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21 Kris Allen

Kris was absolutely mediocre. How did he win American Idol? There were so many other contestants deserving of the title like Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta.

A snooze fest then and now. Beyond boring and absolutely nothing memorable about him.

22 Kellie Pickler

Loved watching Kellie Pickler when she was on Idol

23 Constantine Maroulis
24 Clay Aiken

He was the best singer that was ever on Idol.

25 Joshua Ledet

So much standing ovation from the judges... He's just a noormal singer for me..

26 Sundance Head

He had possibly the best male first audition ever, but was absolutely awful every performance after that, and made it all the way to the top 16. I was actually glad Sanjaya beat him for the last top 12 spot, because at least some people knew Sanjaya was bad.

27 David Cook

He is the cutest person I've ever seen.

28 Ruben Studdard
29 Candice Glover Candice Glover Candice Rickelle Glover is an American R&B singer and actress who won the twelfth season of American Idol.

Uh no, she's the underrated one if favor of Angie Miller. Candice felt the songs way more than Angie ever did and that's why she deserved the crowning title of AI in Season 12. - DCfnaf

She recieve so much praise of the judges that made the one that should have won Angie get eliminated - Elextric

30 Haley Scarnato

#3 on the all time fave ai contestants list! she isn't very good at all and is ahead of all the greats such as Taylor, Clay, Elliott, Davidc, Michael J and all the others! - idolangelx13

31 Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee V 1 Comment
32 Colton Dixon Colton Dixon

"Look at me, I'm so punk, but I'm also a good Christian (from the suburbs)! " - sums up his personality

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33 Haley Reinhart Haley Reinhart Haley Elizabeth Reinhart is an American singer, songwriter, and voice actress from Wheeling, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

She is not THAT special/unique/beautiful and so many other things her fans say she is. She is just a normal singer. Good singing voice? I suppose. Good person? Seems like. But she has not everything it takes to be an idol.

A lot of people thought that she was the best contestant on the show ever.

34 Hollie Cavanagh

Her voice is good, but she is not THAT good to make it till the TOP 4. There were many other singers better than her that got voted off earlier than her. For example, Colton Dixon, Erika Van Pelt, Skylar Laine.

35 Jessica Meuse V 1 Comment
36 MK Nobilette
37 Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Kate Hudson is an American singer, actress and spokesperson. She rose to fame in 2004 as a finalist on the third season of American Idol, coming in seventh place.
38 Lee DeWyze

Very overrated and easy to forget. Personally, I'm a huge fan of AMERICAN IDOL, I remember all the contestants from all the seasons, but I always forget him, even though he did won his season! He is forgettable.

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39 Jordin Sparks Jordin Sparks Jordin Brianna Sparks is an American singer, songwriter and actress. In 2007, she rose to fame after winning the sixth season of American Idol; at age 17, she became the youngest winner in the series' history.

She didn't deserve to be the winner at all. Come one, that season was a great one. So many good voices - Lakisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle...And they chose Jordin Sparks? , I cannot believe it.

40 Elliott Yamin
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