Most Overrated Anthrax Songs


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1 Bring the Noise

This song is only considered one of their best just because it created Rap Metal and eventually Nu Metal while this song isn't that bad it's really boring and it feels way too long even though its only 3 and Half Minutes go listen to I'm the Man that's a much better Rap Metal song by Anthrax or go listen to Aerosmith and Run D.M.C. Walk This Way that collab worked a lot better than this did - christangrant

I should also mention this isn't even their first experimentation with rap in their music the song I'm the Man (Which they did by themselves) came first s (It came out in 1987 and this cover came out in 1991) and by 1991 there were several Rap Rock/Metal hybrids most famously the song Epic by Faith No More which came out 2 years before this cover and sounded more like metal than this cover.

so this song didn't create anything and is just a boring collab song, This is first time Anthrax sold out but it wouldn't be the last time. - christangrant

2 Death from Above
3 Among the Living
4 Medley: A.D.I. / Horror of It All
5 I Am the Law
6 In My World
7 Madhouse

Good but overrated - jack2244

8 The Enemy
9 Caught in a Mosh

Good but overrated - jack2244

10 Aftershock

The Contenders

11 Belly of the Beast
12 Antisocial
13 S.S.C. / Stand or Fall
14 Got the Time
15 Fight 'em'til You Can't
16 Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
17 I'm the Man
18 Armed and Dangerous
19 Lone Justice
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