Overrated Animated Movies of 2017

I honestly felt there were lots of bad animated movies this year, as well as a few good ones, let's talk about the overrated ones!

The Top Ten

1 The LEGO Batman Movie

I loved this movie quite a bit, it was hilarious. But saying it is better than the Lego Movie is really quite a stretch. - Phillip873

This should be one not DM3, in my opnion. Everyone are saying how this is the only good animation of he year, I know people hate DM3 and I like it, but there is much more, people seem to forget there is Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie and Cars 3, two succeses, and do not forget Coco coming out in a week. See? - darthvadern

I like Cars 3 too and I have not seen Captain Underpants yet. In fact I think Cars 3 is better than the first, I just thought it was somewhat overrated because people were calling it a masterpiece. Also I'm super excited for Coco, so that could change my opinion. - Phillip873

Horrible, so happy Coco is #1 on the best animated films of 2017 list, This was a peice of 🌰, everybody is calling me a troll for hating this, I'm sorry, but it's my job, I'm a Trolls (2016) fan, so oh well. - Trollsfan536

2 The Lego Ninjago Movie

Yeah, this movie is so overrated, everwhere when I go shopping I see lego sets of this movie, what's worse is that there were already lego sets about this movie BEFORE THIS MOVIE WAS RELEASED! I haven't seen it, but I know it's super overrated, and considering I'm not a fan of lego movies, I will hate this, mroe than Batman movie and Kego movie maybe! - darthvadern

3 Despicable Me 3

I did not like this movie and it earned a fresh score on rotten tomatoes, so I'd classify this as overrated. And I gave my reasons in a post before already! Illumination needs to stop making sequels and bad movies! - Phillip873

@Philip873 Just because something got a fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes it dosen't mean it's overrated, the Captain Underpants movie got a much higher score but it's underrated, also, this movie made almost no merchandise, there aren't any toys that are being made or sold, in Sweden at least. - darthvadern

I see toys for this movie everywhere, and I've seen people call this movie better than the first, here in America though. Depends on perspective.. - Phillip873

Do you know who you’re dealing with? - Ren

4 My Little Pony: The Movie

I've seen people call this movie a masterpiece, and while I've only seen a bit of it, it's not terrible but it's not that awesome! - Phillip873

By how much praise it gets, it would be considered but by how much attention it gets, I don't really think so - Neonco31

5 Cars 3

I thought this movie was pretty good, and better than the first cars. But some people are considering this some of Pixars absolute best which I don't think it's true. While this movie does take itself more seriously and ends on a good note, it still has problems. For example, Cruz Ramirez's reasons for not wanting to race are incredibly cliche ("I wanted to race, but nobody believed in me so I gave up..."). - Phillip873

6 The Emoji Movie The Emoji Movie

It got incredibly panned at first, but take a look at the most recent IMDb reviews... - Phillip873

7 The Boss Baby
8 Smurfs: The Lost Village

This is underrated. - darthvadern

9 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

This is underrated. - darthvadern

10 The Nut Job 2

The Contenders

11 Coco

Wow I wonder who added this... - Phillip873

Deserves it's praise! - Neonco31

12 Leap!
13 Rock Dog

Yes, It is a low-budget Movie.

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