Most Overrated Anime Couples

Okay just to make it clear I do not hate all of these couples, most of them are OK for me but these are the ones I deem overrated :P

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41 Karma x Okuda - Assassination Classroom

This ship is insane

Ok, before the Karma x Okuda fankids flame me for adding their OTP to this list, I'll be honest here:

I can't really see them as an actual ship. Karma said that Okuda was the easiest girl to talk to but seriously people? So If I were to say I found this guy at class as the easiest guy to talk to even I have no feelings for him, It instantly means we're In love. I also always believed that Karma would be the kind of guy who might like a girl who acts like him (I don't know whether this is true, but this is just my own opinion because of course we'd love to have someone with similar traits like us for a lover, in general). And If this is true, he'd be more of a Rio match. Heck I ship Karma with Rio a lot more, but It's unfairly underrated (If they can't make It canon, I wanna see them torment more people together because they both love tormenting others)

This post truly voiced my reasons: ...more - MLPFan

42 Goku and ChiChi - Dragon Ball (Z)

This couple is terrible but it's not overrated because few people like it. - Goku02

Yeah, I like Goku but not Chi Chi. However, Goku is not a family man nor a loving husband. I understand why he slowly began to know what love was. But neglecting your children and wife multiple times is inexcusable. Then again Chi Chi is always angry and it becomes very frustrating to watch. - RoseRedFlower

I see both sides of Goku's argument to be honest. I still like him but I would like to see some improvement to his father/husband side. One that maybe doesn't involve always saving the world or training. But then again, he's a Saiyan and that's what he's born to do. Maybe they could do something else together. I liked how they were all playing baseball intensely, that was pretty neat. However, I don't see both sides for Chi Chi. She still annoys me and her tricking Goku into marrying her just made me shake my head. - RoseRedFlower

43 Brock and Temacu - Pokemon
44 Ranma Satome and Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2
45 Ash and Dawn - Pokemon Ash and Dawn - Pokemon
46 Ash and Iris - Pokemon
47 Ace and Mira - Bakugan
48 Pan and Trunks - Dragon Ball
49 Yukihira Soma and Nakiri Erina - Shokugeki no Soma

Even though this ship is most likely going to happen, I MUCH prefer Yukihira with Megumi

50 Ichika Orimura and Houki Shinonono - Infinite Stratos
51 Urahara and Yoruichi - Bleach Urahara and Yoruichi - Bleach

They are best friends in my view - Goku02

52 Kakashi and Sasuke - Naruto
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