracted easily by anything.
5. Elixir cost: 6. Why though?
Some people think that only damage is what matters, but dps is way more important, along with other things. Sparky giant decks are for no skilled arena 6 noobs that think that sparky is op. I see, one of those noobs is the author of this article. I'm sorry for you never reaching 2000 or more trophies. There you would realise.

Annoying as hell and takes very little skill to use, just place behind a tank and reenforce push as you get elixir. The opponent will spend so much elixir just for sparky to kill it super quick. Inherently a bad idea to have a card do this much damage with one hit, it will either be way too strong or way too weak, there is no way to properly balance an ability that stupid.

Just got the Sparky about a week ago as my 4th legendary card. Unfortunately, for it's high elixir cost, Sparky isn't as OP as many people think. One zap spell and the Sparky loses its charge, Sparky can also easily be countered by practically anything. Throw in any low cost unit in front of your tower when the Sparky is about to unleash and your tower is saved.

I'm a level 7 player and I moved up arena 6 to arena 9 (I swear to god! ) after using a witch-sparky combo. Frankly, people don't use the sparky properly, sometimes you have to save the card at the very end or counter-attack a push. I'm a level 7 player in arena 9 and I will show you the deck I.m currently using:
Sparky, Ice Spirit, Dark Prince, Witch, Inferno tower, Archers, Skelly Army and the Japanese

2 Royal Giant

Royal giant is overpowered, and he only becomes more overpowered after you have destroyed one of your opponents towers and he can be placed on your opponents side of the arena. You could counter push against it though

A lot of my friends consider this card nooby, but I think it is a really great card. Sure it is OP, but it is very easily countered and can't fight against anything but towers, so it has it's weaknesses too

Since the update he can shoot the archer towers from so far away you can't even touch him that well

It has almost the same damage as the hog rider and it doesn't even have to walk to the tower.


I've been playing this game since release day and to this day I stand next to the PEKKA, from its very powerful hit to its beefy status, in my opinion the PEKKA is the best card in the game. Yes it can countered relatively easily, but with the right cards supporting it, it is one of the most unstoppable cards. I have such an easy time stopping hog rider decks, Royal Giant decks, and Golem + Elixer pump decks, the PEKKA is just too good.

Definitely more overpowered than sparky is. It can be counter pretty easily but people always put something like witch and wizard behind to make it non counterable. I hate it when people use it against me. It makes me so mad.

I use pekka to devastate people in double elixir time when I can support it with ice wizard, electro wizard, and executioner. When you support it well, it can be an unstoppable card.

P.E.K.K.A is totally OP with a witch / wizard combo. It can easily destroy any troop like the Sparky, Giant Skeleton, Giant, Golem, etc.

4 Bomb Tower

Lol your funny

Your kidding me


I have it

5 Elixir Collector

Whenever I use it, my opponent just attacks my tower with a royal giant, a bomber, and minions, and they just destroy my tower then destroy my elixir collector. :(

sometimes they destroy it with a miner and they also send in a mini pekka and fire spirits to push my tower really hard, and since I only have 5 elixir and the tower is distracted on the miner, I will just have to let the mini pekka do massive damage on my tower

When I use it it gives negative trait as it is countered by miner and goblin barrel waste of elixir

If you get a good elixir advantage you should win the game

The best in making pushes :D

6 Princess

Princess is dangerous yes but is pretty simple to kill, that of course depends on your deck, elixir and if she is shielded upfront by a tank that may be attacked instead.

With the right kind of deck she can be untouchable

If u have low elixir and towers on low health say goodbye.Also they are great in sudden death

She is very easy to kill with a log

7 Elite Barbarians

The Royale Giant has a 1.1% usage rate. The elite barbarians have 13.6% usage rate. U see the elite barbarian like 13x more. How do more people hate the Royal giant. In my opinion, the royale giant is the second worst card in the game. After the flying machine. The elite barbs + prediction arrows combo= instant win. The key to being 1# in the world is elite barbs arrow. Royale Giant should be near last place. He needs a buff making him out range the tower and makes his deploy time to 1sec(from 2sec) and damage +10% and he'll be balanced.

It is over powered because it does lots of damage and moves really quickly. If people use it correctly it can be a card to start a push. Be sure to put zap or arrows in the deck just in case if the opponent uses skelly army.

Royal giant is week. I made a deck with him used it and dropped from Jungle Arena to Royal Arena. Then I started using elite barbs and got back to Jungle Arena. Don't argue with me. You know I'm right

One of the only counters is skeleton army, and the opponent can easily use a log to destroy the defense. The elite barbs also move very fast, so if you are low on elixir, it's good game for you.

8 Miner

Should be number one most overpowered in my opinion. Usage abilities: distract arena tower, it has a lot of health and is cheap, take out elixir collectors with paired up with zap to zap defending troops, take out weak troops on opponent side of arena

Like freeze for the tower just lasts longer is cheaper and does damage

Cheep tank that you can deploy anywhere for easy distraction

I love miner. even paired with weak cards like skeleton army it will take out a tower. you should all join the clan XxballinbrosxX

9 Barbarians

This card is balanced, not OP at all. Its easy to counter them but be careful ignoring them they can be very nasty.

Its called fireball

Sooo good I'm in Spooky Town barbs OP

With the new update they are the best defensive unit in the game. 5 for 5 elixir is ridiculous.

10 Mini PEKKA

It's easy to counter, but if you prefire log then it may be devastating on the tower.

It's easy to counter, but it's op if you don't have the right counter cards.

It's super op if the PEKKA and the mini PEKKA make it to the tower

Until it's countered with a Skeleton Army when following a giant or giant skeleton. lol

The Contenders
11 Electro Wizard

Biggest cheeseball card in the game. Only card the actually shuts down other cards. Like totally shut down. Sparky never even gets a shot, and bowler can be 100% shut down if the timing of shots is right. Needs the stun from his shots removed.

Can shut down multiple decks and is a direct counter to inferno dragon and inferno tower. Also very strong at counter pushing

Ewiz is the most Op and top card. It's a top legendary. I wonder how sparky and the broken bomb tower are at top.

It is so awesome. It should be in the top instead of Royale giant.

12 Mega Knight

Too much health for an area damage card. There are very little cards that can combat this. You almost have to play keep away with him

I hate this card more than anything. There are cards that you can deal with that are powerful but I have lost a ton of my games to this way overpowered card that unless you have one you are pretty much gonna lose your round.

You can easily waste twenty elixer trying to stop this way overpowered card. By that time your opponent has dropped other cards and taken out the rest of your defense.

This piece of trash beats me up even though I use both inferno dragon and Sparky.

13 Hog Rider

For me this and the Electro Wizard are the most OP in the Game. Runs too fast, too much damage. If it reaches your tower, until you kill it, you have probably been left with a half-life tower

Best single card in the game sense day 1. Like 80% of decks in top 200 almost always include the hog rider,

Insane, a lot of life and damage for only 4 elixir. An idea is to turn it to a 5-elixir cost card

The fact that I goes for the towers and is so fast it also has good health

14 Giant Skeleton

It's is so good and the bomb or death damage is crazy on level 8! It's like 1300 something damage.also if it gets on a tower, the tower is in bad condition because of the damage! Unless you tornado it and pull it back. Finnaly, if you clone it and the two g skellies are on the tower, All u need to do is zap the tower and it might attack the clones one and do lots of damage plus the normal one.

Can counter a big push once it dies

15 Prince

Prince is in itself quite easy to counter with the right card.
But the two most common support troops are now Double Prince. (Prince and Dark Prince) and Prince Minion Horde.
Double Prince is difficult to stop because of double charge, and dark prince splash damage. However, if you put out a tank and a musketeer behind it may be fine.
The Prince Minion horde is hard to stop with a tank combination and the Minion horde easily knocks out swarm troops. To stop this combination you need to stop the minion horde first and then take care of the prince. This goes easy with a good spell in the hand.
With the right kind of card it goes easy but if you get a negative elixir deal it is easy to look at when these take out your princess tower in a few seconds.

If you have no elixir/a bad starting deck and opponent starts of with an aggressive prince and rage you are going to have trouble dealing with him even if you are at a higher arena also the prince causes a devastating amount of damage so if supported with the right troops he can finish all of your crown towers.

In the lower arenas, if you don't have a skeleton army, you are 100% dead.

Prince + mirror=dead of tower

16 Balloon

If you place this with the lumberjack it is overpowered as hell

Vroom vroom where did your tower go

LumberLoon is kinda broken. Lava hound deserves a buff, Balloon and Bochum deserves nerfs.

It's so annoying

17 Golem

Golem is the most expensive single unit card in the game, not for nothing.. If u manage to follow it with suitable backup, a tower gift is pretty much guaranteed. The best thing is even if it fails to reach the tower, the golem blast still manages to get rid of most of the troops attacking it

How is this card on this list? It is very trashed. A inferno dragon ALONE can quickly destroy the golem, even the golemites. You will quickly say electro wizard is here to help but it is quickly distracted. Night witch then put a wizard to deal with it

What, This is one of those things that gives GUARANTEED damage on your tower. Inferno? nope, too slow,
Skarmy? Golem's splash damage when death kills them'all.
The only way to counter is inferno / building or a big push with a negative elixir trade.

I got a lot of stuff from my Magical Chest. This was my favorite! First, it has a lot of health. Second, it explodes and splits in two. Third, even the little Golemites explode. This guy is OP!

18 Poison

Any cards placed in the poisons radius is going to lose health. You can basically rig an area

Beyond op, this should be at least up in the twenties

19 Executioner

How it can hit ground and air units and it passes through units is Op Can take out large groups of enemies. Who needs Valkyrie? (Though Valkyrie is OP too : / )

As the newest card in Clash Royale, it is the most favourite card of all of the Arena 9/10 clashers. Even though it was weakened in the new balance change, it is still the most OP card in Clash Royale.

Executioner hits air, ground, and ALL OF THE SWARMS this hoe totally OP

20 Inferno Dragon

Makes every single tank into a lava cake
Can three crown in 51 seconds if ignored
Just so OP

As a counter, it's lovely. If you know how to play it, it can win you games. Loads.

If your opponent isn't smart enough to counter it until it locks onto the tower, you've got a free crown

Goodbye tanks

21 Night Witch

No, night witch is balanced.
Unfortunately, the night witch is versatile and can finish most things with bats, or take out mini-tanks quickly.

I am sorry but if you don't think the night witch is the most op card, you're wrong. Since she was released the user rate has been incredibly high and all meta decks include her or are specifically for countering those meta decks. in my opinion she is a flawed concept and should be nerfed heavily.

Only op if you put a heavy tank behind her, otherwise she is trash

It was broken before the nerf

22 Valkyrie

Stupid valkyrie so much health. Once I placed witch and mirror and that valkyrie just spawned on top on the witch and boom the witch is gone wasted so much elixir.

It is very OP (over powered) and I think that everyone should use it because it a good defense in coming with hordes.

It is the only troop that attacks enemies all around it. I use it and it is very OP!

Basically the only counter to witch for a elixir advantage

23 Witch

Every since the July 2018 buff the witch has become OP as hell. In the lower arenas it is insanely annoying and if the opponents witch is overlevelled you can kiss all your trophies goodbye.

Ridiculous unlimited skeletons. Completely unfair card

The Witch now spawns “3 more effing skeletons” when she dies? Are you serious? What about her wasn’t already overpowered? The fact that she could release an unlimited pestering army of ravenous skeletons..

24 Goblin Barrel

Op, definitely. the way it spawns the goblings is so bodering

25 Lumberjack

I think lumberjack is really op because it does 200 damage every 0.7 seconds and if you have zap in your line of cards or arrows you can counter attack low cost troops

Beast as really good if you wanted a high damage card and drops rage when dies OP as heil

one it does too much damage 2 it spawns a rage really supercell?

It places a rage spell so it only costs 2 elixir for about 300 dps and can take down a tank in no time

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