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1 Los Angeles

I live in LA. Trust me, the people are more overrated than the city - mr_crossover27

How plastic do some cities get the population is mostly stuck up celebs rednecks surfers woman who need makeup to look human gang members criminals hobos and people who hate their life - Jaeden29

Just a bunch of rich white guys in Beverly hills that play golf and go out to Malibu or Santa Monica every weekend to go to the beach. Of course not without a stop by Starbucks on the way there.

The homeless I've encountered here are actually picky about what you give to them.

2 San Francisco San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is a city in, and the cultural, commercial, and financial center of, Northern California.

It is a cesspool and dump.

This city sucks. I live in the bay area and it is way too expensive, the city is way too crowded, I've seen really disgusting things like homeless people pissing on the streets. I've seen drug dealings in broad daylight in the Tenderloin. I've been harassed by homeless and drug addicts. There are some really cool things in the city such as great restaurants and legendary concert venues but this city is not what people make it out to be. I prefer Downtown Oakland and Berkeley over SF any day.

When I first heard the name Golden Gate Bridge I imagined it being made out of gold. When I saw a red bridge instead of a gold one I was disappointed but it was still an amazing city with so so much scenery. The reason it ranks third is it's always talked about don't get me wrong this place rules but it is popular - Jaeden29

Full of hipsters and people working jobs they aren't qualified for. They love to claim they aren't shallow but they really are just as much as LA and other cities. - Electricbassguy

3 San Diego

The idiot comment saying San Diego doesn't get 4 seasons is crazy

Okay so San Diego is nowhere near as overrated as Los Angeles and San Francisco are, but people that move here have high expectations about what to expect in SD that make them disappointed. Wages in San Diego are some of the lowest of any major city in America while cost of living is also one of the highest, it's not a good city for nightlife as almost every bar closes around midnight, there is a lack of culture compared to other cities like Atlanta and Boston, and public transportation in San Diego is even more inaccessible than in LA with the same degree of awfulness of car traffic. While you may enjoy going to the beach and going on hikes, it gets boring fast, and the pace is waayy too slow for a major city. It's

I hate San Diego. I was born there but raised elsewhere. San Diego is classist, clique-ish, overrated, boring, and totally out of touch with the rest of the world. Unless you have a lot (and I mean a lot) of money, you cannot afford good housing there. San Diegans are uppity, immature, and fake, they think San Diego is the best and only place in the world because that's all they know. It almost seems like if you are a normal person, you are an outcast here. Wouldn't even recommend visiting, this place is nothing but an urban sprawl slum. LA is so much better. - just32

Compared to cities of similar size, San Diego has very little to no culture, it's incredibly materialistic an superficial, and people there judge you based on what clothes you wear without even talking to you. It's a great place to retire and if you're a professional, but not so great if you're in your 20's and want a middle class lifestyle.

4 San Jose
5 Santa Monica

This place is so boooring I live here and I sit around my house because there are no events and a trashy pier

Just kidding it's a great place 😄

6 San Bernardino
7 Beverly Hills

Overpriced, ugly, congested, and with very nasty, racist, and predatory cops

8 Del Mar

Unless you make $200,000+ a year, drive a mercedes benz, have a hot wife, and wear designer clothes, you will not fit in here whatsoever.

A total hellhole, whatever you do, don't move here!

People are stuck up bitches in del mar

9 Anaheim

They say that Disneyland is the "Happiest Place on Earth" when in reality it's hot, overpriced, and so expensive with a lot of unhappy people there. I suffered from heat rash, waited in line for 2 hours for a ride that broke down, and paid too much for a stuffed animal I could get at the mall for a lot less.

Residents of surrounding areas and of Anaheim itself refer to it as "Ana-Crime."

To much people and house price is extremely expensive you have yo make over 60000 a year to just live ordinary

Why Isn't this number one

10 Sacramento

Sacramento tends to overrate itself by persistently comparing itself to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. None of those areas are even remotely similar. And then there is the covert denial of crime, blaming the causes on some other place. Being the Capitol of the most popular U.S. state only amplifies these inadequacies. - TravelWest

It's the Capitol of California. That's it what is so special about that place. - Jaeden29

Sacramento isn't overrated just because it's the capital!

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11 Long Beach

I love Long Beach! Very diverse city and there is something for everyone. Prices differ depending on location (north, south, east, west, beach area ) but still more reasonable then Los Angeles. People are relatively friendly. There are lots of activities and venues all over the city.

12 Oakland Oakland is the largest city and the county seat of Alameda County, California, United States. A major West Coast port city, Oakland is the largest city in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, the third largest city overall in the San Francisco Bay Area, the eighth most populated city in more.

Crime-ridden, ugly, trust-funded hipster dystopia with a less impressive urban core than Toledo or Buffalo. Oakland is basically a Rust Belt city transplanted to the West Coast, but with ten times the cost-of-living, none of the sense of community, far more hate-filled/anti-social people, and a ridiculous housing bubble. Its insecurity with San Francisco is also embarrassingly provincial and small town. San Francisco is a global, world class city of opportunity in every way (with the business culture, tourism, nightlife, and cosmopolitan population to back it up). Oakland clearly is not, but it's almost just as expensive as SF. If you want hipsters, just go to Portland. It's a much more impressive city with higher quality of life for a fraction of the cost.

Grey, ugly, ran down city, with no infrastructure, terrible roads and poor public transportation, all that at ridiculously inflated prices.

Overrated craphole!

13 Fresno
14 Huntington Beach

I know this family that is obsessed with it because they lived there for two years.

Huntington Beach: Undisputed. From burning down buildings to keep African-Americans away from the beach to naming a barrio the Slater Slums just because Mexicans lived there to its many skinheads, bros, and hos, to rejecting the parade float of living civil rights icon Sylvia Mendez to its idiot congressman, Dana Rohrabacher (R-Taliban) and Barbara Coe, HB is just bad news overall.

15 Orange
16 Glendale

The predominant nationality there is even racist against their own kind. Speakers of different Armenian dialects exhibit potent disdain for one another (which is ironic as the other ethnicities of this city - Koreans and Mexicans - dislike them in general). Also, it's quite normal for Armenian males to stare intensely at strangers. You can imagine how complicated that can end up. Most curious of all, some of them avoid using deodorant for some reason. The city is rotten to the core. Referenced by the FBI as the fraud capital of the West Coast.

17 Salinas
18 Santa Cruz
19 Malibu

I live in a huge beach house in Malibu, California. It's pretty and all, but after as while it gets really hot and your fell like your turning into a burning French Fry.

20 Bakersfield
21 Temecula
22 El Cajon
23 Bishop
24 Cayucos
25 San Luis Obispo

Santa barbara is better.

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