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1 Blue

I think it's a great color even when lots of people like it. - Userguy44


Ask anybody what their favorite color is. 90% of them will say blue.

Super overrated

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2 Green

The most peaceful colour though..Thank God this colour won!

Meh third favorie

If anything, underrated.

3 Pink

Both overhated and overrated - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

It's so stereotypical that girls like pink

Ugliest color ever

Yeah right

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4 Red

Red is a popular color because it's mostly the first color people think of. Imagine an apple. What color is the apple? It's most likely imagined as red, not green or yellow.

Other than that, blue is the most popular color due to it being the color of the sky, the sea, or merely because it's "cool".

Red is a kids colour, ohhh sooo dangerous, NOT. Stupid sports cars and speed, not impressed. Who wears red clothes? Bachelors that think they're cool! Hence single

I love blue, but blue isn't overrated. Red, on the other hand, is really overrated.

Red is anything but overrated. It's always shown as the negative color. Blue and pink are overrated. Green is fine.

5 White

It depends on where it's used. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

6 Purple

Purple is my favourite colour. It isn't really overrated but I really like it. I do also like blue and pink which are the most overrated.

Eh, it's ok, but still very overrated.

7 Yellow

Yellow is for sure overrated. Put it at the bottom

What's So Good About It?

8 Orange
9 Gray

Grey is an pretty color.

I find this boring color to be overrated.Why do people like this color so much? 😵😵😵💫💫💫

10 Black

Everybody loved black so much, white is like dead. I feel bad for white sometimes (well except for the Pokémon black/white problem since Reshiram is insanely overrated so I like Zekrom more) and people just liked this color too much. What's so good about black? Demons and badass stuff? Seriously, not all badass stuff are black white is even more badass

The color of darkness and depression. And everyone loves it. Gross.

Deleto this itemo. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

It is nice, but only really works with another color.

The Contenders

11 Gold

That's not gold...

12 Cyan

Cyan is so overrated. Everything is Cyan.

I don't know

13 Teal
14 Lime Green

Oh it’s so lame... EVERYONE THINKS THIS IS THEIR KING COLOR BUT OVERALL IS NOT THAT GOOD COMPARED TO WHAT THEY SAY! Sorry on the caps, Lime is a great color but still WAY TOO overrated. Even Green is more underrated then Lime! Anyways Lime gets 75/100 score, great, but heavily overrated.

15 Magenta
16 Neon Pink
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