Top Ten Most Overrated Call of Duty Zombies Maps

This list covers the most overrated Zombies maps, based on its overwhelmin popularity regardless of apparent flaws in gameplay, variety of strategies, etc.

The Top Ten

1 Mob of the Dead

This is my favorite map besides Origins

No this deserves its praise - christangrant

Repetitive as heck! I hate it!

2 Moon
3 Origins

Ok map that was overhyped and is still adored too much today. If I'm going for something challenging I'd actually rather play Tranzit over this map.

I like this map but I am not mad about it! Too many adore it to bits... - sryanbruen

What's good about it? The wind staff, check, ice staff, check, other staffs, nope, panzer, nope, giant robot that steps on you, nope, layout, too confusing, nope,weapons, check, good map, no the worst.

This map sucks - CODcaker45

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4 Ascension

This should be higher! Why do people like this map so much?

5 Shi No Numa
6 Town

To be honest, I actualy play Zombies on Call of Duty sometimes, and I personally think Town is a bit too small for a town. There's only three buildings you can get... They really need to make the bigger and better maps not cost too much money. - Turkeyasylum

This should be number 1 - christangrant

7 Buried

This map is so easy the first time I played it I got to round 50

Too easy, no fun.

Should be no. 1

8 Nacht Der Untoten

It's too hard and too small!

9 Kino Der Toten

This map is good and fun if you are a beginner but it loses the charm and fun if you become good enough at it and five is underrated

Everyone has too much of a nostalgia boner for this.

Everyone loves it based on nostalgia.

10 Der Riese

The Contenders

11 Shadows of Evil
12 Farm
13 Shangri La
14 Zetsubou no Shima
15 Der Eisendrache

This map is really over hyped. It's too easy to get to 100 on this map. The only fun part about this map is building the bows, and that only takes 10 rounds ish and then I get bored - zombefied115

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