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Naruto is an anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was later adapted into a television anime, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo and other TX Network stations on October 3, 2002. The first series more.


I thought it was the best thing around when I had only seen this and death note and was starting on trigun. I can safely say that Naruto is the most overrated anime series out there and will be for quite some time.

The 'Zabuza arc' was unfortunately the first and best arc, it hit all the resonant notes. Everything after might have been more epic and flashier but just couldn't hold a candle to it, especially when some much time was invested in the badly done bromance of Sasuke and Naruto

Naruto is empty of any deeper meaning. It's a story about Kishimoto's self-insert feeling entitled to things like the Hokage seat and Sasuke's attention and being incredibly needy for validation. Everyone has to kiss Naruto's ass. Naruto listens to the villains woes only to make it about himself and has no ideas how to change the system and only ever talks about his feelings. Naruto turns out to be the child of prophecy, from a respected clan and the son of the Hokage. He's NOT an underdog. He's so talented he manages to learn forbidden jutsu in less than a day. He learned Rasengan faster than the geniuses before him! In the end Naruto is about becoming a tool to the ninja system, shaming victims of the system and enduring oppression. NOTHING is changed in the end, Naruto turns out to be a liar and conformist.

"What makes this anime so overrated nowadays is how bad Naruto has become after the first season."

I have to agree. When I first saw Naruto, I was captivated by how much depth they put into their characters and plot. It felt like the cast was more devoted to story making than money making. But it seems as if there was so much popularity for it that the creator felt the need to keep it going.

What could you do as a 12 year old kid? Would any reasonable adults trust children? Every character is a sociopath. Sasuke and Naruto would be locked in some kind of Ninja Purgatory Jail forever because of their history. A lot of characters are boring simple tropes, and don't flesh out or if they do they were forced into that position for narrative (Hinata). Most fights are boring and predictable.

Naruto isn't necessarily bad it just has more episodes than anyone really needs and it is really overrated. Like it was good at first then it got lots and lots of fillers and it isn't as good as some people make it seem like. There are /way/ better animes!

I almost suffered the entire first arch, but I quit because nothing. Ever. Happens. The characters staring each other down took up 75% of each episode, and anything important that happened that episode was summed up next episode in ten seconds. I really don't see why everyone worships this thing...maybe I should just read the manga...

What happens when a company gets too greedy with a show? Naruto. It refuses to die even after its manga ended, and it's milking as many filler episodes as possible. I don't care about filler, I just want Naruto and Sasuke to reunite like in Ultimate Ninja storm 4.

The only thing that made the series good was the Akatsuki without them the show never would have been anywhere near as popular as it is. And how they threw filler all time in your face besides the Akatsuki I can say this is one of the most boring series I ever watch

I always loved Naruto but that's just because of nostalgia. Putting my nostalgia aside the show is kinda meh. My first run through of the series was awesome because I was very young and didn't care about the story/characters that much I just wanted to see awesome fight scenes. With my second run through of the series and me being much older than I originally was when I started the series I've noticed the show was extremely average..but then again it succeeded on what it wanted to do which was target a very young audience.

Everybody was trying to become the best ninja they could be. And I wanted to become something as well, and this anime helped me a ton.

Naruto is quite overrated and that's probably why it's at the top, but that doesn't mean it's bad, right? Just not as good, as people say.

Some characters like sasuke were just really stupid

Just because an anime is talked about a lot doesn't mean it's overrated! Naruto is pure awesome and surpasses any anime for me!

Even with the recent Sword Art Online, Naruto is still the king of overrated anime. Naruto has so much filler and is only regarded as better than SAO because of how new the anime is. Naruto is overrated, but still good.

Trust Me. There Is A Lot Of More Animes Out There That Are More Overrated Than This Anime.

Can't really take that word for word when the anime was rumored to have been relying on fillers for almost a year. May not be true, but considering how much people complain about the fillers, it might be worth researching if it's true. Sorry, but that's just my opinion. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT! Nothing is more overrate then SAO. I love the series but it is way too OVERRATED! OVER 9000

The reason I think naruto is overrated is because of its fans. Especially fans who only watched naruto and DBZ and think that naruto is some master piece. Naruto was good in first part as it heavily borrowed from hunter´┐Ż - hunter. But in shippuden things went downhill as hunter went into hiatus and Kishimoto's first editor left. Especially things went downhill after pain arc. The war arc was a total mess.
The fans are the main reason why it's overrated. Most of them are highly delusional and can't even take simple criticisms and really think that naruto next best thing after Swiss cheese. In my opinion among the main stream Animes naruto was the one which was heavily marketed and overhyped.

I watched them do nothing for like two minutes straight and then I just quit. A dramatic pause is one thing, but this is a whole different can of worms.

Naruto is just lame. Everyone acts like it's the best anime ever, but it really isn't even in the top twenty in my opinion.

The anime starts out amazing but then gets melodramatic and sappy. I will never watch past episode 15 ever again

It honestly should've ended right after the Pain arc but at least the games are better than the actual show. - PerfectImpulseX

Easily the most overrated anime.

Sakura Haruno's personality. Need I say more? - The Ultimate Daredevil

I liked the first season, I was really attracted to it until Sasuke left. The rest of the season were filler episodes. Then when I started watching Shippuden I liked it, but then the characters started gettting annoying and Naruto never had another attack. He's a hokage. He is supposed to know more than making clones and using rasengun.

Pokemon is more overrated than Naruto.