Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail is a manga franchise created by Hiro Mashima. The manga has been adapted into an anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, which began broadcasting in Japan on October 12, 2009. Additionally, A-1 Pictures and Satelight have developed seven original video animations and an animated ...read more.


Okay someone have gone to far with the SAO thing saying that it's better than Fairy Tail because it not. If you watch the Anime America review of SAO you will get what I am saying. Also the fan service I know the fan service is in the show but there a little in dragon ball franchise (actually a lot in dragon ball) and there other show but I watched Harem with more fan service then this. And last the Power of friendship. I know the power of friendship is boring but when you grow over the years you seem to forgot friendship along the way too. That's why they remind you and it kinda cool and easy that everyone can have this power.

This anime should be number 1 it's way too overrated and the fans of this anime is the worst in my opinion

Naruto is better. Nasty beats everybody? Boring. There's no meaning in that. Plus this is such a perverted anime. Plus, the fighting is boring and the story line can be a bit stupid at times.

I don't want to come off as offensive, but franky, Fairy Tail is for idiots. Here's why: Lucy is supposed to be the protagonist, and yet she's only used for fanservice. Natsu is supposed to be the main character, and he has no character development whatsoever. He has no goal (finding Igneel is a wish, not a goal, because he doesn't and can't do anything to accomplish his goal/wish), he doesn't become stronger throughout the series (all he ever got were temporary buffs such as Etherion or Jellal's flame), and he doesn't mature either. Cognitively, emotionally, and sexually, he's the same person in chapter 400+ as he is in chapter 1.

I actually despise this show. It has annoying characters that feel the need to scream some awful dialouge every second and wear outfits that should only be legal at a swimming pool, if even. The storylines are bad and I can't believe people actually like this garbage in a way that makes it look actually good. I had a LOAD of friends who liked it like that and only one who thought it was awful. Heck, even my younger sibling hated it, and she was like, 11, when she watched it. I know, an eleven year old watching this.

I actually enjoyed this series for the first season (and I did end up watching the whole series, and later the manga), but in season 2 you start realizing the fan service. And by god is there a lot. Not that there was not any during the first season (Lucy's clothes would still sometimes fall off) but it got way more noticable as the series went on. Like the first and second episode of season 2. It is pointless filler but they discuss ships, these episodes sucked. You also start realizing the fact that Erza's clothes start getting more elabrate.

Have any of you guys read the ending to the manga, Lucy's clothes came off like 15 times for next to no reason.

I hope I don't get hated for this, but I honestly think Fairy Tail is more overrated than Sword Art Online. However, Pokemon is easily the most overrated on here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

At first I was a really big fan of this anime, and I watched it every time it aired, despite my inability to keep up with subtitles. But it then turned into fan service, and tries to keep a deep plot at the same time.

I don't really understand why people like this anime so much. It does have its moments here and then but besides that, the series isn't that great.

It's funny Fairy Tail fans bash on Sword Art Online when Fairy Tail fans don't realize just how generic their anime and the characters are. I watched Sword Art Online and I didn't find it as bad as people say. In fact, I actually loved it and could get into it unlike Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is just another shonen anime series that relies on fillers and isn't even as good as the fans say it is.

Um... yes you are other person. Sword Art Online is amazing and all... but Fairy Tail is so much better! Lucy needs more credit in all arias as well! Did you see her star outfits or are you just one of those people to watch the first episode? Sword Art Online is awesome and Asuna could beat Lucy, but it would be closer than people like you would care to think. Fairy Tail is great! (PS: have Erza fight Asuna)

Oh come on this should be in top 3 at least the main characters are boring never lost and that makes this show not interesting at all minor characters are way more better but not getting enough screen time, one perfect example being MIRAJANE who's way more better than lucy erza and Wendy and what's the point if giving the minor characters the coolest powers if u want to make them look weak...?

Why is everyone comparing every anime on here to Sword Art Online, especially Fairy Tail. 90% of the comments on here are comparing Fairy Tail to SAO. I've seen both of them and I think they're both great. Stop critizing Fairy Tail! It's not perfect, but no anime is! At least watch the whole thing because it gets better. After you've seen the whole thing and you still hate it, that's fine, because that's your opinion.

I honestly think this show is more overrated than SAO. It seems like more people like Fairy Tail than SAO. This show has some cool moments but for the most part, it is pretty mediocre.

Just because a show has a lot of ram service and friendship nonesense mean it's bad. Fairy tail is an amazing anime. Also the haters of this series obviously are crazy to dislike such an awesome story. I mean it has style, a great storyline, and secrets just waiting to be uncovered! So shush your hate comments haters!

Fairy Tail is emotional and when you watch it, it's like every episode gets interesting. The characters have the most funniest personalities and because of that we look up to them. For those who never watched anime I suggest this one because it has no gore, blood, creepiest scenes but actually teaches you more about their emotions. Hiro Mashima did a great job!

Lets be real guys Lucy ruined the whole show with her uselessness and constant crying, but Fairy Tail also has its good points. Some arcs were pointless ESPECIALLY THAT ARC ABOUT LUCY WHICH I SKIPPED. Personally I loved the flying cats, the characters personalities and the dragon slayer powers but I think Erza made the show WAY more kickass. She's on another level seriously.

Sword Art Online doesn't even focus too much on friendship and that's what makes me like Sword Art Online better than Fairy Tail! Okay, there's the romance, but both anime series are good with the romance. But the friendship cliche has got to stop. It's like the power of friendship trumps everything in every shonen anime.

The only thing I don't like is the fan service. That ruined the show for me.

Sword Art Online: Lot of lovers and lots of haters.
Fairy Tail: Lot of lovers and not enough haters.

Seriously, even though Fairy Tail is not the worst anime ever, it is extremely overrated. Lucy is such a weak character to even be the main protagonist, Natsu has to constantly save her, Erza is badass and busty and that's just about it, and I don't even know how this is even in the top 3 on Crunchyroll when 99.9% of it is just fan service and filler episodes.

This bull is even more overrated than Sword Art Online. Even though the female characters may seem strong, don't forget this series relies heavily on fanservice (even Erza is a victim of it) and filler episodes. Also, I think it is kind of a ripoff of One Piece like people say. This anime should be higher on this list.

Ooh look at me I'm just gonna collect keys and be yuri! Natsu is my prince which is totally a good message! I'm not annoying at ALL! -Lucy,

The only thing that pisses me off is that Lucy is such a weak character compared to others like Natsu. come on, isn't frustrating to see how Natsu does the hard work and Lucy stays to only see how he fights. Wow, Lucy.

I hate the main character and the drawing style. He looks like the stupid main character of One Piece, maybe that's the reason I completely despise him.

If you like it, fine, but when you really get down to it, Fairy Tail really isn't anything special. It also preys on your wantings by having overly sexualized characters and unnecessary deviations from the plot. In other words, look elsewhere for your magic anime fix.