Most Overrated Beatles Albums


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1 The White Album

The arguments within the group were vicious during the recording sessions, and nobody wanted to give an inch. If only, somehow, this could have been edited down to a single disc, it could certainly have been a candidate for the greatest album ever, but too many things were included in the double-album that dragged it down somewhat, although the experimental oddities and indulgences are very cool in retrospect. Still and all, it certainly deserves to be in the top 10 albums of all time even as it is.

I wouldn't even make the point that this should have been a single album. I did not like a single song on it. This album feels to me like The Beatles were thinking: 'Hey, we're so popular at this point, we could record Ringo going to the bathroom and people would buy it.' Even some of the songs that are considered Beatles masterpieces on this I really didn't like. They all feel so half-baked and as if nobody cared.

Should be a single album

Revolution 9.

2 Abbey Road

Over-rated in the sense that it is often listed at the #1 spot for "Greatest Album of All Time", when everybody knows that Revolver is the GOAT.

3 With The Beatles

I've always found this album quite underrated. Along with Please Please Me, and Beatles For Sale, I believe they actually deserve MORE recognition. White album, Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road are overrated, but the songs on them are great - kaitlynrad11

4 Please Please Me
5 Beatles For Sale
6 Let It Be

Followed by Sgt. Peppers, Abbey Road, and The White Album. - truckturner

7 Yesterday And Today
8 Past Masters
9 Love
10 Rubber Soul

This was the follow-up to their very popular album, Rubber SOUL.

Close, but the Beatles never had an album by that title.

Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but it's *soul - kaitlynrad11

The Contenders

11 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Another one that is often rated the #1 album of all time. That title is firmly held by Revolver, and Sgt. Pepper should be way down at maybe only the #4 or 5 album of all time.

I liked Sgt. Pepper's but I will never get why so many hail it as the Beatles' best. To me, Revolver is better. - Metarock

I don't agree with this addition - jmepa1234

12 Jolly What! the Beatles & Frank Ifield

Never heard of it - jmepa1234

13 The Beatles With Tony Sheridan and Their Guests
14 The Beatles vs. the Four Seasons
15 Revolver
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