Top 10 Most Overrated Disney Animated Movies


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21 Chicken Little
22 Fantasia

A great, great, great movie in every respect. - BeatlesFan1964

23 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
24 The Emperor's New Groove
25 The Nightmare Before Christmas
26 Alice in Wonderland
27 Big Hero 6
28 The Aristocats
29 The Princess and the Frog
30 Monsters University

Overrated? Nah. Well for me, at least a bit, I quiet found this movie great, not the great but actually the best work out of Pixar(no offense). First off, the characters were too likable for me, they had deep character, lovely personalities and misunderstood problems. Not like Toys Story or Cars don't have these elements, they actually do but not as much as Monsters University. For me, MU is a lot whole better than MI. - xXLittleQueensXx

Monster University sucks! This and Cars 2 are the only Pixar films I hate! And something that both films have in common is that they are both horribly cliché! Cars 2 rips off every spy movie ever made whereas Monsters U rips off every college movie ever made! And I never liked college films to begin with. Also, I didn't find the jokes to be very funny. There were a couple of them that I laughed at but not enough. I really wish we got a sequel to Monsters Inc. instead of a prequel. Why do we need a film about Mike and Sully in college? The only good thing to come from the film was a hilarious short where Oozma Kappa throw a party. I don't remember what movie it came with but the short was very funny! I really expected more from this movie. - MegaSoulhero

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