Most Overrated Board and Card Games

You know the games that sell countless copies, but no one seems to actually play and enjoy? This list is for them. Feel free to add card games as well.

The Top Ten

1 Monopoly

It's pretty unbalanced, bland and boring. While some of the boredom can be alleviated by following the official rules and ditching house rules like "Free Parking Jackpot", this game is nowhere near deserving of its ubiquity and hundreds(! ) of special editions. - Treacle

2 Battleship

Guess square. Get told whether you hit or missed. Have your opponent guess a square. Tell them whether they hit or missed. Rinse and repeat. - Treacle

3 Candy Land

The gameplay is 100% luck. At least the board looks cute. - Treacle

4 Snakes and Ladders

Again, 100% luck. Yawn. This one also suffers from bland boards. - Treacle

5 Chess

It's just an abstract strategy game that happens to be popular because it's been spread, analysed and overanalysed for centuries. It's nothing special. If it were introduced today, it'd be quickly forgotten (or at best a cult classic ignored by the mainstream). - Treacle

6 Connect Four

You can play this with a pen and paper. Also, it's been solved. The first player can force a win. - Treacle

7 Risk
8 Clue
9 Trivial Pursuit
10 The Game of Life

The Contenders

11 Pokemon Trading Card Game
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