Most Overrated 2016-2017 Films

The Top Ten

1 Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

The troll that likes Norm of the North? Get out of here. - 445956

The plot was weak, the characters were bland. Not my cup of tea. - girlcool

Yes, something I can agree with!

Rogue - PeeledBanana

2 Zootopia

Too depressing. I'm sorry. It put me in a bad mood. - girlcool

The Darth Will Come Back - darthvadern

It's a good movie, don't get me wrong, but some scenes felt forced and overly cringy, I was literally suicidal from those scenes. - JakePlaid

3 Finding Dory

Very bland story. Nothing special about the characters. - girlcool

4 The Lego Batman Movie

Finally someone who understands me, I was getting sick of all praise and all this "only good animated movie of the year" when it's NOT it, yes, I like DM3 and people dislike it, but there are so much more animated movies of 2017 that are better, have you seen Cars 3 or Captain Underpants? Those were some really great movies! And don't forget Coco coming this November. - darthvadern

Worst Batman film ever. - girlcool

I can understand people not liking this movie, but this movie is not the worst Batman movie, "Batman and Robin" exists - Phillip873

5 The Little Prince
6 Ghostbusters

An absolutely awful movie! - MegaSoulhero

I agree with this too actually, this movie wasn't good at all - Phillip873

7 Kubo and the Two Strings

Too sad for my taste. Charlize Theron was the only funny thing about this movie. Don't mess with the monkey.

8 Captain America: Civil War

Well it couldn't top The Dark Knight. Sorry to say this to Marvel fans, but Christopher Nolan did a super fantastic job as director more than Russo Brothers.

Sorry, but I like DC more. Batman vs. Superman is awesome. - girlcool

Girlcool is a DC fanboy

9 Beauty and the Beast

This is the only submission on this list I agree with. - Phillip873

Agreed - MegaSoulhero

10 Deadpool

I prefer Suicide Squad. - girlcool

The Contenders

11 The Emoji Movie
12 La La Land

Eh, it may have won TOO many oscars, but it is a personal favorite of mine! - Phillip873

13 The Boss Baby

This thing got an Oscar...
But I guess the academy's full of drunk pisswads now. Otherwise, they would have looked toward the Eastern part of the world and discovered a few masterpieces like "A Silent Voice" or "The Night is Short Walk on Girl" which are both far superior in terms of writing and even visuals in some aspects, especially "A Silent Voice" after all hand-drawn takes more time and usually more polish and money to fund than a standard-fare CG animated film. - Lucabratz

14 Despicable Me 3


15 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
16 Suicide Squad

I did enjoy a couple things about that movie, but this movie was still a piece of trash that got too much credit. - Phillip873

17 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
18 Fifty Shades of Black

Creator #1: I fee like making a movie, what will it be about?
Creator #2: Let’s make it a Fifty Shades of Grey ripoff and call it Fifty Shades of Black
Creator #1: Who will star in it?
Creator #2: Let’s make it super racist and make black people star in it
Creator #1: Goodie!
Creator #2: Let’s make it beyond racist, sexual, dumb and crappy
Creator #1: Let’s call it a day!
Both Creators: Woo!

19 Norm of the North
20 Girls Trip

Everyone treats this like a queen and Rough Night like the scum of the earth. Don't get me wrong Girls trip is better, but Rough Night doesn't deserve all the hate.

21 Trolls
22 IT
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