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1 The White Album - The Beatles

Anyone who thinks this does not "get it", that the plain white album was a major artistic statement at the time, not mention a wry introspective on their unprecedented fame and popularity at the time. Every album by other artists since then that was black, white or whatever, was simply copying them.

I love reading responses from beatles fans who can't respect negative opinions on their precious band I don't even hate the beatles and like I said it also applies to any album with just a plain album cover - christangrant

Its just white nothing interesting about it but this can be applied to any album that's just a plain color (especially White) - christangrant

2 Nevermind - Nirvana

The cover is absolute garbage. Can't understand why people claim this piece of trash as the best album cover - TheDarkOne_221b

Almost anything with Nirvanas name on it = Overrated - christangrant

3 Nevermind the Bollocks - The Sex Pistols

Nothing Special about this album cover - christangrant

4 Thriller - Michael Jackson
5 Fly - Sarah Brightman

So high on that list - christangrant

6 Fallen - Evanescence
7 The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
8 Paranoid - Black Sabbath
9 Back in Black - AC/DC

As great as this album is the cover is overrated its just black and ut says AC/DC and Back in Black although its dome that way to tribute Bon Scott who passed away - christangrant

10 Led Zeppelin IV (Aka Zoso) - Led Zeppelin

The Contenders

11 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
12 Abbey Road - The Beatles
13 Ok Computer - Radiohead
14 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

Nah, this took a lot of time and effot to make. - JoLeKosovo

15 Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones
16 Little Queen - Heart
17 On a Day Like Today - Bryan Adams
18 Meteora - Linkin Park
19 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold
20 London Calling - The Clash
21 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Nah this one is cool - SoldierOfFortune

22 Dawn of the Black Hearts - Mayhem

This isn't overrated cause not a lot of people listen to black metal.

23 The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

Great cover, but it's pretty overrated considering how it might scare a few away from Maiden.

24 Led Zeppelin I - Led Zeppelin

It literally looks someone holding a skate board not that interesting.

25 Black Sabbath Vol. 4 - Black Sabbath
26 The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico
27 Awakening - Jackie Evancho
28 Illmatic - Nas
29 Hotel California - Eagles
30 Millennium - Backstreet Boys
31 Revolver - The Beatles
32 1989 - Taylor Swift
33 Kid A - Radiohead
34 City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold
35 Tomb of the Mutilated - Cannibal Corpse

I don't get how it's overrated co spidering how no one listens to gory death metal.

36 Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
37 Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
38 Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin
39 Bleach - Nirvana
40 Blizzard of Ozz - Ozzy Osbourne
41 In Utero - Nirvana
42 Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water - Limp Bizkit
43 The Pinkprint - Nicki Minaj
44 Born This Way - Lady Gaga
45 Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna
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1. The White Album - The Beatles
2. Nevermind the Bollocks - The Sex Pistols
3. Nevermind - Nirvana
1. The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
2. Nevermind - Nirvana
3. Thriller - Michael Jackson


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