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Frozen Frozen Product Image

I just hate this movie so much it's very overrated and very boring all it is just singing dumb songs like let it go and first time in forever and Olaf is the only good character. This movie just sucks and there are way better Disney movies out there then this crap

Some of those are:

Toy story

Lion king


Monsters inc/university


I'm not the kind of person that despises this movie perse (I thought it was just some average Disney movie), but no one can deny that the hype surrounding it was (and still is) unbearable. And why is that? A couple of good songs or something? That snowman?

Many people just this boring piece of poop. I mean what's more boring about 2 sisters, one having dumb ice powers and the other is like getting killed every time. I have to agree that Olaf and sven are the only good characters...and plus the let it go music...ITS HORRIBLE

And by the way how to train your dragon shouldn't be on this list...its awesome*

It wasn't that bad of a movie but people made it sound like it was the greatest movie ever created. I'm still not sure what's so appealing about the song "Let It Go".

Tangled Tangled Product Image

Hopefully in the sequel, Princess Rapunzel has her brown hair in the end. No offense to her original, universally known, 70-foot-long yellow hair, but it would be much more realistic if Rapunzel's hair were brown unlike in Tangled Ever After, which is awesome for Disney Channel standards.

As will be, this movie has the potential to have a sequel

Maybe I'm alone on this, but I liked practically nothing about tangled. Only thing I can think of is the character of Eugene. But most of the comedy isn't funny, the animation isn't that great, and the voice acting, is... well... less than stellar.

Shrek Shrek Product Image

Please, this movie is not overrated because after the two they failed

The animation style is disgusting, I would rather watch barbie a pony tale (barbie movies are awesome, but pony tale is boring, but more interesting than this gowno! )

Despicable Me Despicable Me Product Image

This movie is fine. It is the minions and its fans who ruined the movie. Not even wondering why the prequel was a failure - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

The Rayman Rabbids to were copied in this movie

How to Train Your Dragon How to Train Your Dragon Product Image

This is my favorite animated movie of all time, how is it overrated?

But It Deserves Its Love

Just a pathetic, overrated underdog story.
I've seen better.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 How to Train Your Dragon 2 Product Image

Garbage. The plot was obviously stolen from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, and the villain was unrealistically based. Plus, I despised what they did to Hiccup and Tuff and Ruff.

The Lego Movie The Lego Movie Product Image

If one more person sings "Everything Is Awesome" at me or even reminds me of that song's existence...

It is just too overrated! It is crap if you ask me, garbage! I'm so not seeing the trashy sequel. It's so terribly overrated, at least Frozen is better than this rubbish. It's so childish and obviously the humour is forced. It's also cringy. I don't get all the hype about it.

Totally overrated

Honestly, I believe that if it would have received the Oscar nomination then people would have just forgotten about it. But it didn't (didn't really deserve it in my opinion) and because of that people won't let it go and truly believe "Everything is Awesome."

It's a fun little movie for kids, but it's not the best animated movie ever like many people will have you believe.

Brave Brave Product Image
Shrek 2 Shrek 2 Product Image

"People act like this is better than the original. HOW? "

That one scene that week, foolish, and pathetic mortals are unworthy to lay eyes upon.

This movie will never in a million years be better than the first.
The first is not overrated.
In the early 2000s I didn't even except Shrek to have a sequel.

The movie was ok, but it made a easy to miss contradiction. At the end of the first film a fairy made a carriage for Shrek and Princess Fiona but in the sequel she is completely different. "Ogres don't have happy endings." So much for the carriage the fairy made at the end of the first.

People act like this is better than the original. HOW?

Big Hero 6 Big Hero 6 Product Image

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Minions Minions Product Image

2015 greatest movie animation coming out December 8 2015 Bru-Ray

If you ask me, I think Minions is the DEFINITION of overrated.

I honestly didn't think this movie was all that great

Great movie.Yes.Second highest grossing animation of all time? NO. - coolguy101

Wall-E Wall-E Product Image

Pretentious and dull. - truckturner


Zootopia Zootopia Product Image

Really wish Disney hadn't caved to the fans on Tumblr and Twitter

I's only a "great movie" because of SJWs. I watched movies to be entertained, not to be preached at.

Why is Big Hero 6 above this? At least that movie had the plot and pathos this movie really lacked, and didn't make a big deal out of anybody's race or gender.

The Biggest Opening For An Overrated Pile Of Crap


This is massively UNDERrated. - truckturner

Despicable Me 2 Despicable Me 2 Product Image
Home Home Product Image

2015 greatest worst 1 good job animation

No. This movie is underrated.

Best Dreamworks movie

When I was little I thought I could be a movie about a purple alien and a girl etc. but this movie just unintentionally copied my idea.

Rise of the Guardians Rise of the Guardians Product Image
Up Up Product Image
Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 Product Image

Some people prefer this over the original, I mean it's a decent movie but really overrated - darthvadern

2010 movie

Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Product Image

Nostalgia Critic was right, but I wished he rated Over the Hedge higher for other reasons than the animation.

I thought this was great.



Antz Antz Product Image
Cars Cars Product Image
Rio Rio Product Image

Good movie, but way to many sexual jokes - darthvadern


The Angry Birds Movie The Angry Birds Movie Product Image
Finding Dory Finding Dory Product Image
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