Top 10 Overpowered Mineplex Champions Abilities

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21 Silencing Arrows

It makes it much easier to fight immolate mages and OP assassins.

22 Napalm Shot
23 Takedown + Flesh Hook

Yeah I know I already said takedown however with flesh hook is OP you can charge a good ol flesh hook at em and then Takedown! {WARNING if you miss there is a 29,341356% chance that you will be John Cena divebombed by a seismic brute! }

24 Pin Down

At max level it gives slow four for nine seconds allowing you to kill them without taking any damage.

25 Wolves Fury V 1 Comment
26 Fortitude
27 Explosive Arrow V 1 Comment
28 Swordsmanship + Hilt Smash V 1 Comment
29 Void

Void mages are incredibly annoying to kill. Good for heavy Pvpers that want to be mages for some odd reason.

30 Whirlwind Axe

Scenario- Rangers hiding on mountain/in base. They shoot at us while us brutes and knights try to hit them to no avail. I Whirlwind, and they come down into a big pit of brutes and knights. They die. We win.

31 Cleave

Easy to fend off a group. I personally like it because nubs say you have kill-aura. It lets you hit enemies surrounding you while only hitting 1. Combined with Level Field, it's OP.

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