Top Ten Overrated Breakfast Cereals

I am not calling any of these cereal brands "bad". Since I don't eat many of these cereals I am simply trusting the word of my peers and using the opinions they all seem to share. Please don't hate me.

The Top Ten

1 Krave

Oh Heck No! Chocolate Lover is telling you it's so rude to call chocolate filled cereals is overrated. - Draconic1000

They taste like you could make them in your backyard with mud and bark off of a tree.

This cereal is not very good. You can barely taste the chocolate. - Knucklewood

These are sort of my favourite

2 Cap'n Crunch

Cap'n Crunch is technically a sergeant. He only has three gold bands, a captain has four. - PositronWildhawk

3 Golden/Sugar Crisp
4 Apple Jacks

When I was little I'd always hate Apple Jacks - TheQuxxn

5 Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This is a very good cereal in my opinion, but I agree the spin-offs of the original, such as peanut butter toast crunch, or chocolate toast crunch are quite overrated.

6 Golden Grahams V 1 Comment
7 Kellogg's Rice Krispies

So for the people who say "It tastes like cardboard" So you guys ate cardboard before? Why bother when you got food in the kitchen?

Put Brown sugar on it, and its delicious!

Tastes like cardboard, but with someone constantly crapping on it.

Has no flavor, its like eating cardboard - ryanrimmel

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8 Lucky Charms

These are so overrated. My friends love it just because of how everyone else does, and they actually had to get over the "cheap marshmallow taste" just so that they could be a part of the crowd.

9 Honey Smacks

Similar to Golden Crisp and Sugar Puffs. - BKAllmighty

10 Sugar Puffs

Similar to Golden Crisp and Honey Smacks. - BKAllmighty

The Contenders

11 Fruity Pebbles
12 Alpha-Bits
13 Cocoa Puffs
14 Cheerios
15 Fruit Loops

Much better than Apple Jacks in my opinion.

The worst... - marshmallow123

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1. Golden/Sugar Crisp
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1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2. Krave
3. Cap'n Crunch



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