Top 10 Most Overrated Disney Movies

Note: I'm not saying these movies are bad. I love most of them, but what people do, they make a top 10 Disney villain countdown or something, then add the villain in their favorite movie because it's their favorite movie. Same thing with princesses. If they make a top ten Disney movie countdown and add let's say "Beauty and the Beast" is number one because Belle is their favorite princess. I mean really. But if you do that, remember to look further. And if a movie is on here that is your favorite and you don't do that dumb thing, it's alright. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Frozen

Oh. My. Word. I cannot believe how overrated this Disney movie is. At first when it came out, it was ok, people weren't crazy for it. But as time came and went, the popularity started to rise A LOT to the point when I decided to watch "the goodness I was missing". When I did, I must say that... I was a little disappointed. It wasn't as good as people said it was. I expected it to be, like, VERY AWESOME! Or WOW! But no. It was like everyone was playing a trick on me or something. I'm not saying Frozen is a bad movie, but that the movie is just overrated and does not deserve all this popularity. And guess what- even at school as a Christmas treat, like always, we watch a movie to celebrate. Guess what the movie what? Frozen. I felt really bad at the moment. But what I hate the most about Frozen is "the best song ever": Let It Go. I prefer The Circle Of Life! Seriously, when we were watching the movie at school, when it came to Let It Go, EVERYONE was singing along- ...more - anythingispossible

Okay... so here is my story :/

So I decided to watch this movie a month after it came out due to the hype. At first I did not want to watch it, but you see everywhere I went all I saw was FROZEN. Frozen games, frozen dolls, frozen posters, frozen everything! So I said to myself "this can't be that bad."

I was wrong. So I watched it and was like okay... where does the exciting stuff come in... Then the movie ended and I was like okay. Pretty much the movie wasn't as inspiring as I thought. (All I heard was stuff like: "Elsa doesn't need a man! " "Frozen saved my life! " "They are my idols! ")
What the story plot to me was:

There is a princess who freezes everything with her sister who doesn't have powers. Then by accident she freezes her sister and then everyone gets pissed (Like they didn't think she would freeze anyone before? ) Then they decide to take her to some weird rock dudes who say she needs to stop hurting ...more

God, this movie's popularity drags on. My English teacher loves it, people say they like it and they've never even seen it, I have NOT heard one bit of negativity about it. Just stop it. That's enough.
There are parts I don't get, like how does some slight frost make it an everlasting winter? It takes technological explanation and the answers not even important. Then she can suddenly make dresses, castles and monsters? What is she, the Ice King?
The characters are stupid, like that Duke, Olaf and I think the main 'villain' is just disappointing for me.
The songs aren't anything I like, I only watched it because it had a slight entertainment factor. I thought it was alright, but after seeing Les Miserables I really liked it and I thought it was better as both a musical and a film set back in time. The songs aren't any good, they get trapped inside the memories of your brain and haunt you for the rest of your life. There's too much singing and I think Les Miserables had much ...more - BlazikenBro

But there is 33 movie mistakes and I hate frozen and I am 9 I try to point out some of the movie mistakes but when I tell them. Someone will hate me. That's why I have very few friends

Every moral or lesson Frozen attempts to demonstrate is outdone by another, better, underrated Disney movie. Frozen attempts to demonstrate love, sisterly bond, perspective, being yourself, and a lot more. Pocahontas and Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan demonstrates love way better than Frozen does. All Anna did was attempt to block Hans from killing Elsa, but she did it for herself, for she knew that she would die either way, and she could break her spell by doing an act of true love. Pocahontas could have very well lost her life by defending John, but she loved him enough to sacrifice herself. Belle loved her father, so she took his place instead of running away and living a good life. Mulan joined the Chinese military to protect her father, under the consequences of death if her gender was discovered. Lilo and Stitch better demonstrates sisterly bonds than Frozen, because although Lilo and Nani didn't always get along, they were inseparable. All Frozen did was show Elsa and Anna ...more

2 The Lion King

I liked this film, but never felt "attached" to it somehow like most reviewers state. Maybe I have low emotions, but I felt no sorrow over touching scenes such as Mufasa's death, since there are plenty of other movies out there that were more poignant to me, specifically "The Boy in Striped Pajamas". Just about the only thing that I found appealing from the movie was the songs, particularly "The Circle of Life".

Simba portrays himself as a protagonist who one day wants more than nothing to be king, and then the next regrets everything in his life like a piece of cake, although he of course was not the culprit of his father's death. In a sense, he doesn't seem to have a strong will inside himself to be king for the majority of the movie, due to the realities of life that Mufasa teaches him in his childhood, and his brief abandoning of his time with the pride while in the jungle. His transformation into realizing his role in protecting the pride is ...more

While, the Lion King is a good movie it is FAR from being one of Disney's best. There are huge problems with it. Like the main character, who is the most boring and generic thing in the whole movie. When compared to Anna, the protagonist of Frozen, there's just no contest, Anna is much more entertaining. Another problem is the music, most of it sucks. Be prepared is great, and I like circle of life, but everything else is just annoying. Once again compared to Frozen there's just no contest Frozen wins by a landslide, every single song is amazing. One other huge flaw is the botched up message. So Simba learns to face his past, but when he does he starts to lose, and every thing he was taught before is suddenly working against him. Nobody even helps him or gets backs him up much until they find out he didn't kill his father. So I guess the moral is never take responsibility for what you've done, because nobody will help you unless it turns out you really didn't commit the crime. How is ...more - Tacosarelife

MY GOSH! This movie is so overrated. Even more overrated than frozen. People never shut up about saying it's the best movie ever/ best Disney movie ever and to forget all the other Disney movies. There are tons of Disney movies that are forgotten but are really good because of this movie like Great Mouse Detective and Robin Hood. They keep saying no other Disney movie will ever be better. They really just need to shut up. Beauty and the Beast was so much better than this movie.

@OP, it's not because of The Lion King that The Great Mouse Detective and Robin Hood are underrated. If anything that would be because of the failure of The Black Cauldron. - Disney1994

If Frozen had come out in 1994 and The Lion King had come out in 2013.
It would be The Lion King more overrated than Frozen.
It's called nostalgia.

3 Lilo & Stitch

It's overrated in the sense that for quite a while Stitch was anywhere and everywhere, just like Elsa is nowadays.

"How is this an overrated movie? Last time I checked, it wasn't really that great of a movie."

Yeah, but try telling everyone who acts as if this was Disney's best movie ever and those who even go so far to say how "underrated" it is that.

There was only one original song, and it wasn't that special. Every single other song in the movie was an existing Elvis song or a remake thereof. Nothing against the King of Rock 'n Roll, but memorable original songs that are unforgettable really make a difference when it comes to Disney movies.

Fans mindlessly defending it doesn't help.

4 Zootopia

If I wanted a two hour lecture on political correctness, I'd spend those two hours on Tumblr and Facebook.

Animal puns, washed up has-been pop star as the hot thing in this animal world, annoying overdone political satire, the fourth Disney movie in a row with a "surprise" villain... nope, doesn't deserve to be the best animated movie of all time like everyone's making it out to be.

If this movie is such a wonderful much-needed commentary on racism, why do all the sloths work at the DMV?

Should be way higher, but not as high as Frozen. I'm surprised how many people blatantly overrate this. Nobody even cares for the environment's animals these days, and this was probably made to try to make people care again. God, I hate "Try Everything."

5 Tangled

Tangled is an awesome movie. Its much better than the original tale of Rapunzel and this movie is underrated not overrated. And Rapunzel is cute and innocent not ugly you idiot commentor. I bet you're ugly and a loser. Rapunzel is also very intelligent. She charts stars and knows a lot of skills. She can save herself quite well using her frying pan. She is also a fast learner and kind at heart.

Don't call somebody ugly for their own opinion. He/She was expressing their opinion, so just respect it. You need to stop out and face reality, people can express what they want to say. Don't make fun of them for that. I love Tangled and all it's characters, but I don't care if somebody says, "Rapunzel is ugly." Or "I hate this movie." I don't care. It's their opinion. Don't waste your time yelling at them.

Sure, the plot was good, the premise is good, but is it really THAT GOOD? No. The execution was horrible, the comedy was eh, to be honest, I do not recommend this film. The film doesn't have memorable songs and doesn't have memorable characters. Honestly, go check it out, but I do not recommend this film at all. Also, for Frozen people and haters, yes it is overrated, but also, it is hated as much. I could argue that Frozen plots and premise is worse than Tangled, but its execution was AMAZING. The humor and characters were memorable. The songs...*hold it*. I know many people will hate me for it, but as much as I hate people singing let it go always, when I first hear the song of Frozen, I came back home and began to continue singing it.

So to sum it up, a good plot and beginning may be good, but that doesn't sum up everything.

And, to make you guys happy, yes Tangled is a good film, but it's just overrated. Which is what the list is trying to say. Hope you enjoy this ...more

Varian is bae

Tangled is a fantastic movie! Who put this here?

Just because it says "overrated " doesn't mean it's bad. Or it would say "worst" Disney movies. - AnnaOfArendelle332

6 The Little Mermaid

Very overrated and not a very good movie at all. First off the only reason why its considered "good" because it saved Disney from a financial slump and has a few catchy songs. Moreover this is a move that teaches girls AND boys that your only has good has your looks. The main character, Ariel, gives up her only talent for a boy she only like because he is handsome. This movie sucks.

I agree mostly, but The Little Mermaid does have one of the most amazing villains of all time. - Patty_C

They changed the story for a reason. It would've been too depressing for Ariel to kill herself or for the price to betray her.

I find it very overrated. The animation is good and I like the songs, but I can't stand Ariel or Eric. They are both just so focused on one aspect of each other, even though they know nothing about one another. Also, Ariel gets everything she wants even though she screwed up everything and didn't even try to fix her mistakes. It's not a horrible movie, and it did lead to the Disney Renaissance, which had spectacular films, but it just really annoys me. - Elric-san

Never liked the story. A girl giving up her whole self (family and talent, which is basically all she had) for a boy she didn't even know. She only fell for him for his looks. Only thing good about this movie are the songs. But yeah, this movie is so overrated.

7 Mulan

It's Disney's Attempt of making a Studio Ghibli film and failing.

Buzzfeed and most millennials seem to worship this movie, it wasn't nearly as successful or acclaimed as some people make it out to be, and it still isn't, but I digress.
I don't care if you think Mushu's funny, he makes no sense in the aesthetic or universe of this movie. Mulan is more action than character, at the end of the day she's Disney's misunderstood outcast number 352, while I wouldn't call her boring, she just doesn't feel very fleshed out. The villain is a ruthless ass but...that's about it, he's also barley in the movie and has little to nothing to do with the plot, he's less of a villain and more like a constant foreshadowing of the climax. I think both the main and the heroine could have been better if they just axed Mushu, who takes up half of the movie. HE EVEN HAS HIS OWN SUBPLOT! Which would be fine if he were sympathetic but he isn't. He screws up, wants a second chance, all for fame and ...more

Some of the songs are good, but other than that I feel the only reason this movie has gotten so much more popular now is mostly because of PC culture. I guess I'm one of the few people out there who watches movies to hear a good story, good characters, and good dialogue. Yeah, there's some of that here, but it's mostly overshadowed by how much they're trying to push feminism onto kids. I'm not saying I'm for or against feminism, but the general concept of a family movie (especially a Disney movie) fueled mostly with the objective of pushing a political movement I find absolutely absurd. Like I said before, I don't hate everything about it. But the sudden uprising of third-wave feminism that has made this movie way more popular than it's content really merits, then I can't help but consider this the most overrated Disney movie ever. (also, curse you whoever wrote "I'll Make a Man Out of You". I'll never get that song out of my head as long as I live.)

How about doing a little more research on the source material, the poem/legend this was based on? It wasn't about Mulan proving herself or finally doing something right, it was her simply doing what she had to. Family honor and feminism had nothing to do with it. Had Disney stuck closer to the original source, the movie would have been a lot more worthy of the praise every things it "needs".

Too much emphasis on sexism, heroine whines about her lot in life early on and ONLY thinks to do something about it when her father is summoned to war, heroine spends most of the movie out over being discovered, annoying sidekick who was later reincarnated as the even more annoying Donkey from the "Shrek" franchise.

And people not shutting up about how great or how perfect this movie supposedly is puts it out of "underrated" territory.

8 Treasure Planet

A kid can still know who Jim Hawkins is without seeing this movie that deserves to rot in obscurity and people need to stop abusing the term "underrated" towards. Disney did make a more direct (live action) Treasure Island movie, also there's the Muppets version. Or, you know, THE ACTUAL ORIGINAL BOOK.

It's not underrated at all, quite the opposite. It's boring and pointless.

Yes, this movie is far from underrated. And stop pairing Jim with Ariel!

"overrated usually means something that gets to much attention/praise" Which this movie actually does. Go on Tumblr or most any social network site and it'll feel as though loving this movie and constantly saying how it's so "sadly underrated" is an absolute requirement for even liking Disney at all.

9 The Princess and the Frog

Overrated because the "representation matters" crowd felt the need to support it and push its "greatness" because in their minds not doing so meant Disney would make more "people of color" princesses. Meanwhile, ignoring the skin color of its heroine, this movie tried too hard to be "modern", the songs weren't that great, and ALL the characters (black, white, not human) were varying degrees of annoying or unappealing.

Everyone keeps bringing up how Tiana worked two jobs and was so "focused" and "driven" making her this wonderful, perfect role model and so much better than any other Disney princess (except maybe Mulan). Thing is, had Tiana been white none of that would have meant squat to the same people shouting her greatness from the rooftops.

Unfortunately, people always feels the need to cry "racism" every time someone says anything even slightly negative about this movie.

If the heroine wasn't black and if a big deal hadn't been made over "Disney's first black princess", this movie would have been long forgotten.

10 Toy Story 3

Don't get me wrong, this movie was great and I really like it, but I hate when people say it was the best of the three, it really isn't as good as the first, and it is going to be a challenge for any animated movie to be better, but it was still a very well done and worthwhile movie.

This film is not a bad film at all. It's a conclusion to a story we've all grown up loving. As sad and dark as it was, I think it was needed to push the audience to a place where we have to feel like we might lose our beloved characters forever. We have to feel in order for it to make an impact. I personally love this film because it made me uncomfortable. Pixar had the guts to do that, and I applaud them for it. Overrated? Only because it made an impact on a captive audience. And really the most talked about moments would be when we thought the toys were going to die, and the end when Andy was giving the toys away to the little girl. Those moments SHOULD be talked about because they are emotionally driven moments that affect us as fans of the first 2.

I can't say it was a bad movie, but it's so sad! I'm honestly kind of scared to see what will happen in the fourth one. From the trailers, the fourth one looks funny (especially, "To infinity and my foot! ), but, who knows? - PandasNGaga

Person who said this was a "great conclusion": you know they're making a fourth film, right?

The Contenders

11 Aladdin

For the person who called this movie the worst movie ever, you're a retard. You must be some brat who's a fan of that overrated garbage known as Frozen. Grow up. You don't know comedy gold if it hit you in the face.

The only overrated disney movie now is Frozen. the others are okay or underrated

I don't see how this movie could be overrated. It had Robin Williams who in my opinion was the greatest actor to ever live.

He was the only good thing about this flick. Everything else kind of sucked. - majormanafemale

This movie is just a silly ' overrated ripoff of "The Thief and The Cobbler" - nothing more!

12 Sleeping Beauty

I can't believe you couple of people below are hating on this movie. This movie is a timeless classic. Too romantic? No. It's not romantic enough actually. Aurora and Phillip should have had more screen time together, if anything. If it was bad though, Princess Aurora wouldn't be so popular. This movie gets praised for a reason, sure Aurora deserved more screen time, along with Phillip. The screen time that they got, though; was magical and breathtaking. The song, the dancing, the romance in the woods, it was enchanting.

As someone who dislikes the film for its bland plot and underdeveloped main characters, I agree that it would've been better it if had spent more time on Aurora, Phillip and their romance. - Treacle

By itself, it’s not overrated. But, there were so many other Disney movies just like it being produced at the time.

Aurora and phillip so boring

Honestly, a really bland story. Everyone praises it, but really, it's not that great. It's a simple plot with horribly 1-Dimensional characters that have no backstory almost at all and Aurora is just another princess who isn't complete without a prince. - punyraisin

13 Beauty and the Beast

Never got the hype around it. It's fairly forgettable and the songs only seem to be there for the sake of having music, instead of being properly integrated into the story. And while the romance between Belle and the Beast was significantly better developed than most Disney romances, Shrek's take on the whole "don't judge a book by its cover" was far more engaging and successful, in my opinion.

And I really don't get why Belle is seen as such a feminist role model. Besides her passion for literature, she's just your typical, generic Disney Princess. I guess I'm just not particularly fond of the whole 'outcast', 'not like other girls' trope, especially since the other female human characters in the story are reduced to stereotypes. And the Beast doesn't really get much personality besides being 'the monster with a heart of gold', now does he? There were so many missed opportunities for his character development, but it just felt very rushed.

Overall, a highly overrated ...more

Its just one of my top 10 favourite disney movies

Google the TVs series. Then you will understand.

This movie is not overrated at all! Really it's underrated and Princess Belle deserves just as much attention as Frozen is getting if not more.

14 James and the Giant Peach

Stupid plot, stupid characters, stupid movie.

This is Disney? Wow... - mmarce445

This movie is super boring

What?! This movie has an amazing plot!

15 The Nightmare Before Christmas

I hate that this is movie is on here! Whats so wrong with showing holidays in movies! This movie is good! I can't believe that someone put this on here! It has got everything most people like. It has holidays, heart, and love. The animation rocks so do the actors. This movie has made one of the best songs for Halloween, it has great heroes and villains.

This movie has become a franchise when it really shouldn't have. The movie is... Interesting. But people are WAY TOO OBSESSED WITH IT.

To me, I don't find this movie overrated at all really. Sure it's very well-known and popular around, but I don't see it as an overrated movie.. unlike frozen that is.

I taught it was only ok - Froglamb

16 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Everyone just keeps raving about it; I'm still wondering why the heck anyone thought Victor Hugo was a good source for a fun family film and hate all the changes made so as to make his work "fun" and "family friendly".

Became so when the actual Notre Dame cathedral burned down

Folks, this was NOT the first Disney movie about an outcast. Dumbo was.

I'm disabled but I still couldn't get into this movie or Quasimodo. So much for "representation"!

17 Fantasia

Why does it matter if this movie has a plot or not? The reason people love this movie and praise it is because of the fantastic animation and great classical music and how they are molded together. This movie is not overrated.

Yeah, I find it underrated! People hate it because it doesn't have the same storyline as other Disney animated films, or it's boring. I found it A LITTLE boring at times but I still thought it was phenomenal.


Just watched it for the first time since I was a kid, and while yes the animation is fantastic and the talent behind it is's kind of hard to sit through. At the end of the day you want to be pulled into a film, you want to be entertained by what is going on. Fantasia made me keep looking at the clock and thinking about how much longer it has to go. It's not a bad film by any means, in fact it's a great film, but to compare it to Disney's best films, especially when this movie fails to hold me for long...I completely disagree. Fantasia is a fantastic achievement, no doubt, but it's simply not an entertaining film. A film has to be entertaining before it can be something more. Stop trying to be "edgy" and stop thinking you're "deep" or that you're above other people because you love this movie because of its art. I love this film's art and I definitely realize its talent, BUT I also realize that it's simply not that enjoyable to sit through, and I think many others realize ...more

I really think that Fantasia is an amazing piece of art and that it is an incredible achievement for in cinema's history. As amazing as it looks and sounds, it is one of the worst Disney movies when viewed as a narrative respective. I love Fantasia for it's visuals, but I feel people overrate the movie sometimes.

18 Alice in Wonderland

Horrible movie; so incredibly mean-spirited, everybody treats Alice like trash for no reason, and no redemption...yeah, horrible movie. Why people like it, I'll never know.

"If you really want to know he went that way"
"Who did?
"The white rabbit."
"He did?! "
"Did what? "
"Went that way"
"Who did? "
"The white rabbit."
"What rabbit? " Funniest thing ever and no the animated one is a classic the Tim burton one is god awful

The plot is just too crazy. Yes, I know that it wasnt Disney's fault the plot was like that, it was the original author's, but it is literally the most confusing and crazy plot ever with creepy and wacky (not in the good way) characters. The Tim Burton remake is awful, though. - punyraisin

This is for the original only. The other version was better.

Yeah I actually liked the first remake from Tim Burton that was actually okay. Where with this what was Disney on in the making of this film? - htoutlaws2012

19 Cinderella

Never liked this story. Every retelling makes me feel like Cinderella "deserves" a prestigious life after being emotionally tortured by her step mother and step sisters. How about a story where she doesn't get the prince?! Plus, why is it that the prince doesn't recognize her after dancing together at a ball? If he really loved her, he's know what the heck she looked like, even WITH rags on! Overrated for me, for sure!

I Like This Movie - VideoGamefan5

20 Cars

This is not the most underrated Pixar movie. Cars is slow. It may have some of the greatest Pixar scenes such as Doc Races and California Race, but it is mainly the weakest Pixar movie. Even the sequel to this film (and I am a Cars liker, one major reason why is its character design seems inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog) is a better Pixar movie. Also, some of this movie's fans on some lists of TheTopTens get too angry when they see Cars on lists of worst movies. I give Cars a worthwhile rating of 6/10 (a 7 for the animation, a 9 for the sound, a 5 for the story and a 5 for the characters).

I'd rather watch this then Cars 2, or heavens why an upcoming Cars 3. - htoutlaws2012

This is actually the most underrated Pixar movie!

I love this movie. Why is it on here?!

21 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

While it's not the best Disney movie I really don't think people even know what overrated actually means

It's Not Overrated, I Barely Hear Anyone Talk About It - VideoGamefan5

Lol this isn't even overrated its underrated if anything god this website sucks at choices

This is the same thing as Treasure Planet. Overrated and not underrated.

When it comes to Disney I know little people would Atlantis was their favorite nor less know of it. In that sense its actually underrated based on how critics slammed the film. - htoutlaws2012

22 High School Musical

Hello have you read Urban Dictionary? This movie is not overrated, its overhated. I only chose to watch it originally to lust over Zac Efron.
But beware I read rumours of a fourth movie and television series.
I thought the fourth was just going to be college movie but eventually learnt none of the cast wanted to do it.
But I Dream (2004 CBBC) is the original High School Musical.
S Club Juniors and some other random teens.

The most overrated piece of crap I have ever watched in my entire 14 years of living. The singers can't sing for crap, and the actors are horrible. Then next they go ahead and make all of these other cheap rip offs of this movie like: Camp Rock, Lemonade Mouth and crap like that. Even worse... THE THEN MAKE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2, AND 3.

Just so you know guys, overrated means something gets too much praise, high school doesn't and shouldn't have any praise. - poopmckenzie

It does get praise, though. It has a 74% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Almost 3 in 4 viewers liked it. - Treacle

Bad actors, horrible annoying music, and rip off of all of the half decent Disney Channel movies in its time. This movie is an overrated annoying piece of crap.

23 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Not as good as the other Star Wars movies.

Oh my god it's really overrated. It's boring, bland, and unnecessary. - DCfnaf

This is possibly one of the best star wars movies ever made. The action was there from begining to end

This is the worst Star Wars movie

24 Hercules

This is actually an underrated movie - hurjelert

In my opinion, this is one the most underrated Disney movies. It has the best soundtrack(tied with some but never better than.) Meg is unique. No other Disney princess can come close to her sass level. (I love them, but I love Meg just as much.) The villain is my favorite Disney villain ever. He is sassy too. Hercules is sweet, clumsy, and determined. I love this movie. Plus, with "That's Phil's boy" this movie is magical. Also, Meg (who is actually a princess) isn't an official Disney princess. She marries Hercules(I checked there was a spin off thing where it is revealed they got married officially). Hercules is the son of the King of the gods. So, I'd say this is so underrated Meg never got her rightful title as an official Disney princess.

This is one of my favourite Disney movies,first of James woods as Hades was perfect! I liked the characters and as a person who usually find that main female character extremely annoying I loved Meg and she became one of my favourite Disney characters ever. The songs were beautiful and the movie has one of my favourite soundtracks out of all the Disney movies. Honestly I think this movies doesn't get enough praise. So why is it on most overrated Disney movies, last time I checked it was pretty underrated...

This movies interpretation of Hades and James Woods' performance thereof was awesome, but not enough to make up for everything else about the movie.

25 Finding Dory

The Plot is overrated and the Jones are forgettable, its not a bad film, but not as good as finding nemo though

Look, It's A Good Film, But NOT AS Good As Finding Nemo, The Plot Is My Biggest Problem, With It, oh And If I Get Thumbs Down, It Means You're Butthurt - VideoGamefan5

This One Gets A Score Of 89/100 At Most - VideoGamefan5

This Should be Number 1 It's So Overrated - VideoGamefan5

26 The Black Cauldron

For all people whine about how Eilonwy should be an official Disney Princess, how this is such an underrated gem, that there may be a reason, any reason at all, it's so "underrated" never even crosses their minds.

This one of my favorite Disney movies. Just a warning though, this isn't a kids movie so I don't suggest to let your kid watch it till 13 maybe.

The absolute worst Disney movie EVER. Gave my kids nightmares!

27 Fantasia 2000
28 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

What's so bad about this movie? It was way better than Cinderella 2 in my opinion

It is way better that Cinderella II but that's really not saying all that much

29 Inside Out

I swear this is probably the most overrated Pixar film. I don't see how this represents the human mind. The movie is full of stereotypes. Everything was exaggerated, especially Riley's actions.

Absolute torture for me to see Disney carbon copy every single movie they make and re-texture it. When I saw it, it was boring, stupid, filled with cliches, and was mind-numbing. Move this up into the top 5. This never deserved the recognition it got. This was the reason why I didn't see Zootopia. I knew they would carbon copy it again. And when did see it a month after it hit the films, It was. Same for Inside Out and Frozen.

The whole thing is just pretty boring. Little people get sucked up and lost somewhere in a random kid's brain and try to get back the the control panel

Overrated? Yep. Bad soundtrack (no classical songs; it is meant for an older audience after all), unfunny humor, and it just seems like Sadness could have attempted suicide.

Why do you think a movie MUST feature classical songs to have a good soundtrack? - Treacle

30 Toy Story

Unpopular opinion but as a kid I found this movie extremely boring, no idea why. I just didn't like it

Not trying to start flames, but I never liked Toy Story. It's too dark, and to be perfectly honest, Wreck-It Ralph is superior, and Wreck-It Ralph is seriously underrated so it deserves praise too.

How the hell is this on the list?

The first movie is heartbreaking but amazing!

31 Brave

I don't understand why people hate this film. It's a visually stunning film, which is different for Pixar (though for Cars they did well with landscapes too). I love the history and culture behind the piece. People didn't like the plot story with the mother turning into a bear, but if you read ANY sort of fairy tale from ANY culture, there are a lot of stories of similar things. This isn't a "new" idea that made Pixar to be a bad storyteller. For a story taking place in ancient Scotland, it was a powerful story about "mending the bond torn by pride" between a mother and daughter. I liked Frozen for doing something similar, but with sisters. But why does Pixar get hate and Frozen doesn't? Seriously people, I don't understand you! The only negative thing about the film is the abundance of boob jokes about Mottie (or whatever the maid's name is). That's pretty much it. I place it up with Incredibles and Finding Nemo.

It's good but it IS the weakest Pixar movie with only A Bug's Life behind it.

Brave should be number two next to frozen. Wreck - it - Ralph is not overrated at all. It is underrated. Tangled is underrated too. But brave us too overrated

Why Do So Many People Hate This Movie? - VideoGamefan5

32 Tarzan

Why is this on this list, Tarzan is so underrated not overrated, the story is nice and a bit sad. The sound track it one of the most beautiful I've ever heard in a Disney movie, it may actually be my favourite. I liked the characters a lot to. Why is this on this list?

Why Is This Here, Sure The Songs Suck, But The film itself is Very fun And Exciting - VideoGamefan5

33 Ralph Breaks the Internet

The Oh My Disney scenes with the Princesses in head to toe Hot Topic acting very stereotypical were AWFUL! And everything about that Slaughter Race thing was totally uninspired crap, including that "perfect" new friend (if not girlfriend) for Vanellope.

Get this higher! This is really offensive to the actual Internet.

Why the crap is everyone so in love with that boring, flat, uninspired, undeveloped new lady gangster character? Oh, right, she's played by GAL GADOT who for some reason can just sneeze and be the "best thing about any movie".

Ralph and Vanellope weren't who they were in the original and the spinoff children's books, the Sugar Rush characters were reduced to generic brats, Felix and Calhoun might as well have not returned, Slaughter Race is just dull uninspired edgelord garbage, an the Disney Princesses in their new Forever 21 outfits weren't necessary.

34 Moana

How is this not in the top ten? - KalloFox34

Yet another movie that came out since Frozen that everyone overpraises solely because it isn't Frozen.

As much as I love this movie, I am aware that it rather borrows elements from Frozen.

Frozen Goes Hawaiian. Boring.

35 101 Dalmatians

Hello, shouldn't this belong in the "Underrated" section.

It's kinda Underrated - VideoGamefan5

36 Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The best thing about the original Disney 'Belle' was that she was both strong and gentle, in a world that mostly tells girls they have to choose. This Belle chose strong, and no one even noticed her totally different character under all the shiny rococo madness. Not to mention the other 20 wonderful things they took from the original and botched.

Better than stinkin La La Land. I liked the songs in this one and actually gave a crap about what was happening - DCfnaf

While I would watch this over La La Land comparing it to the original, I think it is in a way an overrated comparison. - htoutlaws2012

37 Wreck-It Ralph

How is this overrated? It's a good film! I didn't like the idea of the movie at first (a computer programming leaving its directive because it has feelings is not scientifically possible) but when I saw the movie, I liked the characters, the story, and the plot twist at the end! All the different video games in the film are so unique and make for some quirky moments when they collide. So, no go for me. Definitely not overrated. I think it should be talked about more!

Overrated doesn't mean it's bad, it just means it gets too much praise. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Alright, this pisses me off. This was an awesome movie. For those who didn't like it, they don't know a good movie if it hit them in the face. Also, if you hate this movie, you're no friend of mine.

Who put this on here?! This is probably the most underrated movie I've ever seen. My dad would be disappointed to see this movie on the list. This is his favorite children's movie. Brave and frozen are the two most overrated movies I've ever seen.

Part 2 sucked because of no Mario.

38 Alice In Wonderland (2010)

The original 1951 version is way better (yeah, I just said that). This needs to be in the top 5s. The character design is just boring.

I prefer this over the original actually, funny how their both next to each other. - htoutlaws2012

I Have No Clue - VideoGamefan5

39 The Incredibles

The Movie Is Awesome, But The Fans Need To Calm Down About Cars Getting A Sequel First, HELL, Has Anyone Even HEARD That Toy Story 4 and the Incredibles 2 Switched Release Dates? - VideoGamefan5

I love this and so happy there making a incredibles 2

Incredibly boring

Why the ruck is this here I love this movie and the SECOUND movie has jack jack as a bad boy I think

40 Enchanted

Overrated? I barely hear anyone talking about it - poopmckenzie

It is the first most overrated movie and frozen is the third

41 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

"Star Wars" is taking over the Disney Parks, and Darth Vader et al are now valid responses to "who's your favotite Disney character". And of course nobody's shutting up about this forthcoming new "Star Wars" movie. Lord I wish Disney hadn't bought this franchise!

The hype for this movie put the "Frozen" hype to shame, and what did we get? A politically correct remake of "A New Hope".

Its overhyped and nothing compared to the original 3 movies like the prequels - Dvafan2

I literally -- not exaggerating one bit -- FELL ASLEEP IN THE THEATER

42 Dinosaur (2000)
43 Lady and the Tramp

This is my favorite Disney movie

We are Siamese if you please

Pretty good actually

Pretty Good To Be Honest - VideoGamefan5

44 Cinderella (2015)

This movie sucked and it was nowhere near as good as the original

It is very intersesting

45 Monsters University

Much better than the stupid Inc!

Monsters inc was better without this dumb sequel

46 Camp Rock


Oh Look!, Another Teen Disney Channel Film! - VideoGamefan5

47 Captain America: Civil War

I don't consider this a Disney movie, even though Disney owns Marvel. - SmashPrincess

Worst MCU movie. The movie is too overrated.

It's The Quality Film That Rivals DC - VideoGamefan5

48 Maleficent

I found the original Sleeping Beauty pretty bland... but this is not how you improve upon it. - Treacle

This movie was an embarrassment to Sleeping Beauty 1959

49 Bolt

Miley Cyrus was in it. Need I say more?

Not really the stuff of legends

As a dog lover it's hard for me to hate any movie about an owner and their dog. But this movie just isn't that good

Tried watching it. Found it boring. - Treacle

50 Wall-E

This movie is the highest rated Pixar movie on IMDB. Screen Junkies thinks this is better than The Incredibles. This movie isn't bad, but its just boring for me. I don't see why so many people love this movie so much.

Thank you. I don't see the appeal at all. I just found it very dull, and the setting came across as a heavy-handed attempt at an environmental moral and a "don't get too reliant on technology" moral. - Treacle

This is my absolute favorite movie of all time, and it is very underrated. I love this movie because you can really tell the emotions the characters are feeling, even though they communicate through various noises. Wall.E's romance with EVE is so adorable. In fact, Wall.E himself is super cute! - SmashPrincess

Boring boring boring

No this is UNDERRATED!

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