Top 10 Overpowered Mineplex Champions Abilities

If you are a Mineplex veteran, you probably know about the Champions games (Dominate, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Clans), and all the OP abilities. Let's take a closer look at some of these, including Passive A and Passive B abilities.

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21 Glacial Blade

Glacial Blade is too strong to be a "blade". Glacial Blade uses up very little mana, does 3.5 damage, and is super spammy. Also, it goes quite a fair distance, so it even exceeds the spammy attributes of the Ranger.

22 Whirlwind Axe

Scenario- Rangers hiding on mountain/in base. They shoot at us while us brutes and knights try to hit them to no avail. I Whirlwind, and they come down into a big pit of brutes and knights. They die. We win.

23 Cleave

Easy to fend off a group. I personally like it because nubs say you have kill-aura. It lets you hit enemies surrounding you while only hitting 1. Combined with Level Field, it's OP.

24 Napalm Shot
25 Takedown + Flesh Hook

Yeah I know I already said takedown however with flesh hook is OP you can charge a good ol flesh hook at em and then Takedown! {WARNING if you miss there is a 29,341356% chance that you will be John Cena divebombed by a seismic brute! }

26 Pin Down

At max level it gives slow four for nine seconds allowing you to kill them without taking any damage.

27 Wolves Fury

Gives u strength 3 too op

28 Fortitude
29 Explosive Arrow

If you max it out, it does crazy dmg and the range is to big..., fix it mine

30 Swordsmanship + Hilt Smash

17 dmg done... then finish em' off with dos strafes!

31 Void

Void mages are incredibly annoying to kill. Good for heavy Pvpers that want to be mages for some odd reason.

32 The Nofall Passive!


33 Hilt Smash

It's op. give slowness
2.does as much damage as power sword at Max level
3.good for dumb assaissins who recall and blink everyday

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