Top Ten Most Overrated Book Series of All Time

There are always those book series that we hear about often, and at times, it can get annoying to hear. Here, we’re looking at the top ten most overrated book series’s of all time.
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1 Twilight Series Twilight Series Product Image

Eh. I think the franchise has gotten stale and irrelevant some time after the last film adaptation was released. Twilight is not overrated, but even then, the franchise faces criticism left-and-right for justified reasons.

The fans of this series are among the worst out there. They actually think the plot is well done and the characters are well developed. That makes me wonder if they’ve even read the books. Just your average love story between a human girl and a vampire and a werewolf. Nothing really interesting there.

Want to read a good fantasy series? Read Wings of Fire and Harry Potter!

If you like it I respect your opinion but I hate it - BlazingParasol

2 Harry Potter Series Harry Potter Series Product Image

Harry Potter as a series is overall very good, but I think the people who call it "The best fantasy series ever" don't really know too much about the fantasy genre and other works. Other fantasy series, such as The Wheel of Time, The Dark Tower, Stormbreaker, The Witcher and A Song of Ice and Fire are all much more detailed and have more depth. And that's not mentioning how much of an influence Tolkein's works are either.

I never understood why everyone loves this so much. I admit it does have some merit as a moderately good series, but I don't see why people are literally looked down upon for daring to dislike it. In my opinion the definition of overrated.

Too overrated. So complicated and difficult to understand sometimes. The movies sum it up so watch them instead

It's a decent series, JK has creativity and a lot of it but its hella praised everywhere. There's no one who thinks this series is trash and its nt trash either. just overpraised.

3 Divergent Series Divergent Series Product Image

Hunger Games ut with the same amount of cheesiness and less creativity.

I have read Divergent, book one, and I got bored. That BEVER happens with me and books. This and Warriors are the most overrated books that I’ve read at least one book of.

Don’t tell me this story is original. It’s really just a ripoff of the Hunger Games, though I didn’t really like that either. The Divergent fans constantly clash with the Hunger Games fans in an endless war between if Katniss or Tris is the better character. Hate to break it to you, but none are.

4 The Hunger Games Series The Hunger Games Series Product Image

This is a good book to get you into the Dystopian genre. But then you realize what you'll read next will absolutely cast a shadow on The Hunger Games series. Take your pick; 1984, Brave New World, Battle Royale, Animal Farm, Farenheit 451 or The Running Man.

Definitely among the most overrated book series out there. People basically worship it and devote their lives to it. Say one thing bad about it, and you’ll face the fans of it. To be honest, it’s pretty cliched, and we could all kind of tell what would happen next. Katniss is forced to choose between two guys, which is kind of like another overrated series, Twilight.

Yes, So F-ing Overrated. the Story is boring, the characters are cheesy, And the story is overacted in the movies, makes for an overrated series.

Not a bad series at all...just that its too praised, way too praised, mate. The films are good but hella cheesy.

5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series Product Image

In retrospect, I think it's fair to say Greg is the antagonist of the series. Everybody hates him because he treats everyone like trash.

This series sucks. Every character is written badly and is not likable at all, there is no level of morality, and the "plot" is just a bunch of events jumbled together with little connection between one another. Its only purpose is comic relief, and it delivers horribly.

I like it, it's not a masterpiece ubt it's decent, the only book I didn't like in the series was Double Down since that book didn't make any sense, at least in the other books in the series, all events are connected to each other somehow, Double Down had comnpletely random events that weren't connected to each other at all.

They're each a 217-page picture book. There's only about 1000-1500 words in each. The plot's generic, Greg is very unlikeable, and there is not even a subtle nod to a potential message.

6 Warriors Series Warriors Series Product Image

The reason I never dared to read it because I'll get the "cat flu." Every Warrior fan just keeps doing what cats do and it seemed like cats are everything in the world. I'm afraid that if I read this series I'll start naming all my OCs from other series stuff like "Fireflame" or "Starclaws" or "Amberstorm" or something, and start acting like a super-cute kitten and scream about cats

Well, I actually used to read this series a long time ago, back when I was in like 4th grade. It’s decent, but boy is it overrated. I first noticed it with all that fanart, and TheTopTens has lists about this series everywhere, and users dedicating their accounts to it. It doesn’t deserve that much praise.

I honestly have never heard of this series until I discovered this site. Just saying.

Never heard of this until the fangirls kept spamming it all over the website.

7 Fifty Shades Series Fifty Shades Series Product Image

The Fifty Shades franchise is not overrated at all. Its universally hated by almost everyone from casual readers to critics, and at this point, it garners more disdain than Twilight. Though to be fair, the criticism here is also very justified.

8 Percy Jackson Series Percy Jackson Series Product Image

Feels like a mediocre Harry Potter clone to be honest...

Does not deserve to be on this list! It is amazing!

Good book series but hella overrated

Very overrated book series

9 Captain Underpants Series Captain Underpants Series Product Image

While many people think this is just a gross series filled with nothing but toilet humor, it actually has a good plot. Used to read these a lot when I was younger.

This book is art, better than Mona Lisa (Just Kidding)

*gasps* hw deer u put beautiful things on dis list

10 Goosebumps Series

Sure, it was a lot of people’s childhoods, but still praised too much because of nostalgia.

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11 Geronimo Stilton Series Geronimo Stilton Series Product Image

I’ve noticed a lot of people read this books around 1st-4th grade. They were good books for kids of that age, I will admit that. But as time went on, some of the plots were just crazy. Also overrated in a sense that everyone praises it because it was their childhood. Not a bad series though.

Another book that I read a lot of in elementary school. But they kinda became overrated as time went on

12 The Maze Runner Series The Maze Runner Series Product Image

Yeah, yeah, another post apocalyptic world where the main character and his/her band of friends has to survive. Where have we seen this before? Again, for being so bland, it gets too much love.

13 Beast Quest

Althoguh I like Beast Quet the series is so repetitive it's so predictable, good guys win and the bad guys lose, for, there's over 200 of these books! Give it a break! I like the series still though as I love the enviroments I can imagine in the books

14 Lord of the Rings Series Lord of the Rings Series Product Image

This is great, if you hate it I respect your opinion - BlazingParasol

I actually don’t think it’s overrated at all. It’s been overshadowed by Harry Potter for years.

15 Wheel of Time Series

A whole bunch of nothing. Terribly written female characters and terrible plot with endless unclosed loops. Sanderson had to come in and save the day to give it finality. It's not worth forcing yourself through the over-detailed descriptions and stagnant pages for Sanderson's work. Some people love this series and try to claim Jordan is the greatest fantasy writer of all time... he is mediocre at best.

It's not really overrated considering how it's more overshadowed by most of the series on here.

16 A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin
17 The Mortal Instruments The Mortal Instruments Product Image

Who ever put this on here, how dare you!

18 Dune Series - Frank Herbert Dune Series - Frank Herbert Product Image
19 The Farseer Trilogy - Robin Hobb The Farseer Trilogy - Robin Hobb Product Image
20 The Dragon Prince Series - Melanie Rawn The Dragon Prince Series - Melanie Rawn Product Image
21 The Instrumentalities of the Night - Glen Cook The Instrumentalities of the Night - Glen Cook Product Image
22 The Outlander Series - Diana Gabaldon The Outlander Series - Diana Gabaldon Product Image
23 Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Product Image
24 The Kingkiller Chronicles - Patrick Rothfuss The Kingkiller Chronicles - Patrick Rothfuss Product Image
25 The Shannara Chronicles - Terry Brooks The Shannara Chronicles - Terry Brooks Product Image
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