Top Ten Most Overrated Albums Most People Like

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1 Thriller - Michael Jackson

I was not a Jackson fan, but I did like most of the songs on Thriller. I found everything he did after Thriller was overrated.

But this album is amazing...

Not overrated. This album made history. R.I.P to the King of Pop - Jonerman

2 Nevermind - Nirvana
3 Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin

Me, for example! This album is overrated, but I still love it. - MontyPython

4 1989 - Taylor Swift
5 Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots
6 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
7 Iowa - Slipknot
8 Willpower - Will.I.Am

Again most people hate this - christangrant

9 The Great Milenko - Insane Clown Posse
10 Believe - Justin Bieber

Most people hate this album - christangrant

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11 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Overrated? Maybe if you hate metal but anyone who likes it considers Master of Puppets to be one of, if not, THE greatest album of all time!

I LOVE metal and like this album.
It's just that people in my area just
like this ONLY one and the other Metallica albums
for them are boring.

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12 Toxicity - System of a Down
13 Wild Ones - Flo Rida
14 Reign In Blood - Slayer V 1 Comment
15 Black Ice - AC/DC

It's not overrated. Especially compared to Rock or Bust - jack2244

16 Freak On a Leash - Korn

Um... the album is Follow the Leader - jack2244

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1. 1989 - Taylor Swift
2. Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
3. Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots
1. Nevermind - Nirvana
2. Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin
3. Thriller - Michael Jackson



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