Top 10 Most Overrated Disney Animated Movies

I should've made this list a long time ago! By the way, a movie being overrated doesn't make it a bad film.

The Top Ten Most Overrated Disney Animated Movies

1 Frozen

We all knew this would end up on this list! Remember, just because something is overrated doesn't mean it's bad. Frozen is one of my favorite Disney films and even I think it's overrated. When it came out, people were treating it like it was the best thing ever! Honestly, it's not. It bothers me that Disney over exposes Frozen while Tangled is in its shadow. Tangled got just the right amount of praise that it should get. Frozen deserves the same amount of praise that Tangled gets! I know the songs in Frozen are better but it gets annoying hearing them over and over again. I still like some of them though. Frozen got a ride at Epcot and a stage show that replaced Aladdin at Disney California Adventure! Even has the tallest float in Paint the Night! They even had an entire event dedicated to Frozen at DCA! This movie is everywhere! But that's not enough to say that it's a horrible film. I like this movie a lot and I'm glad it won 2 Oscars. I just hope that with Moana coming out, that ...more - MegaSoulhero

When this movie first came out, I was pretty young, but I loved it, and "Let it Go" was one of my favorite songs. But what bothers me is that there are other great Disney movies with incredible soundtracks, like The Princess and the Frog for instance. " Almost There" and "Down in New Orleans" were nominated for awards just like the songs in Frozen but some don't even know half those lyrics like they may know all of them with "Let it Go" or " Do You Want to Build a Snowman".

Oh, come on people. Frozen isn't "overrated". It's just the newest thing out there. People were singing " The circle of life" when the lion king came out, and "I have a dream" when Tangled came out. Just because a movie is good doesn't mean that it's overrated.

This is by far the most overrated Disney movie ever.

2 Zootopia

The defensive fans insisting it's "not overrated at all" or even "underrated" are what's keeping this furry SJW propaganda with terrible jokes and an awful song by a singer who was never that good overrated.

It's nothing special really. It just happened to have a well-timed social justice message which of course automatically makes it the best Disney movie if not just plain best movie of the last five years if not of all time.

People only like it because of its Message. Take away the liberal preaching and you've just got a big ball of cliche.

Not overrated at all. Also, the most overrated is toy story which sucks

3 Hercules

I've gotten a lot of hate for constantly bashing on Hercules meaning a lot of people really like this movie. And yet people hate Frozen despite it having less flaws than Hercules. Subjectively speaking. Frozen has songs that people actually put effort into writing. Hercules has ONE song that had effort put into it. The rest are awful! I like Gospel music but why would they put it in a movie about Greek mythology!? Go the Distance is my favorite Disney song but it's such a shame that it was wasted on this film. I know their goal was to be more comedic with this movie, but the jokes totally fell flat. And the dialogue is terrible! The plot is also very similar to Superman. Hercules gets sent to Earth for protection, gets raised by a normal Earth couple, he eventually finds out who he really is, tries to become a hero, and meets a girl. By the way, Megara is voiced by Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. I really like Hades though! He's awesome and hilarious! But overall, this movie is not ...more - MegaSoulhero

Why people always keep saying hercules is underrated movie? Really? When I ask someone what is your favourite movie the answer is hercules, every time! So, it's not underrated, for me after frozen the second most overrated is hercules. It's not bad movie but it's not so awesome as some people keep saying, I think there are a lot of better movies than hercules.

Great movie, but I HATE Hades. He makes the movie worse.

To the person who keeps asking why Hercules is underrated, that's because IT IS UNDERRATED!

-Do people talk about it anymore? NO!
-Do people show the movie on T.V.? ONLY NETFLIX!
-What about Hercules the Animated Series? NO RERUNS OF THOSE!
-Are they mentioned in Disney Parks attractions? Yes, but very rare.
-Any merchandise sold? Not a lot.

Hercules is seriously underrated.

4 Fantasia 2000

The original Fantasia is my all time favorite Disney movie! Fantasia 2000, however, is just good. And to me that's disappointing because the original was amazing! For some reason, people say this is just as great as the 1940 movie. I've even heard people say this one is better. But this was a huge step back from the masterpiece that was 1940's Fantasia! I felt like the celebrity cameos were totally unnecessary and forced! The animation segments in the film are still pretty entertaining. It's great to see them using CGI. But my main problem is that only three of the segments matched the music. And one of them was the Sorcerer's Apprentice which we already saw in the original. Also, why is it called Fantasia 2000!? It came out in December 1999! If they waited a couple of weeks to release it, it could've been the first animated film of the new millennium! As it's own movie, it's pretty good. But as a sequel to Fantasia, it's disappointing. - MegaSoulhero

5 Wall-E

Wall-E and Eve are so cute together! Wall-E is one lucky robot to find someone as hot as Eve! Anyway, Wall-E is a good movie, but I wouldn't say it's Pixar's best. I found the first 30 minutes to be quite boring. It didn't start getting interesting until Wall-E and Eve got on the ship. And even some of the scenes on the ship were just ok. The villain of the film is AUTO who's basically a HAL 9000 rip-off. In my opinion, AUTO is the most forgettable villain in any Pixar film! Also, I barely consider him a villain because he was just following orders! His job was to keep the Axiom from going back to Earth! The Earth, by the way, looked like trash! One little plant won't save it! So the fact that the captain tried so hard to go back to Earth doesn't make any sense! This movie has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and got nominated for six Oscars! Seriously? Like I said, Wall-E is a good movie but not great. - MegaSoulhero

I just found it really bland and preachy. I know they didn't intend to make a preachy movie, but the setting itself comes across as a heavy-handed message against excessive consumption and over-reliance on technology. - Treacle

Literally the most overrated Pixar movie to be honest. I like it a lot but if I were to rank the Pixar movies this would fall more towards the bottom (that isn’t saying much as there’s only 2 Pixar movies I genuinely don’t like... ahem... Good Dinosaur and Cars 2...) - children

6 Lilo & Stitch

Just to be clear, I don't hate this movie. I like it but I don't consider it one of Disney's best. An alien lands on planet Earth, gets hit by a truck, ends up in an animal shelter, and gets adopted by Lilo who names him Stitch. She basically teaches him how to be Elvis Presley. Meanwhile, two other aliens try to capture Stitch. I feel like Stitch is the main reason as to why this movie is as popular as it is. I could be wrong though. Stitch is awesome but there are also times when he can be annoying. They even made a Disney World attraction about him which became the worst Disney theme park attraction ever! Lilo is a pretty good character. I like the fact she's voiced by the girl who voiced Sen from Spirited Away. I also really like Lilo's very hot sister, Nani! The relationship between Lilo and her sister is very nice but the alien subplot is kind of out of place for me. But this is still a good movie. I can't wait to go to Hawaii next year! - MegaSoulhero

Most overrated movie ever I hate stitch he is not cute at all

7 Treasure Planet

"But it's UNDERRATED! " Shut up, too many people have said that already to the point the word "underrated" has lost any meaning. And then there's that stupid Ariel/Jim crack ship that just won't die...

I watched it again recently because I always hear that it’s underrated, but I only got halfway through and decided that it was rated perfectly. It’s immensely boring and not interesting at all. - children

8 Moana

But Frozen is still better.

King of boring but good - PeeledBanana

I guess it's kinda popular but it is still my favorite movie.

It Might Be Overrated But Its Still An Amazing Movie - VideoGamefan5

9 Finding Dory

Should Be Number 1 This Movie Sucks!, People Treat It Like The Shawshank Redemption Of Best Animated Movies When Its Not!, Finding Dory Sucks - VideoGamefan5

Just A Awful Movie - VideoGamefan5

10 Fantasia

A great, great, great movie in every respect. - BeatlesFan1964

The Contenders

11 The Nightmare Before Christmas
12 Mulan

Disney's Attempt to making a Studio Ghibli film and failing. While it has great music, it's value outside of being progressive really ends there.

"But she SAV-" Shut up, we heard you the first 998775948370594532615067954 times! This is still a mediocre film at best.

13 Cars

! THE INCREDIBLES WAS SO AWESOME! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW PIXAR IS GONNA TOP THAT! Oh. A movie about talking cars. Interesting. I don't hate this movie, but Pixar is known for making such amazing films! When I go to see a Pixar film, I have high expectations for it! This one was slightly disappointing. I mean, seriously? A movie about talking Cars? I guess it worked out for them since it turned out to be successful. But that's mostly because they can sell a lot of toys with this movie. I like this film but it's not something I would watch over and over. The story is a little weak and there are parts that are clearly put there to make the movie longer. This movie is like 2 hours long. Lightning McQueen is a great character and Mater is tolerable in this movie. The rest of the characters I couldn't care less about. The ride at Disney California Adventure is awesome by the way! This is a decent movie, BUT THEN THEY DECIDED TO MAKE AN AWFUL SEQUEL! Why John Lasseter, why? - MegaSoulhero

How Is This Movie Overrated? , Its Underrated, Finding Dory And Finding Nemo Are Overrated - VideoGamefan5

It’s considered one of Pixar’s weakest and even then I think it’s overrated. It’s still a fine movie but it’s plot is SO WEAK. The characters are also bland and uninteresting. - children

14 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
15 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is such a good movie! The songs are great and the scenery is beautiful! Ursula is also an awesome villain. So why do I think this movie is overrated? Because of Ariel! I hate Ariel so much! She is one of the worst Disney characters ever! She has absolutely no redeeming qualities! First of all, she is a hoarder! She collects things and doesn't even know what they are! How does she not know what a fork is but knows what lipstick is? And despite having all this "amazing" stuff, that's not enough for her! She wants to have legs and go up to the surface! She immediately falls in love with the first guy she sees! She then goes to Ursula and gives up her voice to be with a guy she doesn't even know! She meets Eric and he takes her into his castle that apparently doesn't have any paper or pencils for Ariel to communicate! Stuff happens! Triton sacrifices himself to save his daughter! Ursula is defeated and Ariel gets to keep her legs and marries Eric despite everything ...more - MegaSoulhero

Your comment would be like mine and has received a like. I cannot believe that The Little Mermaid gets this much praise for having a one-dimensional, bitchy teenage girl?! - The Ultimate Daredevil to MegaSoulhero

16 Finding Nemo
17 Inside Out
18 The Lion King

Yeah I like this movie but I think it’s SO overpraised. Timon and Pumbaa literally are the worst part and bring the movie down with them in my opinion. - children

19 The Wild

A perfect example of an underhated disney film - VideoGamefan5

20 The Black Cauldron
21 Pocahontas

From what I've heard, a lot of people seem to like this movie. Understandable since the scenery looks nice and the soundtrack is brilliant! But the story is uninteresting and the characters are bland! I watched this movie twice and I almost fell asleep both times! However, this movie has what is probably the most unintentionally funny moment in Disney history! Kocoum's scream! That part when Pocahontas and John Smith kiss and he sees it and does some sort of battle cry gets me every time! Also, Colors of the Wind is among my favorite Disney songs. But there is barely anything memorable in this film. It's also inaccurate considering there was no proof of Pocahontas and John Smith ever being a couple! Oh yeah, and how did Pocahontas learn English? Oh that's right! She learned it from... THE WIND! - MegaSoulhero

Honestly... I just found this to be kind of boring. The animation and music are great though.

22 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
23 Dinosaur

I liked this movie,

When I was 2.

24 Cars 2

It's not overrated because no one likes it jack@$$ - VideoGamefan5

One of the most ''underrated'' Pixar movies

25 Chicken Little

No one likes this movie and I can see why. I watched a little bit of it on Netflix this morning. The CGI is really bad (much worse than the now almost-23-year-old Toy Story as a matter of fact! ), the characters aren't interesting, and the writing is very lackluster. Worst of all, the ending makes the entire movie seem almost pointless!

Same guy here. Also wanted to add that the 1943 short is available on Netflix too (under the Three Little Pigs Collection). Go watch that, it’s way funnier and more clever than the 2005 movie could ever dream to be.

26 Alice in Wonderland
27 Tangled

Nothing that great in it to like it.

This movie is praised as amazing and a groundbreaking Disney film. It’s a good movie but it’s neither amazing nor groundbreaking. In fact it’s nothing near groundbreaking. It’s literally the formulaic plot we always used to see from Disney. It didn’t really change anything up except for the fact that Rapunzel is the first CGI Disney Princess. And she isn’t even that interesting of a character! - children

28 Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Completely destroyed everything good about the first movie

Eff Slaughter Race!

The only reason people are praising this so much already is that Princess scene, which is simultaneously a blatant appeal to nostalgia and a blatant appeal to SJW feminists.

29 Big Hero 6
30 Aladdin
31 Wreck-It Ralph
32 Beauty and the Beast

Poorly paced, incredibly over-dramatic, thin plot with some major flaws, and a villain that's more entertaining than the main characters (who are actually quite bland and pretentious when you look at it).

Despite all this, everyone seems to think of it as a masterpiece (which if they were being honest, is purely because they like the songs, and nostalgia). This is exactly why it's easily one of the most overrated Disney movies.

This film is fine... It's watchable but I wouldn't choose to watch it over many others.

33 The Jungle Book (1967)

All I can say about this movie is that it's kind of boring. It's not bad but it's uninteresting. In my opinion, the 2016 remake was much better because it has a lot more stuff happening in it! In this one, not much happens. I guess the songs are ok. My favorite is Bare Necessities. Some things I also like about the film are the characters. They're very likeable and can get a few laughs. Winnie the Pooh as Kaa the snake is very hilarious! And then in the sequel, they got Jim Cummings to do the voice and he was also the replacement voice for Pooh. Does that mean Scarlett Johansson will be the next Winnie the Pooh? That would be awesome! - MegaSoulhero

34 The Emperor's New Groove
35 The Incredibles

Overrated I would rather watch any of the marvel films than watch this

Nah it deserves the praise it gets. - children

36 Monsters University

Overrated? Nah. Well for me, at least a bit, I quiet found this movie great, not the great but actually the best work out of Pixar(no offense). First off, the characters were too likable for me, they had deep character, lovely personalities and misunderstood problems. Not like Toys Story or Cars don't have these elements, they actually do but not as much as Monsters University. For me, MU is a lot whole better than MI. - xXLittleQueensXx

Monster University sucks! This and Cars 2 are the only Pixar films I hate! And something that both films have in common is that they are both horribly cliché! Cars 2 rips off every spy movie ever made whereas Monsters U rips off every college movie ever made! And I never liked college films to begin with. Also, I didn't find the jokes to be very funny. There were a couple of them that I laughed at but not enough. I really wish we got a sequel to Monsters Inc. instead of a prequel. Why do we need a film about Mike and Sully in college? The only good thing to come from the film was a hilarious short where Oozma Kappa throw a party. I don't remember what movie it came with but the short was very funny! I really expected more from this movie. - MegaSoulhero

37 The Fox and the Hound
38 The Aristocats
39 The Princess and the Frog
40 Meet the Robinsons
41 A Goofy Movie
42 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
43 Up
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