Every moral or lesson Frozen attempts to demonstrate is outdone by another, better, underrated Disney movie. Frozen attempts to demonstrate love, sisterly bond, perspective, being yourself, and a lot more. Pocahontas and Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan demonstrates love way better than Frozen does. All Anna did was attempt to block Hans from killing Elsa, but she did it for herself, for she knew that she would die either way, and she could break her spell by doing an act of true love. Pocahontas could have very well lost her life by defending John, but she loved him enough to sacrifice herself. Belle loved her father, so she took his place instead of running away and living a good life. Mulan joined the Chinese military to protect her father, under the consequences of death if her gender was discovered. Lilo and Stitch better demonstrates sisterly bonds than Frozen, because although Lilo and Nani didn't always get along, they were inseparable. All Frozen did was show Elsa and Anna ...more

It is not the worst Disney movie, but certainly not the best. Out of a scale 1-10 I have to give it a 6. It was an okay movie, I just don't see why this movie is getting all the love and now people are forgetting the classics. Let me tell you the pros and cons about this movie


- good storyline
- good characters
-good villain
- good hero (s)


-WAY to over loved
-to many songs that are overplayed
- the fans

This movie is way to overrated. I tell everyone at my school that frozen is not the best movie ever and do people listen. NO!

The songs are sung at my school EVERYWHERE! There is not a single person I know that hates or dislikes this movie besides me, we'll actually I don't hate this movie I just thought it could have less fans.

AND the main target for audience is children! BUT every adult I know loves this movie.I. mean COME ON! ' Frozen was good but was it great? NO!

And the fans... The ...more

It's not a bad movie, but it's not very good either. There's dozens of plot holes, some huge, Olaf and the trolls were annoying as hell, the characters were honestly kind of bland in general, the music was unoriginal and also bland (except for Do you want to build a snowman, which is actually pretty good) Let it go is one of the most overrated Disney songs ever, in fact, the main chord pattern used is extremely typical in top 40s songs, and while that isn't a bad thing in itself, the way it's used just sounds very unoriginal. It's not a horrible song, just very, very, overrated. I was disappointing in the music because it really lacked any culture, (Mulan had Asian style songs, Princess and the frog had jazz, etc. ) which would be excusable if they had more than one good song.

The worst thing about Frozen isn't the movie but the fans. I spent two thirds of sophomore year listening to idiots continually screeching Let it Go until I got a migraine.

Compared to other kids ...more

Frozen tries to straddle the "classic" and "modern" Disney styles, but, in my opinion, fails in both ways. The plot just chugs along and I never felt engaged or interested. Scenes that should have emotional weight just sort of happen, and it tries to keep the idea of villainy away from Elsa, ruining a potentially intriguing facet of the plot. Instead, it haphazardly throws the villain role unnecessarily onto a character who never really warranted it and sticks to a squeaky-clean Disney happy ending.

And am I the only one who was not entertained by this movie's writing? All of the jokes have been told in better movies long ago and Olaf is more irritating than amusing. Also, all of the lines that should have weight just fall flat due to their circumstances. It felt like the writers had a line from an earlier draft they didn't want to omit, so they hastily incorporated it. For the whole movie.

I can't fault this movie for its great animation, but ...more

The movie really wasn't even that great to begin with. The plot is very predictable and unoriginal. The villain they added at the end of the movie was totally bland and forgettable, probably the most forgettable disney villain out there. And I wasn't even that impressed with the songs (Except for "In Summer" that song I liked). I was so disappointed with this film and no one will ever stop obsessing over it so much! And this movie did not deserve those oscars it won (Even though we all saw it coming). I'd say stick to Tangled, Wreck-It-Ralph, or all the disney classics (Snow White, 101 Dalmations, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, etc.).

The plot is weak. Most of the songs on the soundtrack are forgettable. The "sisterly love" is barely shown throughout the whole movie. Seriously, Elsa doesn't seem like she cares that much. You could argue that she hid her powers to protect Ana all those years, but what would have really protected her is if she practiced her magic so she knew how to control herself, and let Ana know she was dangerous so that her sister wouldn't have lived in isolation for most of her life. Why was Ana in isolation anyway? She should have been able to go outside and stuff. And it honestly wasn't sad to me when the parents died. They seemed like jerks to both of their kids. Olaf didn't add anything to the plot. There seemingly was only a villain for like five minutes near the end. It seemed more so like the "villain" of this story was Ana's and Elsa's entire lives.

When a movie made from Disney is worse than "Tangled" and "Tinker Bell", it's one of the worst movies ever.

One time, I was at the theater, and I saw the trailer for this movie. I thought it would be a good movie. I WAS WRONG! When it came out, it wasn't such a big deal. I thought it would just be one of those lackluster movies nobody cared about, but NO! Almost every little girl in the world was infected with Idina Menzel's song "Let it go." The songs COMPLETELY SUCKED, Elsa is an anti-hero who runs away from all possibilities and opportunities, Olaf is dumb thanks to his song "In Summer," which was dumb because HE IS A SNOWMAN! They will melt in summer. The villain was blander than steak without seasoning, and Anna is just annoying. There were only THREE things about this movie that was good. They were Kristof, Sven, and the animation. The WORST thing about this movie was the song, "Let it Go," which I think is worse than any ...more

There are so many things wrong with this movie. First of all, Anna and Elsa's parents are awful, they lock Elsa in her room, and they don't tell Anna why she's in her room all of the time, making Anna believe that her sister doesn't love her. Also why do they lock Elsa in her room, that is not helping. Why didn't they go to the rock trolls again and ask them "hey, what can we do to help Elsa control her powers" or "can you help us teach Elsa to keep her powers under control, we don't know what to do" or ask them to teach Elsa to control her ice magic, instead of locking her away in her room for the rest of her childhood, it doesn't make sense. Second of all, during the coranation party, why didn't Elsa tell Anna about her poewers? Her parents are dead, so no one can stop her from spilling the beans! Why is Hans the bad guy? There's no reason to! Why couldn't Elsa be with Kristoff and Anna be with Hans? Why do people think that Elsa's a role model? She's not! She froze the entire ...more

I am 18 years old and I happened to love the movie and don't think it is overrated. I loved everything about the movie including the song Let It Go which has been added to one of my favourite songs. As for the fans and rabid fans you guys need to calm down and respect that not every one is going to like and love it the same way you do. For me I loved it and really like everything about it I respect those who don't. Like my parents they enjoy it but isn't really obsessed with it or like it as much as I do ( I'm not obsessed with it either but I do love it to the level where I can watch it over again many times but I don't constantly talk about it or constantly play the song Let It go but play it just enough for me ) and I respect that and even though I play Let It Go many times already and singing along with it ( my voice is not great at all trust me ) they still don't complain but respect and let me do what I love. As for all of you haters for god sakes calm the hatred down a bit. I ...more - LucyLu18

Jesus. This has to be one of the most overrated movies of all TIME. First of all. The storyline is very confusing and so is Elsa's powers. The songs are just so annoying and those rock trolls. THOSE.. ROCK. TROLLS. I adored this movie the first time I saw it until everybody talked about it and my school ended up being a frozen musical every single day from little kids singing "Let it Go" a billion times.

Yeah, we get it. The animation is stunning and the characters are great. But does that really mean you have to say this is the best movie ever?

I think it's honestly mediocre. It's a far way from being BAD and has a lot of good things to its name, but there are some honest flaws that keeps me from loving the story as it is. Most glaringly, it begs for feminist points by satirising the idea of love at first sight that hasn't happened in a Disney film since The Little Mermaid - and then our heroine sets out on a quest for her "true love" that she's known for all of twenty-four hours.

Additionally, the songs range from "okay" (Let It Go) to simply embarassingly bad (that snowman number).

Do I hate the film? No. But I absolutely cannot comprehend why it is that so many people thinks it is Disney's best ever.

The songs are pop style and are not a good choice for the theme of ice. The theme design is as common as any ice kingdom in online games. Frozen is definitely not the first disney film telling you the first one is not the true love. Please go back to watch Enchanted. Frozen is also not the first "family love" disney film too! How about lion king, The Incredibles and Brave?!

This movie is okay. Just okay. It's easily one of the weaker Disney films, that's for sure. I also know that I'll commit suicide if I ever have to watch it ever again before the film can end. I like maybe Let it Go (now more than ever because people have finally shut up about it) and that's it. My favorite song, Life's Too Short, didn't even make the final cut because it makes mention of a plot thread that never made the final cut. The entire movie can only be described as underwhelming. Everything about it is standard and bland. The characters aren't very interesting, the story is dull, the animation is nice, but nothing special. This movie is just kind of boring now to be honest. - regualrshowman1

It literally was the only thing that anyone talked about at one point. Now movies like tangled, cars2,wreck it Ralph, toy story 3 all are forgotten about. I'm not saying that it is bad but it is not as good as lion king. This is so overrated. It doesn't deserve all this attention. Olaf is the only decent character. Everyone else is too annoying to be enjoyable. This movie is so annoying. Don't even get me started on Let it go. But seriously. To this day there is frozen everything. It has conquered the new Disney movies like Wreck it Ralph and Big hero 6. And all of Pixar. Why did everyone get so excited about this one film? Last time I checked nobody ever got that crazy about a film.

This movie deserves #1. I would even go far enough to say that Frozen is the most overrated movie ever made! The only character I like is Anna, but I'm not obsessed with her or anything. The songs are overrated and the only good one is For The First Time In Forever. The plot was also kind of boring to me. Frozen does not deserve so much hype and I think it's time to (pun intended) let it go.

I'm so sick with everyone loving this movie! The songs are irritating and repetitive, I think it's a little bit dry on the funny side and even though I got an view of it before anybody else in the WORLD, I don't think it's worth it. When I heard the title, I imagined the Ice Age time period! In the end, it was OK but everyone just needs to shut up!

This movie is good, but it's the most overrated movie ever. The songs are okay, but why does everyone think Let It Go is the best Disney song? It's not! It makes me really mad how everybody is just forgetting about the true classics and obsessing over this rubbish, which doesn't stand up to the original classics!

Person who has heard not one bit of negativity, what alternate universe are you in? The sheer amount of negativity towards this movie I've observed is just as much and just as annoying as the hype itself. I get it- anything's better "Frozen", something in "Frozen" came up in some other movie before it, you're tired of seeing it everywhere (so am I, but I'm also tired of seeing "Cars" where I'm not seeing "Frozen"). Both sides need to just shut up at this point.

Although I thought Frozen was great, it's fanbase was just a little bit too much. Imagine yourself being a third-grader in the 2013-2014 school year (I was in sixth grade at the time Frozen was released), and you come back to school from winter break. The next thing you're hearing is pretty much every girl in your class talking about if they had seen Frozen and singing "Let It Go" (that song was so popular that it got in the Billboard Hot 100, ranking at #5. I also sang that at my sixth grade talent show). See, look how popular Frozen was back in the first half of 2014. - kumiko_hasegawa

This movie is so overrated because of just three words..."LET IT GO". As of December 2015, people are STILL talking about this song. When they play this song, everyone goes crazy about this, this even made #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014, that's taking it way too far. Did I mention that this played on the radio? MOVIE SONGS ARE NOT RADIO HITS, even when its popular, its never top 40. As for the rest of this movie, its ok, but I still can't get over the fact when people say Let it Go is "super amazing" or "the best song I have ever heard in my life". I know you may not all agree with me, but its getting annoying how this movie is still super popular. Not only that this is the most overrated Disney movies, its one of the most overrated movies of all time.

This movie is just meh. Yet everyone says "IT'S A MASTERPIECE! "? It looks great, no lie. But the music is annoying, the story is boring, the script is annoying (along with the characters) it behaves like it's doing something new when it's really not and I mainly hate it for it's insane popularity. Wreck it Ralph, Tangled, Lego Movie, watch those instead. They are far more superior.

This is just a film that got lucky because people liked the music and it became popular for that reason. It never got popular for it's story, characters or beautiful animation. Just an annoying soundtrack.

EVERYONE I know loves it. It is stupid and predictable. I mean really, she couldn't control her powers and then suddenly she makes castles and dresses? And she is a bad singer. Anna was okay I guess, but I just want to MURDER Elsa!,

If this movie wasn't a musical, everyone would see how boring the plot actually is. But people are so blinded by Let It Go that they refuse to see the problems.

Also, what are the laws regarding marriage of royalty to non-royalty? And what about laws concerning people who commit treason? Are they beheaded? Hanged? Imprisoned in the Arendelle prison? This kingdom is too goody-two-shoes to be able to assert any sort of dominance and rule over its people. I hope a sequel comes out where a more competent kingdom takes over and Elsa becomes an actual villain like in the original book!

I hate this movie to the exits but Anna is my fave in the movie, let it go stinks, it mocked Disney's history, the plot is dark, elsa is bad at singing while anna's voice touched my heart and tangled was 100x better than frozen. There's this kid in my class who likes it and when me and my friends are whispering and he hears he says " excuse me" or don't " yak my yum and it's so annoying he even hates the Lego movie!

I think what really bothers me the most about this movie is how everyone acts like it's so progressive and feminist when it really isn't. I'm sorry but this movie is just in the middle. It's not new or fresh, it's a rehash of old tropes. Plus, they changed the story of the Snow Queen. There was no romance in the original tale. Plus, their villain is weak. Frozen is an okay movie but it's no way Disney's best.