Most Overrated Anime Couples

Okay just to make it clear I do not hate all of these couples, most of them are OK for me but these are the ones I deem overrated :P

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1 Sasuke and Sakura - Naruto Sasuke and Sakura - Naruto

Their relationship just doesn't make sense in my opinion. Sasuke tried to kill Sakura several times, they barely talk to each other, then after the timeskip... BOOM! They are married and they even had a child! Sounds logical? - Goku02

It makes me sick how people can support this abusive relationship. Sakura chases after Sasuke despite him trying to kill her so many times. When Sakura had Sarada, Sasuke ditched her for years, and didn't even kiss her before leaving. Even though I hate Sasuke, and hate Sakura even more than that, this is a horrible relationship.

How can a relationship so bad developed to have so many fans. Where people see inspiring romantic feelings in these characters to be able to ship them. Their relationship it's awfully presented and especially concluded. I can understand to ship it at the beginning of the manga, hoping that Sasuke changed, but after Sasuke's awful treatment of Sakura, and Sakura's docility towards all the Sasuke's actions, and a marriage with Sasuke gone most of the time, I don't understand how people can still like it. Where is the charm.

WORST COUPLE EVER! Sasuke tried to kill the useless bitch three times and she doesn't deserve him. She's wasn't in love with him she was obsessed with him! The couple is forced. Sasuke is only with Sakura so he can revive his clan. If he loved her he wouldn't leave her for 12 years.

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2 Kirito and Asuna - Sword Art Online Kirito and Asuna - Sword Art Online

Their relationship wasn't that interesting. Kirito is a bland, emotionless character, and I never understood why Asuna loved him. Asuna was a strong character who didn't need to be saved by anyone, but then she relies on Kirito all of the sudden? It's overrated and forced, because the protagonist ALWAYS needs to fall in love with someone. If Kirito was a developed character, and Asuna never acted like a damsel in distress around him, maybe it could work. It's just stereotypical and boring. It ruined the only character I enjoyed in SAO (Asuna). Not to mention, Kirito always has every girl falling in love with him, and Asuna is just there like "okay cool".

Not only do I think SAO has one of the worst fanbases ever but the couple of Kirito and Asuna is terrible. Asuna constantly relies on Kirito to save her when it's been shown that she can take care of herself. She's totally fine with Kirito having a harem of four girls and never questions Kirito about it. - RoseRedFlower

Not only overrated but worst pairing in history of anime series. Nothing but forced romance between jesus kun and princess zelda. People are just obsessed with this pairing.

Gayest couple ever Asuna is like the worst girl and why does he even have a harem.

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3 Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

When some people try to give more importance to Rukia among Ichigo's bonds than even his own family, and try to give reasons because Ichigo can't function without her, they are actually showing an unhealthy and obsessive relationship. Fortunately the manga is not like these people's view.

IchiRuki fans glorify their relationship but the only special thing about it it's that, being a male and a female, there are no romantic feelings, there are many relationships like theirs in other series with that nakama/bro feeling. And their relationship became the same, very repetitive, over time, because Kubo had nothing more to tell about it. In Bleach there are better and more interesting relationships than theirs

Their fans are the worst fandom that I have seen.
There isn't any proof of romantic interest from either character, the author of the manga himself said that there aren't romantic feelings between them, and even so their fans insist that they are right in thinking that Ichigo and Rukia are in love and that Kubo, the author, was going to make them canon, LOL what? And now they insult the author for not writting his story according to their wishes and wrong interpretations. They are really delusional and crazy people.
This happens when people are unable to appreciate relationships for what they are really, in this case, comradeship. If it's not romantic it seems is not worth it for some people.

One word: necrophilia.

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4 Levi and Eren - Attack on Titan

Levi is always saving Eren because Eren can't fight a titan shifter by himself. Even his adopted sister Mikasa has to save him all the time. Armin did too! All Eren does is talk about how he's going to kill all the titans, yet he almost dies doing so. He's all talk and no show. He can't do anything without someone helping him. He couldn't convince Kitz that he wasn't worth getting shot at, he couldn't seal the breach without help, he couldn't stop the female titan by himself twice and ends up getting his own squad killed. Good job 'titan killer'. As far as Levi and Eren go as a couple, it makes no sense. Levi has never shown any romantic feelings towards Eren and Eren is the same. - RoseRedFlower

They are not a couple they are just a terrible ship that makes absolutely no sense at all.

Why do people ship a 34 year old man with a 15 year old boy? Like seriously? Just because Levi needs to keep an eye on Eren doesn't mean he loves him! Why would fangirls ship a pedophille ship? Levi and Eren are not even gay so stop it!

Imagine you are 15. A 34 man keeps an eye on you. So you love him? Guys. Put yourself in eren's shoes and think about would you love the 34 year old man? And people would ship it as in the "you-guys-should-have-***" way. I know Levi saved Eren but it's because poor Levi has no friends left. So he knows he has to revenge on the titans and eren is really strong in titan form. So helping him is like a "win-win". Just because lots of people ship it doesn't mean you have to.

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5 Ash and Serena - Pokemon Ash and Serena - Pokemon

NOT canon. Serena's whole reason for existing as a character was to be used for ship bait.

Serena is the most overrated Pokemon character of all time. She goes all Amy Rose on Ash Ketchum for not loving her back. Please put Serena on the list of "Top 10 Things That Should Stop Getting Love". >:(

6 Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga - Naruto (Shippuden) Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga - Naruto (Shippuden)

Actually they are not really bad. The chemistry between them is quite good and way better than sasusaku. - gingin_27

Most overrated anime couple ever, no love chemistry only naruto kun, naruto doesn't give a damn about hinata

The fans of this pairing is the worst fandom ever. This couple is trash just like every other pairing in Naruto.

Worst couple EVER

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7 Luffy and Nami - One Piece

They seem like friends to me... : P I'd prefer Luffy either single or paired up with Hancock. - Goku02

Their dynamic is that of an older sister taking care of her unwary brother, and Luffy protecting her as he always do with all the persons that are important to him. I'm unable to see romantic feelings between them.

This pairing's fans think Oda is giving hints of the pairing in colourspreads, movies, parallels, merchandising, and practically in every One Piece thing. But they see everything through shipper googgles, as shippers usually do, and, as Luffy is the main character and Nami the main female, and so they appear a lot together, but nothing really romantic, they even think that it's a sure thing that they are going to be canon. This is what happens when people like a pairing but it doesn't have any real romance, so people need to find the "romance" in the most ridiculous things

It's very hard to imagine them as a romantic pairing.

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8 Trunks and Mai - Dragon Ball Super

Mai is even older than Trunks's mom! What...
That being said, I honestly don't mind if they become a couple, just think the creators could have done a better job... - Goku02

I don't ship them because I'm a big shipper of trunks and pan

What are you talking about? She have the same age of Trunks, she is like him a future Character

No. Mai is a character in the original Dragon Ball ( when Goku was a kid ). She, Sho and Pilaf found the 7 dragon balls and wished to be younger or something, which makes her around Trunks's age. Mai's originally about 4 years older than Bulma. - Goku02

9 Ichigo Kurosaki & Orihime Inoue - Bleach

Rip to this ship that put the final nail on the failed coffin that is bleach.

Lmfaoo this whole ship was a joke to begin with, Kubo couldn't even make the endgame look convincing. Will forever be known as the worst anime couples in my book.

This relationship doesn't make any sense at all

Congrats to the Ichihime fandom for being the worst types of people :) you all deserve some recognition!

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10 Louise and Saito - The Familiar Of Zero

Louise always beated Saito and treated him badly

Great, just what we need, another insufferable love hate/hot and cold relationship coupleā€¦.

The Newcomers

? Kakashi and Naruto - Naruto
? Kakashi and Sasuke - Naruto

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11 Vegeta and Bulma - Dragon Ball (Z) Vegeta and Bulma - Dragon Ball (Z)

Okay, DBZ is my obvious favourite anime series, and Vegeta and Bulma are both in my top ten favourite anime characters of all time, but this IS overrated. I think many people like this because they're both really likeable characters, not because the couple is good itself. Their moments are mostly fillers ( i.e. when Bulma takes care of Vegeta when he trained too hard ( right before Fture Trunks arrived )) and in Dragon Ball Super ( which wasn't created completely by the author ( Yes, he might look through it and all, but the true legendary Dragon Ball series has ended in 1995, accept it )). I mostly read the manga, and their moments are few and in between. And I'm not trying to say that other DBZ couples are better, hell NO, Vegeta x Bulma are one of the only decent couples in DBZ along with Gohan x Videl and Krillin x Android #18. I LOVE Dragon Ball Z, but it's 100% shounen. The fighting parts are brilliant, but I gotta admit that the romance isn't THAT good, just mediocre at best. - Goku02

I am a big shipper of Vegeta / bulma and Gohan / videl and trunks / pan

Vegeta bulma worst couple - Monday23

12 Natsu and Lucy - Fairy Tail Natsu and Lucy - Fairy Tail

I understand that they're cute and all that, but that's just it. Sorry if I offend anyone, but they're pretty shallow in my opinion. Have to say I prefer JeRza and probably GaLe as well. - Goku02

The fandom is really rude.

I hate this couple in the first place like Natsu always has to save Lucy all the time and the fandom is just so Cancerous like come on! The fandom gets triggered if someone hates this ship


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13 L and Light - Death Note

I don't see why people ship them. They've kicked and punched each other, their goal is to kill each one and L even stated that he was going to get Kira's head. Why are these two so beloved? I get some yaoi couples like Makoto and Haru from Free but Light and L hated each other. Who's going to be in love next? Harry and Draco? Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck? Superman and Lex Luthor? If you're going to OTP, make sure the couple makes sense! - RoseRedFlower

Well, L did think of Light as his first and only friend, so I guess that's why. - Mugi

What? This is the first time I've seen this. I'm seriously confused. Is this really here? Did someone actually ship them? - ScarletBlade

Lol, to the comment below me, Harry Draco is a thing, it happened

14 Inu Yasha and Kagome - Inu Yasha Inu Yasha and Kagome - Inu Yasha

Yeah, this couple was forced by Rumiko Takahashi.

Kaguma is annoying

But they're perfect

15 Juvia and Gray - Fairy Tail Juvia and Gray - Fairy Tail

The dynamic of Juvia obsessing over Gray is not very appealing. I don't understand its popularity

.. I hate this couple... If Juvia was not annoying, then its cute couple..

Gray is gonna die because he is a traitor

He's not. Guess you're reading Avatar arc huh... Continue reading pass that. - Goku02

I hate this couple! Aghrrr Gruvia -_-

16 Tomoya and Nagisa - Clannad

I don't think it's really overrated. They're one of the few couples whose relationship is focused on emotionally than physically. - Mugi

But very cute

17 Romeo and Wendy - Fairy Tail

Seriously, is it necessary to pair EVERYONE up? They're just KIDS! - Goku02

To Goku02, I seriously agree with you.

18 Light and Misa - Death Note
19 Sesshomaru and Rin - InuYasha

It seems like this couple is quite a lot more popular than it should have, considering the fact that :
1. It's fanon
2. Rin is just a littlegirl, and her and Sesshomaru's relationship is like that of a father and a daughter / an elder brother and little sister.
3. Sesshomaru is about 550 years older than Rin. - Goku02

20 Yusuke and Keiko - Yu Yu Hakusho

Even the creator hated kikio

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