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21 Sasuke and Naruto - Naruto

That someone hoped this was canon is so absurd. That a relationship be important in a series doesn't mean that it has to be romantic.

They are just friends, and, in fact, the supposed deep of their relationship felt little credible, forced, mainly to create drama

Most overrate couple in anime history this is disgusting

WHAT. THE. HELL. - ScarletBlade

22 Okita and Kagura - Gintama

They are funny when they fight but there isn't any indication of romantic feelings. Anyhow, it's not a so interesting relationship to have such a large fanbase, especially in Japan.

23 Yato and Hiyori - Noragami

I really like Yato, and Hiyori is not bad a character, but the ship is terrible. Yato is an immortal god, whilst Hiyori is a mortal human, thus it won't work out in the end. Hiyori's decision not to cut her ties with Yato is reasonable since she's grown to care about him and Yukine, but it was actually really selfish if you think about it. By not doing so, Hiyori will be able to be with Yato and Yukine and be happy for the rest of her life, but what about Yato and Yukine? When Hiyori dies, they will be heartbroken for millennia after that. Even if they turned her into a Shinki, she will have no memories of her previous life whatsoever, and if she ever hears another person accidentally calling her real name, she'd turn into an Ayakashi. Not to mention doing so would be very cruel since though she wants to be with Yato and Yukine, it doesn't mean they should snatch her away from her family and friends, because they also love her and will mourn her death. Furthermore, Shinki are souls ...more - Goku02

what - ayumi-oki

24 Misaki and Usui - Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

This couple has all the "selling points" of a popular series' top ship - the hot guy, the badass heroine, the UST - but all in all it's not particularly deep or emotionally well-developed. It's not bad per se, just extremely overrated.

25 Gohan and Videl

Disgusting like dbz fans

26 Sesshomaru and Rin - InuYasha

It seems like this couple is quite a lot more popular than it should have, considering the fact that :
1. It's fanon
2. Rin is just a littlegirl, and her and Sesshomaru's relationship is like that of a father and a daughter / an elder brother and little sister.
3. Sesshomaru is about 550 years older than Rin. - Goku02

27 Ash and Misty - Pokemon

Geez Louise, this boring excuse of a couple is literally ALL the rage. It's also the embodiment of genwunners, so yeah.

Ash and Misty are my favourite couple in Pokemon but I don't watch Pokemon anymore because misty isn't in it anymore but if she returns to Pokemon one day I would watch it
And there was another reason as well misty is my favourite character in Pokemon

28 Nagisa Shiota and Karma Akabane - Assassination Classroom

I prefer Nagisa with Kaede, and Karma, maybe with Rio, I guess? - MLPFan

29 Zeref and Mavis - Fairy Tail
30 Yuki and Yuno - Mirai Nikki
31 Shinji and Asuka - Evangelion Franchise Shinji and Asuka - Evangelion Franchise V 1 Comment
32 Dan and Runo - Bakugan Battle Brawlers
33 Osamu Dazai and Chuuya Nakahara - Bungou Stray Dogs

What? They are more like rivals! How come does this pairing have so many fans? Not to mention they hate each other. - Goku02

34 Ebato Sanae & Hanabi Yasuraoka - Kuzu no Honkai

It's not because Ebato is "LESBIAAAN" that she have the right to sexually harass Hanabi. God when people wanted that Hanabi get back to Ebato after a heartbreak... this girl just want to possess her. It's not love. She's disgusting really. - TopiTaupe

35 Brock and Temacu - Pokemon
36 Risa and Otani - Lovely Complex
37 Ranma Satome and Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2
38 Ash and Dawn - Pokemon Ash and Dawn - Pokemon
39 Ace and Mira - Bakugan
40 America and England - Hetalia: Axis Powers
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