Top 10 Most Overrated Drake Bell Songs

Drake Bell is talented but some of his songs get more attention and praise then others. These songs aren't bad by any means but do get more attention then needed.

The Top Ten

1 I Found a Way

Drake & Josh is iconic but let's be honest this is practically his most well known song.

2 Down We Fall

Decent but kind of overrated.

3 Highway to Nowhere

Had to be somewhere in the top five.

4 Makes Me Happy

Overratedd to a extent.

5 Hollywood Girl

From his Telegraph debut this song is decent but overrated by a lot.

6 I Know

It's alright but he's made better songs then this.

7 Soul Man

A cover of the famous song by the Blues Brothers not terrible but honestly overrated.

8 Honest

From his Honest EP decent but also overratedd.

9 Leaves

Probably the 2nd most overrated song from his Honest EP.

10 Bitchcraft

From his Ready Steady Go! album.

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