Movie Review- The Lion King

iliekpiez Lol my first review. Before we actually start we need an introduction here. Probably the most popular Disney movie, the highest rated, and the most remembered, when I saw it I had big expectations. I wanted this to be on the level of Up and Ratatouille. Did it fail? Did I hate it? Or do I adore like it most people and sleep with it in bed?

Ok, let's start the review with the songs. Everyone talks about Hakuna Matata, Can you feel the love Tonight? Ok, the Circle of Life is a good song. It is a very good song, and is a phenomenal moment when Simba is lifted by Mr Baboon and everyone cheers, or make their animal noises happily, let's say. Now, now we have I can't wait to be King, and I hated that song. Sure the animation and pacing works, but whoever was Simba's voice is that good of a singer! It annoyed me! I do not like the lyrics themselves, or the writing and I view it as one of the weakest songs Disney has to offer. We also have Be Prepared, a great song which I was nearly humming to, with a should-be classic movie moment that is underrated, and Scar's voice actor does such a good job of singing and is a very engaging villain during this period. Now, we have Hakuna Matata. WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT THIS SONG! IT IS ANNOYING! Ok, maybe partly because I do not admire Timon and Pumbaa, but the lyrics got under my skin! Ugh, I hate that song! We also, love washy crapheap song, the worst song in a Disney Movie! I HATE THAT SONG! I was happy when it ended, you would have thought that I won the lottery! It is annoying, love song crap that One Direction would put out! I hate One Direction! Overall, I do not like the songs. I will probably get slaughtered but it is true! The songs are bad, everyone talks about them! Not the songs in Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin but this! This is not starting out very well.

Now the characters, everyone talks about these characters. So who is our cast? We have Simba. Everyone seems to like him in reality (real life). I do not understand why! In the first half, he just can't wait to be king! Literally, there is a song about it! It gets annoying and he is the student getting advice from his mentor. We also have Timon and Pumbaa. These are the comic reliefs who everyone seems to like. I do not like Timon and Pumbaa! They barely ever made me laugh, that is not a very good comic relief! This was after the Genie! Come on, they are annoying in my opinion! We also have Nala, who exists to show a purpose towards the message, which shall be talked about later, and is there to serve that and there, that's her character. We also have Scar. A guy who "apparently" rivals Maleficent. I do not agree. In the First Half, yes he is menacing, I want to see what would happen if he did lead, he is a great character, the best in the film during this period, and if stayed like that the whole film. He would rivalled Maleficent. But no. When placed in the dictatorship, he just moans and groans and that is not very interesting. I want to know what evil things he would do, but he is just there. We have Mufasa, and everyone knows what happened to him, and he is just a mentor and kind of like Nala, kinda serves the message. We also have Mr Baboon, who is a good character I like his lines in the movie. We then have the hyenas, who get some laughs but some jokes do not hit bullseye for me. The characters, are also very overrated and they are much better villains, comic reliefs and heroes in movies. For example we have, Shere Khan (villain), The Genie (comic relief), and Basil (hero). Disney could have done better with the characters.

I still have other issues with the film. Now one of them is the message, maybe my biggest issue along the songs and Simba. They demonstrate they should come back in a matter of need even if they do not want to, but you have to what is right. That is unique and very clever. However, they mess it up in the climax when Simba says: "ha-ha wasn't me" (not really-but that is kinda the message). That is not clever as you have to blame someone who had to do it and everyone will support you. That is a bad message, when things like BATB came out! That had a great message! I also have an issue with the second half. It kinda ruined Scar as a character for me, but not completely. It had more Timon and Pumbaa, that annoyed me and we did not get enough dictatorship moments from Scar making it an okay second act as a whole.

However, it is not a bad movie. It is a good one. They are major wins with the movie. The first act is a very good first act, with great villains like Scar and the Hyenas and Simba is a better character. The biggest win is the animation. It looks stellar, this a film you have to see on the big screen, it is massive, so when it gets re-released go see it! They is also Mr Baboon, he gets clever lines. The size almost makes this movie. This for me upped the enjoyment big time and therefore made me like the film a lot more.

Overall, this is a good movie. It has a lot of wins, but also issues. But here is why it is overrated. 8.5/10 on IMDb, everyone loves it is everyone's top 10 Disney Movies when I quite frankly there is a lot of better ones, even ones released at the time like Hunchback or BOTB. It is a good movie, it is a must watch on Blu Ray because of the animation, and the size and how it will be remastered. I just don't like things in the TLK. In my personal opinion, despite it being a good movie, it is the most overrated due to the critics reviews, due to the audience and how much it is a big film. The most successful 2D film, whilst not deserving, it is not a bad contender. At least it did not go Pocahontas, a bad film but not the most overrated due to its not that big of a following as is.
Score: 7/10


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