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21 Black Dog - Led Zeppelin

More of Led Zeppelin's work needs to be recognized - theforgiventeen

22 Janie's Got a Gun - Aerosmith

Aerosmith is my favorite hard rock band (with GN'R); but I actually don't like very much this song. - rock2metal

23 Sweet Child (O' Mine) - Guns N' Roses

This song has been so overplayed.

24 Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones

Spent 31 Weeks at #1 on the chart and is still played to death on radio today. -

25 Highway to Hell - AC/DC
26 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

I was thinking of putting "Summer of '69", the most generic rock song ever, on here but with that song at least I know some people who don't like it. I was also thinking of putting "In the Air Tonight", a boring, lifeless song, but I chose "Comfortably Numb" because a lot of people worship Pink Floyd and treat this as their best song. I don't mind Pink Floyd, in fact "Wish you were Here" is one of my favorite albums, but a lot of their stuff is a little overrated. This song on the other hand is horrifyingly overrated. It is a boring, lifeless (but then again a lot of PF's stuff is a little lifeless, but not to this extreme), and confusing song. In fact this feels like a filler song to me, and I do know the where it fits in on The Wall. I guess people like this song because it makes them feel like they are on drugs, and if that is the case I am glad I never take them.

You think this song is lifeless and a filler? You clearly don't understand anything about the song. Did you miss gilmour's emotional guitar solo at the end? If this song is filler then every song on every album ever is filler. - XoTiC_iB

It's not really overrated. It's an amazing song. Don't say the song is overrated just because it's the most popular Pink Floyd song. If any Pink Floyd song is overrated it's Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 - hype

Wonderful tune. - naFrovivuS

Eh, yeah it's a good song, but listen to something like echoes(meddle) or something, and then respond to me.

27 Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones
28 Barracuda - Heart

Agreed - doodie

29 Jump - Van Halen
30 All Right Now - Free

Only overlooked on this websites lists

Are you kidding? This song is overrated? - zxm

31 La Grange - ZZ Top

This songs riff is good, but it is overrated. - Frizor

32 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Most overrated song of all times

33 Can't Fight This Feeling - Reo Speedwagon
34 Hotel California - Eagles

Shocked this isn't up there already. Overall falls flat, with the guitar solo at the end being nothing more than a way for him to play with himself. Eagles as a whole are an overrated band, though.

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